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[SUMMARY] All Gizem wanted was to be by herself with no one to tell her how could she live her life. She wanted to be free from it all. Fortunately, all that changed, thanks to a mysterious note containing a seed from a tree.

Title translates to "The Tree of Mystery"

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"Gizem. I will always love. I don't want this dream to end."

The young wanderer's hand grasp tightly around his lover's waste. Gizem was never touched so gracefully in her life. The couple's lips were in sync of each others as their yearning kisses became deeper.

"Mmm…" Gizem moaned underneath her heavy breathing. "I don't want this to end either. Why must you be a make believe character?"

The kisses stop. The wanderer had a very anxious look to him when his lover called him "made believe". His eyes were shining brightly at her like a baby about to cry. According to Gizem, he was the most sensitive-and hottest man-she had ever encountered, whether from a dream or not.

"Why must you call me that? I am real."

Gizem wasn't buying to his statement. "I know you're not real. You might be a wanderer in this plastic dream of mine but let's face it. You will never be real."

For a minute longer, they stared each other. Suddenly, the wanderer's was beginning to disappear. It was his time to leave his lover behind. "I can't talk to you much longer. This dream will end soon. I must go."

"Already? I haven't even gotten your name. Who are you really?" Gizem was about to cry.

The mysterious boy smiled, "When you wake up, you will discover my true identity."


It was ten o'clock in the morning, the time when Gizem gets up for work. She slept her way in the living room from working at her boring job every single day. She is only twenty years old, not going to college, and still living with her proactive sixty year old grandmother. Her grandmother was nagging at her again for not waking up at her usual time, which was nine o'clock.

"Sweetie," her grandmother nagged, "you need to get up. You're going to be late."

Gizem covered her head with a pillow from her grandmother's talking. She rolled on her side ranting in her head on how horrible her life is. "Ahh… Do I really need to get up?"

Her grandmother responded with a sighed, "Yes. It's very urgent."

"What. Is me going to work very urgent?" Gizem snapped back.

The older women grabbed the pillow that was covering her granddaughter's head and wacked her really hard. "Don't talk back to me! I don't care if you go to work or not. Just get up and pretend to listen.

Gizem got up slowly and starred at her grandmother for a while. Her chocolate brown eyes were showing stress and grief. Her tree colored hair was like a bush waiting to be trimmed after some years. Her clothes were still dirty from working hard at her job and she stunk like baby spew.

"Well, someone looks like a piece of-"

"Just tell me now. I want to go back to sleep." Gizem yawned.

Gizem's grandmother began to talk, "Did you hear anything odd last night after you came home?"

The young girl was in deep thought. There were some strange knocking sounds coming from upstairs. I don't know if they were from the bathroom or from one of the bedrooms.

"No." she lied.

"Are you sure? I could've sworn I heard a boy's voice calling you. Oh well, I'm just getting old." Gizem's grandmother chuckled.

Now Gizem was confused. She had to make sure that she had heard her grandmother correctly. "A boy, Babaanne? I haven't talked to any boys since high school!"

She shrugged, "I don't know. I went in your room and discovered a letter."

Gizem stood on her feet, "Where's the letter?"

"It's on the kitchen counter." Her grandmother threw her back the pillow and strolled her way to the dining room. Without hesitation, her grandmother was gone.

Gizem couldn't believe that someone left her a letter. Could it be from the man in her dreams? How will she know who he really was? She was nervous to read the letter.

Carefully, she stumbled to the kitchen like there was something weird in it. She saw a decorated envelope with a sticker of a green elm leaf on the back. She turned the thing around to take a quick look at it. The handwriting was in Edwardian style, something she had rarely saw. It was in green ink just like the leaf and read "To my lost lover".

"No way… Is it really him?" Gizem whispered. "I'm afraid to open it."

Quickly, she tore open the letter. Again, it was in green ink. The letter reads:

Gizem. If you were curious, I'm writing this letter to show you that I really love you deeply. From the many encounters that I have seen at your job, I always wanted to talk to you. I can't express how much you mean so much to me. As a token of my love to you, I shall give you this seed from a rare dream tree. This tree will be the only connection for me to see you again. Plant it as soon as you can.

With love,


Gizem crumbled up the letter and ran upstairs to her room. She discovers something remarkable and unusual. Sitting on her bed was a large overgrown tree. Its leaves were gone, with the exception of the branches extending to the ceiling. This was probably what she heard last night.

Slowly, she closed her eyes with a frown on her face, "Nazo, if you could hear me, why did you give me this seed?"

Then, a familiar voice came from the tree, "I gave you that seed to remember me by. My true form is a dying tree waiting for someone to replant me again. I have chosen you because I knew you needed someone to care and nourish you by."

For a strange reason, Gizem found herself crying. With a dying tree on her bed and a seed in her hands, she knew that her dreams were really something to cherish for.


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