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Life of a Vampire Girl

Short story By: writing geniuses

Noelle, the 17 year old blood sucking monster, is in love with someone....and in danger of being outcasted by her vampire pack. Can anyone say that vampires don't exist?

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I looked longingly out of the window at the other children, playing football in the pleasant sunshine. My little mind struggled to grasp the question of why can't I go as my little fists thumped lightly on the window.

"Daddy?" I said, my soft voice lingering on the corners.

"Yes Noelle?" asked my dad, equally softly.

"Can I go play?" I said wistfully, glancing at the other kids out of the window again.

My dad sighed as he sat down on the sofa beside me.

"No, you can't, Noelle", he replied gently as little tears welled up in my eyes.

"Why not?" I said, a tear falling down my red cheek.

"Because you're not like others, sweety", he replied, avoiding my eyes.

I forgot my tears and looked at him in astonishment.

"Not like others?" I repeated, a fragment of imagination alighting my mind. "Like…like Harry potter?"

My dad smiled. He knew well that his 6 year old daughter was a die hard fan of the wizard in round glasses and having a knack of attracting trouble.

"Yes, but a little different", he said, stroking my hair.

My eyes widened.

"Different?" I said.

"Yes….you just have two extra teeth that others don't have. You're special, baby doll", he said, referring to two larger in size teeth I possessed that came out at random times. My smile became larger.

"Really? I'm a good witch, right daddy?"

He looked away, maybe because he thought his heart trending expression was too revealing.

"Yes, baby doll".


Being a vampire isn't some kind of adventure to look forward too. Me, the 17 year old Noelle have become used to that. It's not like the romantic stuff you see in movies (don't talk about twilight), it's a situation when you don't know why you live.

If you live, you have to kill others. You have to kill animals and those humans who come in your way. Too much killing involved.

Sometimes I wish I was a human. A normal 17 year old human, with nothing to worry about other than my boyfriend and shopping and some cute friends.

But world is full of unfulfilled wishes.

My pack considers me "namby pamby" as I try to stop human killings done by them. They haven't done anything to deserve this!

But all the same, my daddy says

"It's their fate"

Yeah, really, and it's my fate to be a bloody blood sucking monster.

Unlike others, I am not, definitely not, pleased with my existence. To me, life is nothing more than a heart breaking routine of killings. Can a vampire be kind? Well, speak for yourself.

Nowadays, I think I'm going to be outcasted from the pack. How sad.

Not because I am kind.

But because I think I'm in love with a human boy. We don't really mix with humans but you have read enough about me to know that I'm awfully weird.

The tenth wonder of the world.

I met him for the first time in the forest beside our home.

Not many humans wander there, and I guess it was the bad luck of Alec to have been sprouting past my pack place. Too bad.

When I met him, I felt a weird emotion, like I just had to meet him again or else I'll die (don't laugh!)…well…nothing's impossible for a vampire!

So, I followed him around for a few days and when I thought he'd have forgotten me I faked bumping into him accidentally.

I have been meeting him a lot since then and I don't think I can live without him. I even told me what I was and bared my fangs to tell him what a hell of a monster I was.

But all he did was:

He took me in his arms and whispered:

"I don't care what you are. You are my Noelle and that's enough".

I don't know what to do. And that does not happen to be the only problem. My dad wants me to mate with a son of his friend, named Jerusha. I know, a sick name, right?

But his own self is even sicker than the name. He kills people and animals even when he's full, just for fun and claims to

"love me"

He often catches me unaware in my room and jumps in through the window (not like Edward. He was handsome!)

I can't even die. My dad says vampires don't die.

Then, I ask you



I'm sorry it was the most usual story but I tried to make it as interesting as possible xD

Comments will be more than appreicated xD



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