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Hackers (xOxOxOFcukM3xOxOx13 Challenge entry)

By: Atton Brown

Page 1, for xOxOxOFcukM3xOxOx13 ..not sure if its any good though, tell me what ya think

The wires in my veins were not a welcome feeling, but the lingering sensation was more pleasant than the actual injection. Anyway, the wires sat in my veins running through my body; I was a piece of hardware. I ran my hands through my silky hair, but they shook, i wasn't in full control.
Don’t forget… who you are…
Who the hell am I? What the hell am I? I scratched my wrists, still uncomfortable and something caught my attention.
Dead dead dead!
The chants returned, the stupid half-memories, and fragments bug me.
“They’re all going to be dead,” it was the girl again, “dead dead dead.”
“Who?” I asked frantically before the memory slipped away.
She turned to me, eyes wide and told me, “The cyborgs, the cyborgs!”
“Who are you?” I desperately wanted to know.
I wanted to ask more but fell over in pain, my stomach was bleeding like I was a gutted pig. I fell to my knees and Elora just looked down at me.
“Wish me luck,” she said again.
I saw her footsteps retreating, running in to some kind of pyre.
Why the hell does she need luck when I feel like I’m dying? Dylan, Ava, Chase, Derek, and now Elora…were they my friends?...they are my friends! I remember…damn…its fading…have to hold on…
“Hey!” the woman who called herself my mother harshly intoned. “Stop lollygagging and pay attention!”
She had said something, but what?
“Do you understand what you’re supposed to do?” she asked me
“No I’m sorry I wasn’t…”
“Paying attention? You incompetent twit!” her open palm met the back of my head.
“Listen again, this is a test” she began, this time making sure I was paying attention
“What do you want me to do?”
She explained to me that it would be a simple mission, she told me only certain one’s had to die.
“I won’t kill anyone” I vowed, “it’s not right.”
“That’s never stopped you before”
“Ok,” I gave in, still looking for away to avoid this task, “who do I have to kill?”

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