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The Promise of Forever

Short story By: youfoundme

Lena and Nathan fall in love they even promised each other and nothing can change how they feel towards each other even when James tries to get with Lena.

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The Promise of Forever

My name is Lena and I'm starting Grade nine this year and I've had a crush on Nathan ever since grade five but I still haven't told him yet. It's not like I don't want to tell him I really do but I'm afraid that he wont like me back and I've been debating all summer if I will tell him . Let me tell you about Nathan he is nice , sweet guy he sometimes gets in trouble but it's not like his James who almost always dose . My main reason that he doesn't like me is because I think I'm not his type of girl he would date … maybe I'm wrongwho knows ? I'm the type of girl who writes poerty almost all her life and I'm not sure if Nathan is into that kind of stuffbut tonight I have to make a decion to tell him how I feel before it's too late … after thinking about all night I think finally gonna tell him on the first day of gradenine . Today is my first day of Grade nine I know what your thinking it's not very exciting or big event but today it's for me because it's the day I'm going to tell him how I feel finally after all these years . It's only 7 : 35 and I don't leave my house untill 8:30 for school. The only thing I'm not looking for is seeing James who thinks he is the jock ofthe school … but that's not why i dislike him theres only two reasons why : Reason one He alway's calls me rude names, takes my stuff across the room etc Reason two he hates Nathan with a passion and I only hate him for that because well I like Nathan a lot . My mom tells me when I guy pick's one you it means he likes you but i disagree because I know that he will never like me and I'm glad . I've just looked at the clock and I probally should get going now I can't wait until I get there because the sooner I do will be less time waiting to tell Nathan . When I reached the school I see everyone standing there waiting to go in side and everyone is in different groups that set up one group for people who are taking everything in french the other who arnt . Of course my group has james in it but I don't care about him its Nathan . I tap him on the shoulder and I said
" Hi , Nathan how was your summer ?" I said he turns around
" Hey Its Lena , great how was your's " Nathan Said
" It was great and there something I've been … " I said
" been what ? … what is it " he said
" I … well .. okay I like you a lot I really do Nathan and I get it if you don't like me that way I understand if you just want to be friends " I finally said You wont belive what he said .
He Brings me away from the group we were standing in and no one knew what he was telling me at all… even I didn't expect this to happened
" Me too Lena , I just never told you before … I like you a lot " he said
" REALLYYOU DO ? .. I thought" I said
" you thought I would never like you .. didn't you .. I had to make you think that because I wasn't sure when I would tell you" Nathan said I couldn't belive it he likes me he really dose I was postive that he would never like me ever and here he is telling me that he does . This is the best start to my day it was unexpected for me but I'm going to remember this for very long time . I might even write a poem about this later after lunch .
I wrote this after lunch about Nathan and how I felt before I told him about how much I like him .
Waiting for you
I'll wait for you all day
Long because I love you
And no one else in this world could replace you
Because you're my everything
No matter what I still love you
Even if I have to wait until forever
Nothing can change how I feel about you
I hope you realize all of this
I have a feeling that you will
I'm keeping my hopes up
That you'll feel the same way towards me
And if not I'll just have to find some way
To get over you
* I will wait for you any day because *
* You're the one for me *
four months later … with a promise
Me and Nathan have been dating ever since the first day when I told him how much I liked him ( I should of said love) but it's okay I've are ready told him I love him . Today he said we needed to talk about something and I've been wondering and finally I'm going to know because it's lunch time … I see him walking towads me . I quicky shut my book with a new poem I wrote .
Forever and maybe always
Sometimes love can be difficult at times
Buts its one of the best things you can have
That's why I said to you
"Forever and maybe always"
Because I don't know if
We will be together forever
I don't know how long you and me
Will last
But I know it is you that I want
To be with you
And no one else
No matter how many times I say
I love you
It still means the world
Whenever I say it to you
Love is the best part of any story
And I hope you're the one
Who's in my story
" Hey I want to make a promise to you that I love you no matter what happendsI will always love you Lena" when Nathan said that I thought I was about to cry at that very moment but I knew what i was are ready going to say .
" Nathan I also promise you that I will love you always and forever no matter what happened nothing can change how I feel towads you " I repled and then it happened right in that very room he kissed me . I walked home hand in hand with Nathan I couldn't have been more happier untill we finally got to my house I still can't belive it … james was sitting there waiting for me . I knew James hates Nathan … that made james even more madbut James didn't say anything to me he just walked up and left without saying a word to me . A few day's later I heard rumors going around that both me and nathan hated because it had to do with james falling for me … why me ? I don't get it but it dosnt matter I love Nathan with all my heart . Nathan and james also got in a fight yesterday andJames almost got suspend for having Nathan so brusied up that they had to send him to the hospital . I thought nothing could get worse than having my love of my life in the hosptal but no ever since he caused Nathan to go to the hospital his been trying to get with any way he can …. It's pissing me off so much that I almost punch him .
Nathan gets out & ready to fight back
I just saw Nathan and I was about to give him a long kiss when he walked passed me and I didn't know why until I saw James throwing punches . It was such a bad fight and I couldn't leave because I was so worried about Nathan .. I didn't care if I got a dection . Nathan just gets out of the hospital and james is are ready fighting him I can't take it anymore . I hope that he gets expelledbecause I don't want to see James face any more longer . Well to tell you the truth James didn't get excatly expelled but his father sent him to miltary school … finally that's all I got to say .
Few years later … after Nathan and Lena graduate College He purpose's to Lena & You can probably guess what they both said


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