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Stun gun being used against you if it is taken from you. It also has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and a red LED indicating the stun gun is charged and armed.

stun gun

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The first stun gun design in 1952 proposed for commandos operation.These stun guns were designed and adopted by some institution to control prisoners or prevent riots.The first modern stun guns were patented,featuring a small battery,operation a current with high voltage and low amperage.The key to its non-lethal effect.Today's stun guns the more advance taser,originates from the cattle prod. Taser are designed to disable temporary attack but its not means to use permanent harm.The stun guns are affect the human muscle contraction and very harmful for us.Stun Guns are a nonlethal self defense weapon that are an effective device used to subdue a person.Its work on a principle where high voltage pulses are applied to a person's muscle causing them to be vigorously exercised. The result of a stun gun is instant fatigue, weakness and loss of balance. The stun gun victim will be weak, lethargic, and disoriented for several minutes allowing sufficient time for a person to escape.Stun Guns are ideal protection for a women or anyone concerned with being physically overpowered by an attacker. They should not be used to defend yourself against an attacker with a firearm or knife. To use a stun gun, hold the electrodes firmly against a muscular area of the attackers body such as a shoulder, thigh, or buttocks. You will not feel a shock even if you touch the person being stunned. To completely subdue the attacker, the stun gun must be continuously applied for a few seconds. More time is required if the person is large,or you are using a low voltage model.The world's most powerful stun gun.


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