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A vampire Hates My Tears

Short story By: XMyXsafestXhavenX

A girl is abducted by a vampire. Enjoy :)

Submitted:Jul 6, 2010    Reads: 4,529    Comments: 42    Likes: 13   

* I wrote this story because i am interested in persueng it as a noval. If you think this might be a good idea please leave your comments.

I lay there next to him. The sheets are soft. The rains outside. The pain is in. He is beautiful. Undeniably so. His eyes. They are green. Bright and deep. Oh, the depth of them. They are visible even in the darkest of hours. But this is a dark hour. He, this beautiful boy, no, man has taken me. He has killed my family. My little sister nia. She was five. She wore bows in her hair. She was adopted. She loved me. I loved her. And i heard him kill her in the darkest of nights. I'd known her for only a month. I made the mistake of getting attached, he says. He meaning cœur brûlant. Ceour brûlant meaning my Vampire. He who killed them. He killed them because he wanted me. Because i was unique to him. Because my simple family were in the way.

My mother, Maya. she went screaming. She struggled. But she didn't live so long. My father, John, He was asleep when he was killed. Just a broken neck. It was the least gruesome. But that was them. Oh and i had a kitten. A little black kitten that Nia found. A stray. But he would have died with out me. I named him Ebony. A girls name maybe. And Ceour killed him. i refused to know how.

He is watching me, i know this for sure. His stunningly green cat eyes scrutinize my face. Its only been two days. Iv only been missing for two days. But who will miss me? Coeur made sure of that.

"You know Nia was still alive when i set the house on fire?" He says. I know what he is doing. He is not lying but he is trying to break me. To make me cry. He has been trying for several hours today. He likes to make me cry. Why i do not know. He has not explained that to me yet. But I don't want to know. I haven't slept since the night i heard Nia scream. She was first. The he went to kill mom and dad. I was in my bed when i heard it. I had had a dream about homecoming. I was nominated but i don't believe i will make it. Coeur says he will kill me before then. I am scared but i am not. I cant explain it. Coeur is what i have left. He is the last person who will know me.

But i went into Nia's room. She was lying on her bed in an awkward position. Her head was tilted a little to the left. I tried to get her to respond to my anxious words by shaking her but she screamed in agony when i did. 'I broke her spine.' he told me. she cried but said no words. She just screamed and cried. I didn't want to touch her because any time i did she screamed louder. Il get mom, il get mom. I said. What a fool i was. I ran to my parents room. The door was locked. I heard mom scream. I heard the notice. I heard the blood. I heard her bones break. Perhaps all of them. I ran to my little sisters room. Nia cried softly know. I had no knowledge of what went on. I turned to her. I kissed her forehead and said i would protect her with my own dyingbody if i had to. and then she screamed. I did not know he was behind me. I did not know she stared into his eyes. And then he took me. I cried for hours. Cried and screamed. Screamed and cried.

He brought me here. To this studio apartment high in the sky. He forced me to take a shower. He bought me new cloths,. But what did he want. Why was i important? He told how he killed them. What expressions they made. All the way down to every last excruciating detail with no mercy. I heard thunder. The rain beat against the glass sliding door that led to the balcony.

i sit up at the sound. My hair falls in my face. He even combed my hair. My hair is black curly ad long. Myskin is dark. A creamy brown if you will.Who was this satanic demon? Coeur gets up from beside me and mimics my position.

"Does thunder scare you?" He wants to know. I say nothing. How do i know Coeur is a vampire? He told me. Simple. Do i believe him? Of course. He is strong. I know from experience. I know he does not die easily. I have stabbedhim several timesin the last 48 hours. He laughed. I look at him. He is beautiful. Black hair, smiling eyes. But he is dangerous. Iv seen the way his eyes change. It terrified me. At first they were normal. Then they changed. They suddenly looked like snakes eyes. The quarter moon slits that is embeded in the fear of most humans. But as soon as i saw them they flickered back to the green that could seduce me so easily.

"You never answer me, love." He whispers. He is close to my ear. How he got so close unnoticed is unknown. He kisses me softly rightunder my left ear. I do not move. He is tomuch to refuse. But i don't know why he wants me. I don't know how he knows me. I don't know where he came from. There is a sudden whoosh of air and then i am lying flat on my back. My arms pinned above my head on the soft goose down pillows. I dont remember moving but i have moved. He is perched atop me. Staring down at me. A Dog tag Chaindangles from his neck and hangcentimeters above my face.

"You want to know who im am Zaria. but i told you. I am Coeur brûlant, meaning burning heart in French." He says. His eyes are mesmerizing they are to beautiful for me to comprehend. That is my dilemma. Iv never been more afraid of another being in my life yet iv never been moreattracted to one much the same. I breath heavily. Not because i am afraid. I am sure he wont kill me so quickly. But because i want him and it scares me. He who kill my entire family very little time ago and i wanted him. I drowned in my own guilt. I suffocate in my own desire.

"You know what your name means?" He asks. I am speechless. I answer him with a reckless breath. He takes my breath away. He is not even looking at me and i feel the extensive power of his eyes. His eyes are closed. I can feel a drop in pressure in the air. That is how i know for sure. He murmurs letting his lips graze my neck.

"It is a city in north central Nigeria." He says. I don't respond.

"You want to know why." He says. It is a statement. He rolled off me but pulls me on top of him. Naturally i want to squirrm but iv learned that it gets me no where so i cooperate and burrow my head into hi neck. He holds me tight to him. Tighter then i want him to. The room is dim. The only light is coming from the storm that brews outside the thin wall.

"I first saw you in a dream. it was strange because i never dream. Because i never sleep. Yet a fuzzy image of you is forever etched into my brain. I know you already Zaria. I find your name to be beautiful also. You are sixteen. You will be seventeen in may. May 25 to be exact. Your a cheerleader though you don't enjoy it. your favorite color is Red. Its mine also. How i found you i do not know. You walked upon me like many people do. Unknowingly so. A simple stroll to a seven-eleven led you to the fearless predator who killed your family. I will not tell you im sorry because i am not. I didn't care for them. They were easy to kill. I cared when i killed Nia. She was... not hard to kill but i couldn't do it. I don't know why. She was innocent. She didnt fear me at first. I was a wonder to her. But i killed her all the same." He pauses and looks at me. My eyes fill with tears. I hate it.

"Why do you do that?" I ask knowing he knows what im talking about.

"Because you can cry. I cannot. I know it is cruel but it is beautiful. To me it is. Tears. Something im not capable of. A physical reaction to emotions. where is your science behind tears. Why doyou humanscry. Simply because you feel like it? Or is it more deeply rooted then that?" He says. For the first time i see that he is not all knowing. He runs his fingers through my hair. I can tell he takes great joy in doing this.

"Your just so desirable. I want you because i couldn't have you. You are something i can never be again. Iv been like this for 226 years. And still the softness of you, how breakable and vulnerable you aresurprisingly attracts me. So as you want to know, i love to make you cry but i hate your tears because i cannot shed any of my own. I took you away and i wouldn't give you back even if i could. You are mine now, Zaria. I will not let you go." I hate his words for they are certain.

"But i will die eventually." I say. I know i shouldn't contradict him. But i will not be his forever.he shrugs under me and sighs.

"That is the cruel beauty of a flower. I dont see why you humans exchange them as gifts. You marvel at there beauty and when they die they take a very small portion of your being. Your senses are to dull to feel the change but i can and it is amplified in my vampire mind. So when you die what will happen? I do not know. I might make you A vampire. I might love you that much. I might kill you myself."

"I don't love you."I say through a flurry of tears. It is the truth and if i pretend he will not be fooled.

"I know. It hurts me amazingly but i know that you will. Even if its the last thing i do. I am not so cruel Zaria. If you do not love me by the time you are 20 i will let you go. I will leave you completely alone.." He says. I listen carefully. It doesnt sound so bad. I am sure i can keep my heart from meshing with this horrible satanic demon of the night. Yes. He will never get my love.

"But i assure you i will not fight fair. I will even try to hypnotize you if it is necessary. You see i have abilities Zaria. I can manipulate you. I cannot read your mind but your body language is just as revealing. And as soon as i find a fault in your composure i will take you for my own no matter what you protest." I wonder what he means by 'take me for his own'?

"You'll see. Maybe i am talking about sex.. maybe not." He says. I am not truly scared. I am certain of myself. There is nothing that can change my mind. This blood drinking monster has massacred my entire family. I have little doubt in my self. But i hate his cold embrace and i try to remove myself but his hold is unbreakable and he crushes me even tighter to him like a protesting seatbelt.

"But you will love me Zaria." He says. He peers down at me with his cat eyes and I'm burned by there beauty.


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