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Age of the Wasteland

Book By: Austin B
Science fiction

Tags: Fiction, Horror

The year is 2031 and civilization as they know it is soon destroyed by a notorius bomb maker named Charles Oxford. 5 years later and the inhabitants of this world are blood thirsty bandits who would slit your throat if you look at them wrong and bounty hunters who kill with no remorse. One Bounty hunter though is different. His name is Aidan Steele. He does to work as a bounty hunter for the thrill or the loot. He works as a bounty hunter because he has a bone to pick with the person who killed his family..... Valwin "The Phoenix" Martin.

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Age of the Wasteland

Chapter 1: Tick Tick Boom

On the morning of October 7th 2031 a young man in his mid twenties walked down the street of New York. From most people's perspective he was just an ordinary man carrying a suitcase, wearing sunglasses and walking at a leisurely pace. He was not by any means your ordinary citizen, his name was Charles Oxford….a notorious explosives expert who the FBI had been hunting for weeks. In his suitcase was a bomb that had took him 4 years to build because it was set to trigger numerous other bombs upon its detonation. His destination for this nuke was the place with the most people in New York City….Times Square.

As he neared the plaza a passing FBI agent lunged at him when he recognized Oxford. He didn't see the pistol Charles was carrying though and paid the price with his life. All around people screamed and ran from their assailant. Some got away but others were not as lucky. Finally Oxford reached the center of the plaza and gently put down his suitcase and removed his glasses like he was just admiring the world around him. From his pocket he withdrew a small microphone and raised it to his mouth." Here today you will be the first to witness the destruction of this broken society, it is quite a shame though that none of you will be able to pass the message on to others" he said with perfect clarity. This statement confused and terrified those who had not run off. Charles then picked his suitcase off the grime encrusted sidewalk and opened it for all to see. Inside was a rectangular device that had a small screen on it delaying the time until the explosion would happen……..10 seconds.

The impact of the bomb toppled buildings, vaporized citizens, and destroyed parts of the Lincoln tunnel killing many. Soon after this explosion, bombs went off in countries across the world killing millions. Thus began the age of the Wasteland.

Chapter 2: The Bounty Hunter

His name is Aidan Steele; he's the one you go to if you need someone "taken care of". He currently resides in the ruins of Los Angeles where a semi-safe haven has been established called "New Angeles". The outpost is run by a group who call themselves the Liberators. They tell people that they are the reason that they are still alive and that they should worship them as if they were gods. Well Aidan's contractors don't like that one bit at all so his job is to infiltrate their outpost (already done) then assassinate their leader Ryder Morgan. Underneath his duster coat Aidan has two silenced m9 pistols (a gift from his employers). He waits until nightfall to sneak into Ryder's camp.

Aidan was born on October 7th 2005 in a small town called Goldfield in Nevada. His father was a police officer and his mother was a nurse so he learned the essentials of surviving. All day he would practice with a rifle so that one day he could go into the army like his uncle and fight terrorists. On the day of the explosion he was celebrating his 26th birthday at his house with some friends and family. Overall he was having a great time. The food was good and the beer. What more could a guy want? That's when his friend John turned on the news. The news reporter was in Chicago Illinois and was frantically trying to warn people of multiple bombs being set off heading to the west coast. The last words from the reporter's mouth were "God save us". Everyone's' lives in Chicago then came to an abrupt end. Aidan's father then yelled for everyone to get in the shelter. There were so many people though and they all rushed for this small door. Many were crushed and killed in the stampede. Soon after getting into the shelter a huge explosion shook the earth and pieces of the shelter fell onto people. One block struck old bill Thompson from across the street and he was later pronounced dead. Aidan new that these bomb were most likely radioactive so he grabbed gas masks and suits for his family while the others huddled and prayed.


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