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The Witch Who Loved A Man

Short story By: Yusufalam

An immortal witch awaits true love. A deserter comes her way. Is this the love she has ever wanted? How far will she go to have it?

Submitted:Jan 7, 2012    Reads: 87    Comments: 11    Likes: 6   

The Witch

In her ageless life of a thousand years, she had closely observed the man. From his greatest of discoveries to his worst of wars, there was nothing she hadn't seen. What she never received was his love. Living in her solitary hut, away from the people she considered her agelessness a curse, curse for a misdeed not known to her. No one ever dared to cross paths with her, for she had been declared a witch. People believed her to be a shape shifter, apart from being an evil sorcerer.

Regardless of what men thought of her, she waited in her dwelling for a morning which would bring her the eternal touch of love, something which would bring joy and make her appreciate the gift of life. She wanted to be loved, even if it was for a moment. Something she would hold on to till her end.

The War

The war was gruesome; he had been fighting for months. All of his friends had been consumed by the ruthless battlefield. He was all alone, only thing that kept his feet on the ground was her letters. He had received one this morning and was feeling restless since then. She was dying and couldn't wait no more. She wanted him to come back to her, even if it meant betraying their country. He knew what he had to do.

The Deserter

She knew the time she woke up that this was the day. He would finally come to her, with the love she had always dreamt of. She was sitting near the shore when she saw him. His body was floating by the river, carrying a serious wound. His forehead was imprinted with the words "DESERTER". She got him out of the river, into her house. She nursed his wound, and gave him all the comfort she could. There was a letter in his pocket. Her worst nightmare had come true. He was already in love with someone!

The witch called upon her powers and searched for his beloved. She was lying in a grave. The witch looked into the heart of the man; it was made only for her. She could never take her place; she now knew that for a fact. But she had waited for him for as long as she could remember and was not willing to let go.

An Eternal Union

The man finally awoke one night and saw his beloved by his side. He thought it was a dream. He was overjoyed to see her after so long. How he thought he would never ever see her again, and here she was, right in his arms where she belonged. They kissed and made love all through the night.

It was the best thing that had ever happened in the witch's life.

Next morning when the witch woke up, the man was gone. There was a letter by the fireplace which said, "She is dead, I buried her myself. You must be the witch people speak of. What you have done to me is greatest of all betrayals!"

The witch cried after reading the letter, but she was grateful for the moments spent with him. She knew she was going to cherish them for the rest of her life.


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