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I Hate You So Much I Love You Chapter 5

Short story By: x epicfail x

Well here it is the last chapter;chapter 5, I Hate that i cant carry this on, school gets in my way and btw Oliver Fisher i hate you! and ye if he wasn't at school i probably would carry it on, he takes me attention not that i 'like' him i 'hate' him! :D Thanks so much everyone for reading!!!!!!!!!!! comment if you want a 6th chapter!

Submitted:Nov 9, 2011    Reads: 52    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

So there I was, It was all down to this i have barely lived my life now it's ending. I always knew I was going to die some day, but not like this Being forced out my will would not of been my option. I was frozen in the corner thinking of all the possible things that could happen, what my plans were going to be and then 'Bam!' Josh came into my mind. Why Isn't he here? I thought.

"Come on girl off with your clothes, if it helps I'll turn round for you my lovely" He said this in the most sickly tone he could."Why would you do this to me? I've never done anything particully bad!", 'Because a victim is a victim, and when you got one you dont let them go. Now im not going to have to ask you three times so 'TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!'. When he was saying all this to me i was thinking of the adele someone like you song, It got me to cry and get all emotional about it. I was crying anyway the fact i was held a hostage by that pedophile. I just remembered what josh said to me once "Sometimes you just got to believe in yourself, to know you can stand out!" Is what he said."Excuse me, Have you ever wondered how all your victims feel?You know I bet you've done something so bad in your life, you take it out on your victims and blame your faults on them. Were more than a cheap piece of scum like you; you dont deserve to be living forcing victims (probably girls) into being raped!". When i spoke that i felt less scared, i wanted to take control then... 'BAM!' He walked right up to me grabbed my arm and threw me on the floor. 'You Bitch who do you think you are calling a sweet old man like me 'Scum'. Your my fucking whore now, im going to make you pay and have a slow painful death'. I sniffed then screamed I ran for the door screaming "JOSH,JOSH PLEASE HELP MEEE!!" He grabbed me I banged on the door really hard "JOSH PLEASE,PLEASE HE'S GOING TO RA.." He put his dirty old man hand over my mouth,'Hush now little one,Lets get this on with'."But i've barely lived please" i started crying."I swear if you let me go i'll never do anything bad again, Im begging to see my family,Josh and my friends. They must all be worried Please!",'Oh dont worry i rang your parents, I pretended to be your grandad and they fell for it' I hears him murmur my parents were 'Idiots'.

'BANG' There was a smash from downstairs, "Oh I guess your little 'hero' Josh, could be here. We might just have to get this on with faster than we had time for" He started chuckling, After he came over to me and started pulling my trousers down. I slapped him and i never knew i could do this but i ran over to the chair, and ninja flipped over it, Grabbed the chair and threw it at the man. I started screaming, I saw him drop on the floor. I ran over to the door opened it ran downstairs saw Josh he just got in. He saw me run out screaming he ran after me.It then started to poor down with rain, we ran a mile down the road I fell over with fright and exhaustion. I layed on my stomach in the middle of the road, I heard josh he came by and layed next to me."Everythings going to be okay Ally, I've got you and he's gone" I started crying and put my head up, I saw he was looking at with his hand on my back. I put my head to the side and kissed him.

And there it was, The moment I knew i wanted but never felt it. He was the one, I knew I was safe.You could never Hate someone to Love them like this...


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