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Short speculative romance

Submitted:Dec 11, 2013    Reads: 101    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Eve. How I miss Eve. For millennia I have wandered the Earth trying to find her equal to no avail. Eve. The most perfect being ever made. Yes made. Not from my rib, what an absurd idea. She was superior to me in every way except one. After wandering the earth for 4.3 billion years watching species come and go, in His pity He gave me Eve. And the concept of Love was born.

We laughed, we prayed, we explored, we played, we made love. When I woke up each morning and saw Eve lying next to me my heart never failed to skip a beat. Her loveliness transcended all the surrounding beauty. Her smile was so radiant supernovae would dull themselves in awe. Her hair flowed, long and straight, like a waterfall. Her almond shaped eyes were at once kind, playful and intelligent. The world was ours. It was heaven on Earth, quite literally.

Eve and I developed our own language. Before Eve there was no need for verbal communication. But now I needed a way to tell her how her happiness was the only thing that mattered, I existed to make her smile and that what future generations would feel when they described Love was a poor approximation of how I felt for her. We had years of bliss and thought it would last forever. But He gives nothing unconditionally. For Eve was created mortal. Together we created the species of Man. Diverse in colour, creed and physical attributes. Then as our many children got older, Eve also aged. She aged gracefully maintaining her physical beauty and her intelligence to her Death. And when she died my World ended.

That was 200 million years ago. How cruel Love can be. The previous 4.3 billion years were easy without companionship. Since Eve parted every day has been complete torment. I think of her every waking moment; how the plants sang when she laughed, the wildest of creatures would be tamed by her touch and trees wilted when she was sad.

For 200 million years I have wandered the Earth sometimes ignoring my Children's foibles, at other times trying to guide them. Each time there is a threat of extinction I have saved them from the brink for it is only through them that I have something left of my beloved Eve. It was I who built the Ark of old to ensure Humanity's survival. Knowing their survival depended on diversity I sent them to travel the Earth from Babel ensuring a variety in genetic traits and language. Over the last 2000 years I have appeared twice to teach my Children about Him and good will towards all their brothers and sisters. Each time they seem to do what they shouldn't or completely miss the point but this is no surprise. After all they are their Fathers children and I am far from perfect.

Today I met a girl, her name was Evelyn...


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