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Happiness in Living

Article By: Aria1905
Science fiction

Here is a short article for my School Assignments

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Happiness in Living

I know I'm coming back in a few weeks, I can't wait to see you again.
I really miss you! I haven't seen you in months, I hope you're alright.
The ship a struck a storm today. We all had to stay below deck.
Well I guess you'll want to know how my wonderful trip was.
A few months ago we arrived at Nga Puhi which is located near Ngati Whatua, Auckland New Zealand. First I couldn't believe we were here, but I heard the
anchor splashed on the water. I was really excited, I ran to the deck and saw the green land. Everything was covered in green. Bushes, hills, forest surrounds every piece of land. Everything on land is covered in green. I found the land strangely a peaceful and beautiful place to be.
When we first arrived we had to find a shelter. We camped in the woods for a couple of days waiting for the men to finish building our houses.
The cooking was appalling first we had to hunt for our food, because we use to run out of food. Fish and fresh cow milk were the only food we use to eat.
After hunting it was my job to build the fire for the fish, which I had no idea on how to build one. The men were still very busy on building houses, so it usually was the ladies job to feed and take care of the community. So it was a challenge.
Sometimes we starve for the cause of the children.
One day I went to the river to get some water, when I heard a slight rustle coming from behind the bushes. I was so curious, so I went and checked it out.
I made my way through an found people. I knew there was a tribe near by, but I never knew it was this close. I met them and they bought me to their chief.
They were very kind. I showed them to the community, the children were a bit
startled by their appearance but they got used to it.
Once they thought we were a disgrace and trouble-some community.
But we finally convinced them that we were a care and loving community and we had no
intention on harming them, so they backed down and we were in peace by then.
The Maori helped us find food, build proper shelters, find water, and live our life differently.
Their clothing was beautiful very natural. Flax, feathers and furs of animals were the material that they used. They were woven beautifully, so specific, so perfect.
The colours came from the dye, black and red were the common colours they wear.
Black came from the earth. Red came from blood.
I think their clothes are beautiful and unique. One of the Maori woman made me a feathery white dress out of bird feathers. It was such a magnificent piece of dress.
I'll show you the dress when I meet you.
The Maori never had a some kind of transport. On land they walk everywhere.
On the ocean they have a wonderful piece of transport called Waka.
The Waka had carved wooden pictures on the sides of it. The Maori are so talented.
The Waka are very different from our river boats back at home.
I feel sad that they don't have a typical type of transport. The Maori are very strong and fit.
I guess it's probably from all the walking and canoeing. Once I went on a waka to just try the feel of it. It was very tiring.
What good memories!
We have traded information. I taught the children how to read and they taught me the easy way of life. Love, Hope and Peace. We bonded and have become one family.
I will always remember them.
It was such good memories. I'll see you in a few weeks. I Love You!
Love from your Daughter.. XOXO
There are many things that will catch your eye,
But only a few will catch your heart.
- Michael Nolan
Dear, Family and Friends.


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