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How The Thorn legacy came about

Article By: Lee Hall
Science fiction

The origins of how my book came to be and what 2013 has meant for me....

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I officially 'closed' my booksie account way back on the 26th of June and since then, well it's been a roller coaster.

As this year was about to start (December 2012) I had an increasing desire to pick up where I left off with my last writing project aptly named 'Warrior Project'. That was its full name and was around 50 pages of raw unedited initial draft material. The origins of this book dated back over ten years when I first began writing a story about robots in the future.

The original premise was based upon the first television show in which I was fully captivated by. I am talking about Joss Whedon's buffy the vampire slayer. Now you're probably thinking, I see, twelve year old hormonal kid likes to watch little blonde woman kick some vampire ass. Wrong, I saw a lot more than that, a deep detailed world filled with characters that all had their part to play where anything was possible. So back to the origins of my fist writing venture, guy fulfils destiny to fight robots which he is seemingly good at. Now for Buffy you change three words, girl fulfils destiny to fight vampires which she is seemingly good at.

That concept and the way Whedon delivered his story inspired me to emulate his work and make something (not copy) that could stand shoulder to shoulder with his story. So there I was, twelve years old, windows 98 computer . I remember I began writing on a rainy Sunday early afternoon. My brother and Father were at a football match. To me I look back at that stage in my life as it was black and white.

Over the years I added more to the story and layered it with characters from a diverse range. I invented this world, a world of the future. Robots looked much like us and were the enemy. That was most of the robot population. I gave them a diabolical leader, added a past that the hero Jack Thorn would try to find out more about. He would come across a unique robot known as 'the warrior'. Jack would be part of a group that re launched a robot police force known as the 'world force'. His mentor and teacher Sargent Jeremey Jones, who was one of the founding four fathers of this world force. Complicated already right?

Jones discovers Jack's ability in robot combat after hearing about it and persuades him to join a new campaign to re-launch the world force. Along the way Jack finds out his rather reclusive father was once the centre point of the world force and also his mother and uncle John Thorn.

You can see already an abundance of back story develop and this was when I was 15 years old.

I will stop there with Jack Thorn because I had an emphatic realisation that whist writing Jack Thorn I developed a wonderful back story as to how he got to where he was and it involved his parents and family.

After many small attempts of writing a 'prequel' to Jack thorn when I was 20 I decided that I would make a fully fletched book dedicated to Clark Thorn (Jack's father) and start it at the very beginning. Unlike Jack Thorn in this book there are more than one Warrior left (major spoiler there but hey ho) So I simply titled it 'Warrior Project'

From there the story developed but then I stopped writing after suffering a severe writer's block.

In December 2012 I decided to plug in the usb stick that had 'warrior project' saved to it. Probably the most important thing I did last year in terms of writing. I read it and all errors and grammar aside the story was immensely strong. Everything came flooding back and so then I decided to go for it and write Clark Thorn and The Warrior Project.

At Christmas 2012 I purchased a laptop and in early January 2013 I began work. I discovered a website that you could display writing on called booksie and released chapters as I wrote them. The overall response was great, a Facebook page was launched and the punters began to like it.

I then completed Clark Thorn and the Warrior Project in April, and edited it to a 'manuscript' standard the month afterwards. I was ready I thought to send it off to the big world of publishing.

Looking back at that original booksie version I know now why so many people rejected it. It was impossible to read, for 2 reasons:

1.The translation process from what I see in my head to writing it on page was incomplete.

2. I was naïve

But that's fine because the story did attract the attention of an editor and a literary agent. And after this editor's strong, harsh but fair analysis I have re-edited Clark Thorn and The Warrior Project to a standard that is readable. Maybe not ready for publication but to a readable standard. This year has been a journey where will slowly evolve from story teller to writer. It's a long process but I am happiest when I write. I can't sleep half the time but my youth will pull me through and my rather great place to work.

As I waited for a response after sending my manuscript out I managed to draft the sequel to Clark Thorn and The Warrior Project, Clark Thorn and the World Force.

Right now I am reading through book 1 and then will think about the synopsis. Then its back to the editor and to the future……

…For all this time these characters and their stories have been with me and I am immensely proud of the work which I will continue to do in the future. They are a part of me and I hope the world one day sees what I do.

The support I have gained in all of this has been immense and I cannot thank you all enough........


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