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Dream or Reality

Short story By: XXDanieLskiXX

Elizabeth was a freshmen who lived life miserably because of the loss of her best friend even though she had lots more friends in school. till one day, during the school fair, one incident changed everything. will she finally get her dream come true??? lets find out!

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*sigh…* "I miss him…" I said to myself as I walked around the garden of my school. I was alone and was gloomy. But first things first. I'm Elizabeth. I'm 14 and I'm a freshman in my school. An all girls school. I moved to this school after pre school cause I didn't want to be around guys. Especially playboys. Ugh I hate those guys!

It was raining when it was my break before my last 2 periods. But I had my raincoat with me so I had no problem about getting wet.

I kept repeating those 3 words in my head. I just couldn't handle being away from him… my best friend… My preschool best friend, Raphael, who had chocolate brown eyes; black hair and tanned skin, had moved to California after preschool because of the business job his mom received. I could still remember the last day I was with him…


"Hey Raphy! Wanna play jump 'wope?"

"Lizzie, I need to tell you somethin'…"

"What is it?"

"I'm… moving to Califownia… my mommy has work there…"

"What!?! But I don't wanna let you go! Stay here… pretty pwease?"

"I'm sowwy Lizzie… I… I hafta go…"

"No don't go!"

I grabbed his wrist to stop him. He looked back at me and walked back toward me. He was just a foot near me. Then suddenly, he hugged me very tight. But it didn't last long… he left right after… sprinting to the car door. I was screaming at him, telling him to come back. But he was already in the car... He looked back at me and waved goodbye… I waved him goodbye but with tears streaming down my eyes…

I was deep in thought about it that I didn't realize someone was calling me. It was Danielle.

"Liz! Come on! Let's go! Classes are starting!"

"Okay I'm coming!

I ran to her and started walking with her to class. I was still thinking about that day when Danielle suddenly interrupted,

"What's gotten into you Liz? It's like something hit your head."

"No I'm fine I'm fine."

"What are you thinkin' about anyway?"
"Just an old friend…"

"Ooooooohhhh a guy perhaps?" she was looking at me with eyes that looked like she was teasing.

"It's not what you think Danielle! He's just a long time friend!"
"I bet you like him so much!"

"I don't!"

"Okay relax! Sheesh!"

Then we arrived in class. We sat in our places. Mae, my other friend, was at my left while Danielle was at my right. We were having Grammar class so that means Sir Heredia will be there. The teacher who treats his favorite students like a child. Thank God I'm not his favorite! Then, I heard Mae say to herself, "Yay! Free time!" I guess she was right. Cause all we did was just lie around while Sir has orals for some students. As usual, Sir Heredia calls the attention of Danielle by calling her by a nickname.

"Danielski!" sir Heredia exclaimed.

"Ugh… here we go again…" Danielle said in am exasperated tone.

"Serves you right." I mocked her about it. All she did was stick her tongue out at me as she went to Sir Heredia.

Finally, it was Science class and there came Sir Roy Villegas. A cute nerd who's very tall and skinny but has very long eyelashes. Well, that's what they say. Bleaugh! Disgusting! I guess girls here are so lonely and desperate for guys that they even have crushes on the teachers! But anyway, we were having a lesson about atomic theories. *sigh* While I was pretending to listen, I was doodling in my planner. Suddenly, Sir Villegas caught my attention.

"Liz, what does Bohr's atomic model look like?"

"Uhhhh it's like a planetary model. There are orbits around the nucleus."

That was a relief! Danielle was drawing a comic strip while Mae was taking notes. Then there was an announcement.

"Attention High school students, on January 23, we will be having a fair. Our theme for this fair is playback. All high school students will be handling whatever booth they can afford. This fair is public so you can invite your friends. Tickets are sold by student officers around the campus. That is all."

"Yay! My first real fair!" Danielle suddenly blurted out.

"it's your first fair?" I asked her.

"Yeah. In my old school, it doesn't really feel like a fair."


"So, who are you inviting Liz?"

"I'm not planning to invite anyone…"

"Why not?" Mae suddenly interrupted.

"Well, I'm just not comfortable about it."

"oh." They both said in unison. "oh well, we won't invite anyone neither."

"Besides, one of us might feel out of place if we did!" Alyssa said.

Then I agreed with her, after that conversation, we just continued to listen to the lecture.


It was fair day. And I prepared for it. I wore my jeans, my shirt then a vest. Then I was ready to go.

Once I arrived in school, Danielle, Mae, Sarah and Maddie (2 of my other friends) came.

"Hey Liz!" Alyssa and Danielle said.

"hey Mae, Danielle, Sarah, Maddie. "

Then Mae started bursting out, "Let's go to our booth!"

"Sure!" we all said.

So we went to our booth. It was karaoke. I found out we had the Math Enrichment room. Wow great… as if I care! *sigh* ever since the last day of preschool, I've been gloomy all the time. I just pretend to be happy around my friends so they won't ask me any questions. Oh well, I'll just try to enjoy life for the first time.

It was 7 in the evening and we were all out of the booth running around like kids who were so 'jumpy'. When we passed by the entrance to the school, I saw a guy who was wearing a black and blue striped jacket staring at me. He was tall and kinda thin. It creeped me out but I didn't mind him.

We went to the horror house since we have been to all of the booths. It was really creepy cause the seniors are handling it! And they themselves were the zombies! It gave me a shudder as I thought of it. But I remembered my sister, Clarisse was there also. Man… why the horror booth!? She will scare me to death for sure! *screaming in my head right now* but since my friends wanted to go, then I'll go too. I'll just try to squeeze my eyes shut while holding one of my friend's wrist.

We were now inside the actual horror house. I couldn't stop shaking as we were walking. My eyes were shut but I still couldn't stop.

"What's wrong Liz?" Sarah asked me.

"It just creeps me out cause my sister will be scaring us too."

"ooohhh that's interesting."

Then I felt hands grabbing me. I felt something goooey and sticky slide down my arms. Yuck! But after a while, someone else's hand grabbed my shoulder. I knew it wasn't a student cause it felt masculine. I fidgeted from it and ran going out the horror house. But even though I was running fast, the guy was still running after me. I was about to go in the karaoke booth, but I was too late, the guy grabbed my wrist and pulled me to face him. I was about to scream but the man covered it.

"relax Liz! It's me!"


"Raphael! Raphy!"

"RAPHY!? Oh my Gosh! You're here! I can't believe it! How did you know I was here!?"

"Your mom told me that you had a fair here. So I came."

"aww you shouldn't have…"

"I had to. I missed you Lizzie… for the past 8 years I've been thinking about you. How much I missed you. I can't handle it being away from you. I'm soo sorry I left you Lizzie."

"it's okay. I forgive you. Why did you come back anyway?"

"Like I said, I missed you so much that I tried to convince my mother to at least give me a vacation here. But she told me that I'll stay here in the Philippines instead since I didn't have many friends there in California."

I was about to hug him but suddenly my friends came. They started asking questions all at the same time.

"Liz what happened?" Alyssa asked.

"Are you hurt?" Maddie asked.

"What are you feeling?" Sarah asked.

"Wanna get my number?" some stranger suddenly said aloud. We all stared at him

"Sorry. I just wanted to be part of the conversation… hehe." Then he sprinted far away from us because of embarrassment.

Danielle suddenly interrupted, "anyway, are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Danielle, Mae, Sarah, Maddie, this is Raphy, my best friend."

"Ohh so he's the one you're being sad about…"

"Shush Danielle!"

"Okay okay! Just tying to be funny!" she laughs.

"Liz? I brought someone with me. Is that ok?"

"It's okay." I smile at him.

"Great! Wait right here. I'll get him." once he was going to the entrance, Danielle grabbed me by the wrist and whispered something in my ear,

"He kinda looks like sir Villegas." *snickers*

"He does?"

"Yah! He's tall and skinny like him!"

I laughed with her cause of how she said it. Once he got back, I saw his friend.

"Ivy, Danielle, Alyssa, Sarah and Maddie, meet Michael." Raphy said.

"Hi Michael."
"Hey." Suddenly, I saw Sarah. She was blushing so much that she didn't know what she was doing.

"Can I have your number?" she suddenly said.

We all stared at her. And laughed. Michael blushed as he laughed but gave his number anyway. After all this, we went to the karaoke booth. All my classmates were there. They were all minding their business until Raphy was the next one who came in.

"OMG! Guys sir Villegas is here! AAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!" one of my classmates screamed.

They were all running to us but when they saw that he wasn't sir Villegas, instead of being happy, they were shocked. Then it turned to affection. They all started talking to him. I was being uncomfortable about it while Raphy was being tense. So he called out for me when all the girls were pushing me away from him.

"Liz, lets go somewhere else more 'spacey'."

I giggled at his expression then nodded so I grabbed his hand and went out. We got to the park where people rarely go. We sat by a bench next to each other and stared at the stars.

"yes, Raphy?"
"The thing your friend said, was it true?"
"Which one?"

"You being sad when I was gone."

"Of course!" you're my best friend!"
"Well… for me you're kinda… more than that…"

I was shocked by what he said. Unexpectedly, he gave me a peck on the cheek. What he just did burned my cheek and it made my heart jump. Then I blushed a shade of red. He grinned as he saw me blushing. Then he gave me a really tight hug and whispered in my ear,

"Love you, Lizzie."
"Love you too, Raphy."

I closed my eyes then I leaned my head on his shoulder. After a while, I opened them.

I found myself lying on my bed still in my pajamas. It was 7 in the morning. It was a dream!?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I knew it was too good to be true… *sobs* so I just prepared and went to school again sadly like in my dream. Then I arrived in school. Again, Danielle, Mae, Sarah and Maddie came to me. But I saw something near the crowd by the entrance. A guy who wore the exact black and blue striped jacket Raphy was wearing. I excused myself from my friends and approached the guy. I was feeling jittery and I couldn't stop shaking… I was so nervous but I had to hold on to it. I felt the eyes of my friends staring at me in confusion but I didn't mind it. Finally, I tapped his shoulder. He turned around slowly. Then I saw…



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