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I Hate You So Much I Love You Chapter 4

Short story By: x epicfail x

So there i was, it all came down to 2 things i was sure of, This man was going to hurt me and kill Josh, or he's going to hurt me and leave josh with my body. But i knew right now, That i didn't want it to end like this.

Submitted:Nov 6, 2011    Reads: 36    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

This man that took me in I asked for his name 6 times, he wouldn't tell me. I got so scared sitting here on this brown chair that kept creaking, he was just standing in front of me in a darkened room, with nothing but a chair me and him in it. "So what's your name young girl?" He said, 'I will refuse to tell you unless you tell me your age and your name, but please I'll do anything I'll never come back I swear just let me go' i was so scared I was literally shivering. "Look my name is Ralph Peterson, im 56, now tell me your name sweetie". I felt sickened every time he spoke i knew he was some kind of rapist pedophile. "My names alyssa or ally, please just let me go!" 'Come on i wont hurt you, I'll give you what you want' He sounded so horrible. "You sicken me, your such a dirt old man why dont you fucking leave me alone" I screamed at the top of my voice "JOSH, FUCKING HELP ME GET ME AWAY FROM THE...MMM.." he had put his hand over my mouth. Ralph grabbed some string tied my hands, then took me off the chair and he layed me down so that i was lying on my hands. He said "I'll just be a second dear", I got so freaked out I couldn't get up I was Hyperventilating on the floor. I saw Ralph come back into the room I was disgusted, he came in completely naked. Ralph pushed me into the corner and said "Now Take Your Clothes OFF!". I started crying and said "Please, Please just stop i wont do anything ever again, I'll stay at school I'll kiss Josh I'll do anything P-P-P-Please.." Tears started pouring down my face. "I wont let you leave without my satisfaction" 'Please let me go I swear if you do this, You wont go to prison or anything. I wont report you, Please im begging you" I dropped to my knees put my face against the ground and started begging and pleading. "I cant let you go, After im done with you im going to have to Kill You..." I started screaming he stepped back and... Can you guess what happened?

Next part the final chapter; chapter 5....


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