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Operation: Misfits

Book By: Alicia Sorales
Science fiction

Thanks to a erratic drug, mutants were created. All of them are hated by the regular townsfolk and sent into exile in another part of town. Now gangs of mutants are rising to take over the town and the government has to gather their own mutant forces.

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Operation: Misfits

Chapter One

"Breaking news! The serial killing duo, Cole and Selene, have done it again! Cops are trying to figure out why they would aim after a suburbanized couple in the uptown area. Locals are asking the government to intervene in the mass destruction this couple are making." I heard the middle-age woman speak as I walk by the electronics store at eleven at night. I swear why would they care now after they thrown us out of society. Calling us freaks, losers, outcasts, and so much more. Remembering the worst names gives me the urge to kill.

You know what, I don't blame Cole and Selene for gutting out the intestines of that suburban couple. I bet they were happy and lovey dovey with one another without being judged because of the genetic mutation that happened to five percent of the population of this God forsaken town. I'm sorry if I seem too angst for your liking. Let's just say that the recent changes in our town just gets me riled up. You don't understand what I'm talking about? Well allow me to recite a nice story.

From the year of 1996 to 1997 a new medicine was released. This medicine, Xylonite, was supposed to help babies create a strong immune system for their tiny, helpless bodies. Most of these children got the good effects of XL, however, some unfortunate ones got the bad effects. You see the ones that got the downside of taking Xylonite became freaks of nature. We received powers. Our powers are sort of like the powers you see in comic books, sci-fi movies, and cartoons.

The officials were afraid of us. They wanted to put an end to our powers. Most of the citizens were tolerant and left it alone. However, the government wanted all of us to move to downtown New Branch with the lower-middle class. Uptown New Branch had nice, suburban houses. Downtown New Branch had somewhat good, pest-infested, urban apartments. Didn't seem fair, right? Well we didn't have a choice.

After telling my power-wielding being to my parents, I decided to leave and move to downtown. If you stayed in uptown and had powers, well you're going to have a bad time. I heard one husband stayed in uptown and the next day he mysteriously died in a house fire. Mysterious my ass. Some of the neighbors probably burned it down because you know they hate scum like us. Even his wife was killed and she was a regular human being.

My parents were against the whole me-moving-out thing. They soon agreed after I explained all of the cons of having a "freak" for a daughter. I moved in with Dante, my best friend. He moved to downtown six months ago. His parents rented a nice two-bedroom apartment for him. He allowed me to stay as long as I cook, clean, and buy groceries. So far, we've only lived with one another for two months.

I continue to walk, going deeper into downtown. I was heading towards Noah's Pub. Noah's Pub is at the end of Downtown. It's a nice hangout for all us freaks to eat and drink. I'm meeting up with Dante. Christmas is soon and I wanted to know what plans he had.

I pass by some kids and they stop and stare in awe at the white star stitched onto the left sleeve of my gray, Astor trench coat. I roll my eyes. The government decided to brand us, just like what the Nazis did to the Jews. The stars are colored from white, gray, and black and leveled on what type of powers we have. White stars are handed to those who have simple powers. Gray stars are given to those who have harmful powers. Black stars are for those who have threatening powers. I obviously have the white star. Don't get me wrong, I do have powers it's just that they haven't emerged yet. Little specks would shoot out of my hand. Unfortunately, they would dissolve before I can analyze them.

The cold, December snow coated my body as I continued with my journey to Noah's. Christmas decorations covered every block. I smiled at the bright, blinking lights of red and green.

I saw the familiar lights of Noah's Pub and hasten my steps. The freezing wind quickens the flight of the snow. I entered the pub and embraced the welcome feeling it gave off. Several men watched me walk towards a small table in the back of the pub. A young man was sitting in one of the corners. He had short black/brown messy hair that was a bit wet. His usual brown eyes were glowing a faint blue as the cup he was gripping was covered in ice. I sighed at his usual attire: a black ¾ hooded leather jacket with navy blue interior linings. Along with the coat, underneath he wore a gray shirt, black jeans, and black boots.

I took a seat across from him. He continued to glare at some of the guys that were staring at me. Dante glanced at me and smiled. I smiled back. "Hey dude, how are you?" Dante shrugged as he leaned back. "Good, however, this weather is crappy." He pretended to shiver. I laugh quietly. "So, any plans for Christmas? Are you going to visit your family?" I asked. Dante was quiet for several minutes.

"I don't know. I don't even want to go out or do anything on Christmas. All I want to do is just relax and stay inside the apartment." Said Dante. I frowned. Dante usually goes visits his folks and thank them. "Hey, if you want I'll stay with you." I proposed. Dante raised an eyebrow.

"Nah, it's okay. I know your family can't wait to see you. Christmas is one of the few times you can see them without getting killed in Uptown. Take advantage of it. Don't let me hold you back." Dante mournfully stared into his cup. My frown deepens. How can I let my friend be alone on Christmas Eve tomorrow?

(B r e a k)

Meanwhile, somewhere in downtown, two teenagers were hiding in an alleyway. One, a girl, was bended over trying to catch her breath. Her strawberry red hair covered her face. The other teen, a boy, was leaning against one of the buildings.

"You know what Cole. I hate the fact that you want us to fucking kill civilians. Fucking civilians! They have nothing to do with what happened to us. It's the officials we're after. Not some suburban couple. Now the police are after us." Yelled the girl. She straightened herself out and looked over at Cole. The girl had bright, red, hip-length hair. Her rich brown eyes glared angrily at her partner. Despite the cold weather, she wore a white, one sleeve kimono top with a red belt around her waist. The girl wore black shorts and red boots.

"Shut up, Selene. I only did it because of what the officials told me." Muttered Cole. Selene noticed a depressing aura that was leaking out of him. She sat in front of him, trying to see his face. Cole had curly black/brown hair, deep brown eyes and pale skin. He wore a white tee, blue jeans, and black boots. Over that, he wore a black ¾ hooded leather jacket with red interior linings. Selene keeps getting Cole mixed up wit his younger brother, Dante.

Cole brushed his hair back and stared at his partner-in-crime. "The officials have had it up to here with our crimes. So they finally decided to take action. They revoke both Dante's and mine permissions to see our parents during holidays," he admitted. Selene's eyes widen in disbelief. "What! Those motherfucking, prissy ass officials!" She yelled in anger. Cole chuckled at her reaction and soon got up. Selene followed as they both walk out of the alley and onto the streets of downtown.

The two walk towards the southeast end, in silence they admire the beautiful snow falling. "Does Dante know about this?" Selene asked. Cole looked up towards the sky. "Yea, he does. He found out the hard way, though. He tried visiting them today and got attacked. Luckily he was able to get away and save himself." Selene nodded.

"Those stupid twats can just suck my dick for all I care. They should only punish me and not my brother." Cole kicked at a pile of snow. It melted and soaked his boots. Selene looked confuse. "Well isn't he a black star threat too? I mean if they can take out one brother, why not the other also?"

"Well you're smart for a reason, Sel. Yea, well my only problem is facing Dante's freezing anger soon. He's probably pissed. I hope Alice can stop him before he makes me an icicle." The two walked in a peaceful silence after that.

The children from earlier saw them and they stood out of their way in terror. I mean wouldn't you if you saw the infamous double black star holder, Cole González, and his black star partner, Selene Soriano.

(B r e a k)

In the rundown, southwest end of Downtown, two other teenagers were sitting in their apartment. One was a boy. He had dark mocha skin, brown eyes, and black short-cropped hair. His attire was a little bit unusual. He wore black cargo pants, blue sandals, and an orange, sleeveless shirt with a black scarf around his neck. He watched an anime on his TV while his friend had mixed reactions.

The girl had long, belly-button length dark brown hair. She had a nice, light caramel skin complexion and light brown eyes. The girl watched in boredom as her companion watch in glee. She wore a tight, dark green halter top with a short, black, ruffle skirt and dark green stilettos.

He was into this whole anime loving shebang. He was cheering on the main protagonist of the show, who was fighting some creepy snake guy. The boy kept muttering encouragement, while his friend just shook her head.

"Why do you watch those silly cartoons," mutter Natsumi as she check her cellphone. Sage shrugged he continue watching his addiction. Natsumi sigh; she look outside the window. It was snowing and realized that tomorrow was Christmas Eve and she might be able to see her baby brother and family. She was the only one out of her three sisters to get the genetic mutation. It saddened her when she had to leave her large family and move in with some classmate from her block.

Natsumi glanced at Sage. She smiled as she remembered how he helped her out and gave her a place to stay. Natsumi thought it was weird living with someone you're not familiar with. However, they became great friends.

Natsumi saw their sweaters and jackets on the coat hooks near the door. Her green, army coat had a gray star stitch on the left flap. Sage's black sweater had a white star burned on his left sleeve.

Well at least none of us have black stars. Our powers aren't that threatening. Natsumi thought. She leaned back and secretly watched Naruto. It was good, but she doesn't want Sage to relish in that fact.

Episodes passed by until it was late at night. Natsumi felt tired but she wanted to see what happens after Tsunade became Hokage. Great, she thought, they got me. Natsumi listened to Sage explain something about the manga when they heard something slide. The duo looked over and saw a white, pristine envelope. Sage got up and grabbed it. Natsumi walked over and saw their names. "It's for both of us?" Natsumi said in disbelief.

Sage ripped the side off and took out an invitation. "Huh." He said as he unfolded the elegant, yellow parchment. "To Mr. Sage Luciano and Ms. Natsumi Suarez. You are cordially invited to the Annual Christmas Feast held in the beautiful mansion of Mayor Anthony Coreg. You and selected others would receive a traditional Christmas banquet. It'll be on Christmas Eve, at seven p.m. please dress formally. P.S. Wear your designated stars. Have a wonderful evening." Jinora read. The two roommates looked at each other in amusement and disbelief.

"Well, we have something to look forward to tomorrow," smiled Sage as he went back to his show. Natsumi stayed by the door and held the invitation in confusion. Well, she'll see what will happen on Christmas Eve.

(S t o p)


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