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Innocently in love

Short story By: youfoundme

Fast forward a couple years After Nathan & Lena get married. They now have a beautiful girl named Serena and soon to be son Lucas … what will happen next? The sequel to the promise of forever.

Submitted:Dec 29, 2009    Reads: 132    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

Before - Getting married is simple right?
I always dreamed of my wedding about what it would be like. Now this day has come and I just can't believe it. The bride and groom are separated and I'm wondering what Nathan is thinking at this moment … what will he be thinking when I walk down the aisle? I just can't wait any longer to be married to him. It's almost time for the brides maids to walk down the aisle they look amazing. At one moment I'm thinking I wished it everything would go faster but then on the other hand I want this moment to last forever. Writing my vows was simple because I knew exactly how I felt. As I walk down the hall way thinking about how many other brides walk down here feeling the same thing that I am at this moment.
A few minutes later …
After my brides maids are just about down the aisle my farther takes my arm and whispers "you ready? ". I feel like there's butter flies in my stomach as I gulp " yes " to my father that standing next to me . He just laughs as we start to walk down the aisle where my two beautiful bride's maids wait along with my handsome soon to be husband.
Fast forward ….
The wedding was beautiful I love every second about it. Now we live together in this really nice house with my gorgeous daughter Serena and soon to be son Lucas. To tell you the truth I thought that Serena was going to be born because of what I went though. What I mean by that is that there were a lot of problems during the pregnancy and I was in the hospital a lot and Nathan thought either I or Serena wasn't going to make it. I haven't had any problems with Lucas let and it think that's a good sign because I don't want to go though everything all over again. Also I recently got my whole book of poetry published in a couple of places and they loved it as much as I do. I hope when my daughter grows up she would want to learn how to write as much as I want to teach her. The people who published my work want me to continue writing and want me to write a poem for a book there working on. A lot of things have changed since I was a teenager. Thing for Nathan has changed a lot too he is not working in music business to try something new. Speaking of Nathan he just got home from work.
"Honey I'm home "Nathan says as he starts laughing
"I love it when you do that it's so funny "I said
"That's why I still say it just for you "as Nathan comes and kisses me
"Hi honey how was your day "I said
"It was great I signed some more people to the record deal
And how was yours? Nathan said
"Mine was great me and Serena spent some time watching TV "I said
"That sounds great and Lena tonight I need to ask you something "Nathan said
"Really why can't you ask me now "I said with a big smile
"It's a surprise'' Nathan said
"Okay, I guess I can wait until thing" I said
"I'm going to put Serena down for a nap and then I'll help you with supper'' Nathan said
"Okay" I said and gave him a kiss
The big surprise!
I've been waiting for this surprise ever since he told me and I have a feeling what it might be. I'm hoping he's going to ask me to go on our honey moon and the only problem though is I don't think we decided on where we wanted to go. Wait in less that's part of the surprise? As I continue thinking of possible things Nathan's going to say, that's when he walks in.
"Hey honey do you want to know the surprise? " Nathan said
"Yes, yes, yes! " I said
"Well I was thinking we haven't took our honey moon yet and I thought
We could get Serena a baby sitter … "Nathan said
"I would love to I've been waiting till this day, When you were going to say those words "I said
"I'm sorry we didn't go sooner it just that I was worried about you and the baby... also we didn't have that much money to go then "Nathan says while frowning
"Nathan its okay it's not your fault and I'm not mad "I said
"Your not but I thought you would "Nathan says as he walks towards me
"How could I be mad at you? And there's nothing to be mad at "I said
"I love you so much Lena" Nathan said
"I love you so much too" I said
Serena gets a baby sitter.
After we paid Serena baby sitter we were all ready to go. Serena didn't cry, pout or throw a fit when we left which made me feel a little bit better. I'm always worried about leaving her alone with a baby sitter I guess that's just what mothers do.
Lena & Nathan's date
When we arrived at the Restaurant it was about 6:37 and I haven't got a call from the baby sitter yet. As I sigh of relive thinking that Serena is safe and sound. Nathan looks at me after ordering our food.
"Every thing is going to be okay "Nathan said
"Yes I know, I'm just going to go to the rest room okay? " I said
"Okay honey "Nathan said
I'm walking toward the bathroom. As I'm looking down at my beautiful dress it was my honey moon gift from Nathan. I look up and I'm almost at the rest room until I realized I saw something strange on my dress. When I look back down I see something … something horrible … I see Blood! As I'm falling to the floor the only thing I can mange to yell was Nathan.
Honey moons: are supposed to be amazing... nope I was wrong!


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