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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Short story By: WindowToHeaven

He smiled. "Can I come with you? To the sky. If you could go, like the girl in the song. Would you take me with you?" She closed her eyes dreamily. "Of course. Never lonely. Always in the sky together."

Submitted:Feb 25, 2012    Reads: 24    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Hello lovley readers. This here is a romance/tragedy. I haven't been updating latley due to my hectic school and work schedule so I decided to give you all a little treat. I'm not that good at doing tradgeys so bear with me. Let me know if I did good or if I was horrible and need to quite writing all together. I expect no tears being shed during this read, I'm not that good. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

xoxo, Mona

Lucy Evans walked quietly through the city streets towards the train station. It was a cold day. Across the road, an empty crisp packet skittered over the pavement, turning over as it went. The rain was falling hard, dripping off the roofs of houses, but even the cool crystal droplets couldn't hide the tears in her eyes.

This isn't my heaven any more. Where had the magic gone, the colour and beauty that he'd once put in her life?

The sky overhead was grey and dull, which depressed her even more. Pulling her trench coat tighter around her, she glanced up at the rain-heavy clouds gathered overhead. It was nearly evening. The city was quieter than usual, except for the occasional car that drove past, throwing up sprays of water.

Lucy sighed as she began to walk, singing softly under her breath, "Picture yourself on a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and a marmalade sky…"

Jamie was smiling at her, a tall dark-haired boy leaning casually into the sun. "Will you take me into the sky with you one day, Lucy? Promise?"


"Is there a place for me up there too?" He was smiling and his eyes were sparkling like diamonds, searching for the stars in her soul. Her answer was soft and teasing: "We're all up there in the sky, Jamie. Our names are written in the clouds. Can't you see them up there? You just need to look."

They were smiling at each other.

"Will you take me into the sky with you, Lucy?"

The rain fell harder, like quicksilver, like crystals.

"Will you?"

She stepped into the station. The porters there weren't plasticine, and their ties were plain black, but she knew this train was taking her somewhere where everything would be illuminated in glorious rainbow Technicolour. When she arrived where she was heading, she told herself, there would be porters rushing to her trunk with looking glass ties, Alice smiling in one, the March Hare in another.

She pushed through the turnstile - the girl with the prettiest green eyes, ones that rivalled any kaleidoscope.

Alone in the compartment, she ran her hand over the paper in her pocket and sang again, sadly, "Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes…and she's gone…"

When the train drew into a station in the distance, she jumped out and walked fast, then hailed a taxi and got in, murmuring the address of somewhere twenty minutes away. The driver nodded and nudged the accelerator, while Lucy stared out the window, watching the rain running down the glass. The rain is so beautiful, she thought.

She gave the taxi driver too much money, and told him to keep the change, then walked to the empty park. She sat down on the bench and waited. The rain soaked her, allowing her long hair to drip steadily down her back. Nobody was walking along the path or hiding in the trees.

He wasn't there.

Why has she thought he would be?

Lucy leaned back on the bench and watched the world go by, thinking: you have to go with the flow. You can't linger.

Looking up at the sky as the sun, hidden behind grey, started to set, she stared up to the sky, looking for a girl dancing through the rain, tiptoeing across raspberry-ripple streaked clouds.

"Is there a place for me up there too?"

"Of course, Jamie. Look in my galaxy. You're the brightest star in the sky."

If only she'd known back then. How, even though there was the illusion of a million constellations up there with her, they were just that - illusions. Points of light that disappeared when the sun came up in the morning.

The day it all fell apart…

"Would you take me?" Jamie had said softly, silent minutes later.

"Where?" Lucy asked drowsily.

"To the sky. If you could go, like the girl in the song. Would you take me with you?"

"Of course," Lucy said, snuggling into his shoulder. "I'd get quite lonely up there, all by myself. I'd need you."

"I'd be lonely without you, too," Jamie agreed softly.

"Mm-hm," Lucy murmured.

"So we'll never be lonely, right?" His tone was low, pleading, like he needed reassurance. "Right?"

"Of course." Lucy closed her eyes. "Never lonely. Always in the sky together."

When he'd left her just three days later, they both realised that Lucy was in the sky alone, anyway.

Cellophane flowers of yellow and green,

Towering over your head.

Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes,

And she's gone.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds…

Lucy in the sky with diamonds…

Lucy in the sky with diamonds…

Lucy in the sky…


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