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Will The Machines Take Over?

Article By: Salz1245
Science fiction

The article is pretty much self explainatory. It is pure fiction, there is no one that i know called Dr.Maay or a Maay industries. Any comments or advice would be appreciated, thanks :)

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Will The Machines Take Over?

Is Technology Getting Ahead Of Us?

There are not many homes now that don't have at least one type of technology in them. According to 'I, Robot' which was made in 2004, by the year 2035 we will have robots doing a lot of the things that we get injured doing. 'I, Robot' told us that in the future machines will control other machines and those machines will take over our lives. It also suggests that we as humans can't trust machines, or at least make them so smart that they can take over our lives. We have to be cautious about what we create, or the created might destroy the creator.

This morning when I went for my run with my iPod in, I felt a little zap in my ear and for a second I thought that the music had taken over me. Is this a result of technology getting ahead of us? Are the machines really taking over? Technology is catching up on us in 2 years time I believe that we humans won't have to do anything; we will have a very relaxing life. But these machines won't only be a god thing they will also be a bad thing. Not only will the machines cost a lot of money they will also cause job losses and in some cases injuries.

Dr. Maay from Maay industries in Canberra reports: "Technology is catching up; soon our lives will be a lot easier with the way technologies going. Already we are using technology instead of writing, talking or even playing games. For instance, to play solitaire before, you had to play it with a pack of cards. Now you can virtually play it anywhere, on your phone, iPod and on your computers. Survey says that teenagers are more likely to have a computer/laptop/phone then they have a book for reading beside their bed.

Technology takes over people's lives very quickly; one day you're doing fine without social networking sites then a friend introduces you to Facebook or MySpace, for a couple of days you think "this isn't too bad" then after a while, you realise you can't stop because it grows on you very slowly and before you know it WHAM your life seems to be controlled by this one website. Now of course this doesn't go for everybody, not everyone is addicted to social networking sites. But social networking sites aren't always bad, some good comes out of them for example: you get to talk to people that you don't usually get to, you meet new people, make new friends and escape into the virtual world where not much can go wrong. Bu t then also, people can impersonate other people, the thing with social networking sites can be good or bad; it all depends on how you view it.

Technology is taking over our lives in many ways already weather they will actually have their own minds and take over the world all depends on what you think. I personally think that technology will get ahead of us eventually but not exactly take over the world. What you have got to ask yourself is; 'Are We Taking Technology For Granted? Will It Ever Get Revenge?'.

By Sally Donnan,

Sydney, Australia


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