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i wrote an imagnation cure wishing what i could explain with sense

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Porn detail info.

The person is very attractive and has the shape ass and size rear when it is bend over is my type of doggy-position.

She has the eye and facial definition that is beauty and she is a body-double of a porn star.

But she does not know she is infected with chlamydia as she has no body symptom to show it. She is in the early stage and her transfigure body gave her the character I wanted her to be so I made love with her. For our spirit of mind together we get on well.

If I make love with her then I will be infected with the chlamydia she has.

The body transfigure she had was infected with the organism which got into the process of her body when it was created before she was embodied to it.

Porn star world computer game realised this could happen. For the making of any character body that a lover wanted to be like a porn star and model to do sexual fantasy with their partner. Is made of the same nature of human body from earth.

The human body of this porn star for the female that was my girlfriend had not had sex.

For it was a new living body being made for when my girlfriend is ready to use it.

The chlamydia virus made love to her body while it was being created. The organism was infecting the process of her porn star body being designed in biology miracles in porn world.

This computer game knew this would happen when a health check-up of every transfigure figure for body change was not done.

This made aliens believe that a virgin could become infected with a virus that is made by having sex. The organism of this virus had grew to transmit without any sex but passing to each human spreading.

My girlfriend made love with me as we had trust with this computer game already doing her body health check-up before she was embodied to it.

Then we had an alert of our human robot body that we both had chlamydia when we health checked it.

If we had not got treatment to make us better we would of risked being not able to have children for this virus would damage our sperm and egg quality.

And we would of infected other game players if we slept with them.

Porn star world computer game having to shutdown all body transfigure do fix the fault of healthy condition body being infected by virus organism being developed in the nature of designing a porn star and model body for our sex fantasy.

Until it cured it from happening. This was a time of trouble for game players who had not kept to safe sex and became positive with viruses that had no vaccine being HIV AIDS.

Since these couples were attractive porn star and model they agreed until the transfigure body was fixed that they would only sleep with their partner who they had already infected with HIV AIDS.

So they could have erotic sex doing oral sex and doggy-position.

They would not be infecting anyone who had no such killer virus on their body.

But since other porn star and model game players also had a character body which was different to the other couples and it was the character that they wanted to sleep with.

And that they could not have these other porn star and model bodies because transfigure body was shutdown while the medical process was being sorted and mended to avoid any more infection when people use the service again.

Porn star world agreed that these HIV AIDS game players would not spread the infection if they only slept with positive carriers of their disease. Then they could get to sleep with other game players being the porn star model character they wished to fuck.

Porn star world made an alert on these game player robot body so anyone who was not infected with a sexual killer virus would know not to shag them.

Porn star world became even more sympathetic for the infected lovers. For it allowed only them to use transfigure body until it was fixed. For these game players even though they were being transfigured to an infected body because virus organisms had got into the process of the created growing body sets used for body change of character.

These infect HIV AIDS game players got a body that had a different infection. They got a body that had gonorrhoea. This made sense now they were not a HIV AIDS body. Then they took antibiotic medication and had no sex until the gonorrhoea was cured and now they had no virus and they kept to having protected sex with a condom and femidom and hygiene washing body.

Now every game player had a opportunity to be cured from a killer virus for an infection that would be diagnosed and end with medicine and rest.

Porn star world kept doing body transfigure for any game player who had a killer virus to have a living infection instead.

To treat it better until this computer game had made body transfigure safe away from the infecting organism which was in the nature of the miracle.

This gave hope of everyone being cured even though organism viruses existed because of the nature of our body and world.

We could continue to play sex fantasy and be any porn star and model we wished to shag with horny aroused thought and feeling.

Being a prophet consultant for the alien world to help human specie I always promised to develop an idea to help make us have a chance to be cured even if we were infected.

Since viruses can infect our body which is being made during body change miracle. So we would be the virus that can be treated with the better side-effect.

Porn star world made so many bodies in the transfigure and made all the bodies which would have a severe side-effect even though it was not a killer virus not be used by any game player.

So we did not get so sick and ill with inflammation and sore.

We were given an infected body with mild symptom and the treatment was prescribed so we took it so our virus did not get any worse side-effect.

This was my resolution for when this computer game is infected during body change miracle.

If ever everybody in transfigure was infected with a killer virus then we would only be embodied with it when the side-effect symptom are not at a hurt pain so we could live ok.

Whenever the symptom got to sickening and painful then transfigure gave us another infected body that was in the early stages of the disease.

This was my health plan for whenever body change miracles in porn world was infected all over by a killer virus which inflamed and sore our body we became.

To make us be the better body of its infection.

This was because an epidemic could contaminate body change miracles everybody created.

Me and my girlfriend could have sex together but when side-effect got to sore and inflamed we changed to another body in the early stages of the disease. At least we felt better.

Porn star world then wondered what would we do if everybody in transfigure was infected by the virus making all bodies be in the late stage or even at early stage of the disease be stricken with sore and inflammation that hurt and pain too much.

Then I recommended no one live with a body let everyone have no living human specie and alien body. So the virus has no life to infect. Then when the virus has died then transfigure can begin creating bodies of porn star and model with no virus in the process of growth for now.

I loved my girlfriend dearly. She had a hand that I could hold so the warmth between our palm would cool down when we change our hand around holding.

When we had kissed and snogged that it was many hour ago when we last brushed our teeth for this date. We went into the bathroom together and had another mouthwash and toothbrush.

We were confident we still both looked great even though our style hair which we made look like a hairdresser was messy from making love. We would both go to the mirror and comb and style each other hair. We closed our both eye then opened them to see how our lover had styled our hair it was hilarious.

We had a box of chocolate and we let out partner choose five not knowing which chocolate they chose until we ate it.

We also had three glasses filled with a small amount of fruit juice and they were flavour we did not know until we drank it.

This was a surprise for our taste bud. Food does make sex worth it.

Any girlfriend in porn star world when they found me for the first time and they had a fantasy to oral sex me. They checked my human robot body that it would indicate I was not HIV positive or any STI.

So they could swallow me and be healthy for if any female did oral sex on an infected male then she would catch the virus.

When a game player is positive to any sex disease they wish they can have an attractive partner with the same infection so they can have sex. For a game player does not want to have sex with them when they will catch the virus they have.

Porn star world certainly recommended even though both partner making love had the same infection to wear a condom and femidom every sex session so that the virus which could be treated and cure to not make the current virus become another worse one.

So no baby was made during the time of infection so it would be made to conceive and born with no virus passing on to it.

When my girlfriend brang in a meal on a plate she decided to use my cutlery to feed me. I felt like a big baby being fed.

Our sex became a natural instinct I made her not make me ask to pull her knickers halfway down her ass. When she gave me oral sex because her facial was very sweet when I saw her face expression it was another time for me to stare at her knickers halfway down her ass. If she decided to masturbate me then I could admire both her ass and face looking at each simultaneously.

When we decide to have a shag with no protection then surely we can expect a sperm and egg to make a baby. Then it meant nine month later after we had completed this shag would be our child born in the hospital.

We guessed the date of our child birth. The nine month it took to born the child included the month December. So Mrs Santa Claus made a present for an unborn child to have a healthy body at birth.

And a tooth fairy became a dentist for the child to have teeth to all grow so that in the future one that came out it would pick it up from under the pillow and leave a note to prove a tooth fairy does exist.

Porn star world made a career for a game player to be the body of a fairy. They flew with wings among the birds and insect fly.

They were given the address of a child sleeping in the mum and dad section in the game where adult sex was forbidden.

Only love making for a happy family here.

The tooth fairy had a door key from the locksmith or they would of woke the child knocking on the door.

One of the great stories which would be written in another book about porn star world. Was the existence of organisms that lived on the planet. When a person became the body of them they saw them as a human being living in a human world. But when we saw these organisms being a human we saw them like germ bacteria under a microscope. These organism which I will name the specie of dwarf and elf. Had a medical Wikipedia of vaccines and medicine which would cure disease for the human world.

They used these remedies on against the virus that they were which would kill them. So they could live as the organism they were. Which infected us or they would not exist to make the vaccine.

So they got porn star world to send the expertise of the dwarf and elf organisms to become alien and human to make the remedies for human and alien kind.

The organisms were left to continue infecting and work on making a vaccine for the disease they caused. When they made it then porn star world made those dwarf and elf be bodied as a human and alien to share the made remedy here.

Porn star world when this bodily invention was made in the future was the time when they sent these organisms to be human on planet earth and cure HIV and AIDS and diseases that were without a vaccine for epidemic history.

The organisms continued being the virus they were as they searched for other organisms that would destroy them so the disease they were would die out.

So they could become a human and make the organism that ended them as a virus be made into a body cell to be medically treated to sick people.

Somewhere in the universe were the organisms that would make the

Virus end when they collide. The dwarf and elf when they could not find these medical organisms on earth. When they died being the virus they were which continued when the virus still had life with born baby organisms continuing the virus in the sick person.

These dwarf and elf went to live on another planet being organisms in search of the vaccine substance. So porn star world put them into the same form of virus that was on earth on the other planet and when it found an organism that would destroy it then it was made as a medical for earth and sent there to be invented by a human.

This was my guess of how porn star world could cure viruses since no angel came to me to tell me this I used my imaginations increased knowledge.

When a vaccine is created on another planet for a virus on this planet. Then the universe has to make it be made on our planet.

If our planet does not have the complete formula of nature here to make the vaccine. Then space will send it from the other planet to crash onto earth.

This is when porn star world found vaccines in the universe for more than one disease. Then it chose the end time to bring it here.

But porn star world knew that bringing in another form of nature onto our planet which would cause new viruses to evolve that never existed on another planet until this nature was put together would be worse than any disease ever existed.

So porn star world after doing these test on a planet where we weren't resurrected to had to make a vaccine that would cure it so earth would receive vaccine without the new nature making us infected with the experiment viruses which appeared.

With this vision if this was true then this computer game had saved us from extinction then every disease will be given the cure from space where heaven exist.

I want sex it has to be horny. I love her ass the skin is alive on her body so I can bend her over. I like her crease line on her buttock flesh. Some part are dimple with light colour compared to the darker skin. She has the perfect skeleton frame with skin attached to it which gave her this beautiful shape and size body. I am so happy that she has found the sperm and egg code to born this sexpot figure only she has been. She has a character for other female spirit to use and transfigure to.

Her size feet are not bigger then mine and I am taller. Every time she is born with this body she will grow to the same height, ethnicity and have the same colour hair and eyes. This is her genetic this made her this body. Every female will have a porn star ass for all the sexpot body figure have their fertilization all put in body choose who you want to be embodied as.

She will become the size and shape I desire. Her larger thong knickers will fit her new waistline. She always wanted to be a big natural bra size she has it now.

This is her new body instead of being born into any body that was being born and grown up. She got to choose which character she wanted to be. She showed her family and friends who she was so they knew it was their relative and mate.

Judgement day identification parade I wish.

I wrote this story as you read it it surely is a dream come true in imagination we expect this to be a real living body for us in this world someday with every night.

I think this planet earth creation is disgusting and made by evil invention making us lose our body part and not create us to have transfigure like my story. I'm only a storyteller because creation of this universe hasn't made us go to live in porn star world so it exist.

A baby does take many year to grow to an adult. It would mean no adult life for all that time. Well I've already been a baby I want to stay as an adult when I am reborn.

I only want to be a child again when I choose to want to live another childhood.

So far living on human earth does seem no such thing of body transfigure and creation has no way of creating it for the body does take many year to grow and we become whichever body we are born with. We find it difficult to cope with a damaged and sick body.

I know for a fact that the feeling of our body is this same nervous system in every creation.

But this creation earth I stupid to not make us have body transfigure to heal us. We would still continue to make medicine and food drink so we can live when we don't use transfigure.

It seem to me transfigure don't exist that creation can't make it for the body take many year to grow and no life can make us change body until our body had end.

I never ever believe I am bodily invincible even if I lived in a transfigure world like porn star or miracle biology.

This could be the only life I ever live. That every person that has died their human specie character with mine is never ever fertilized to exist.

This world may be made to be this way not ever to be like my story.

It does seem so when bad thing and pain and damage is happen and we are flipping left in this life to die to actually been alive when we weren't dead.

Life to feel pleasure because our pain is forever better and we die because we got a body change and we have sex and anything that is normal in a paradise world is a creation we wish to go to next after being in this stupid world.

I will be ok for a world nature to damage and destroy our body but I wish the world was made to raise our alive body that we should be before we have any living body so we can be resurrected our of any danger so life and death can feel like a paradise.

If any world in the universe is made like this porn star world then I will be happy when I go to live there after this life is done.

God bless and the devil did curse us all.


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