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the soul collector

Book By: callum herbert
Science fiction

sci fi epic

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"Many years ago a pair of brave warriors: an assassin and a king travelled the world having to do horrendous things just to save the world but in the end they protected it and that is the origin of the statue of our saviour kallatax" the children sat huddled around the old man as he told the story of the planets origin and rebirth. Outside the house there was a large busy town full of people and right in the centre was the statue of kallatax and the Redgun museum and sitting in the arms of the statue of kallatax sat the legendary soul shield protector of the universe. Meanwhile jay and vantrix sat in silence remembering the origin story and how they saved the universe and made their world habitable once more all was safe and well but all that was about to end.

Somewhere sitting in an alley sat a man holding a sword and a list of names at the top was the oppressor with a cross next to it the man remembered the glorious day he killed the oppressor and ran from the flames. Suddenly a siren blared and the man ran again dropping the list it said "target jay Redgun and vantrix Redgun" The man arrived at the statue of kallatax and fired his gun at the shield and it shattered the man picked the eyes from the rubble and teleported away.

As soon as the shield was destroyed the world was plunged into chaos jay and vantrix stepped outside and teleported after the man, the hunt was on. When the pair arrived jay said "what the heck happened I can't have been that crazy hooded guy from before because we killed him" "YES WE DID BUT REMEMBER WHEN I DESTROYED THE OPPRESSORS WAREHOUSE SOMEONE KILLED HIM BEFORE ME AND HE GOT OUT!" vantrix said without warning the man appeared before them and said " I am the shadow killer part of a team called the shadow archaeologist we see all that goes on, some planets call us gods others call us prophets but we are rulers over reality and you will obey me!" vantrix fired his gun arm at him but I just bounced off him "I am immortal I can't die or be harmed I am all powerful" the figure said he waved his hand and a sword appeared he slashed vantrix on the arm before teleporting away. "WELL THAT WAS ODD WELL AT LEAST WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DEALINGWITH" vantrix said. They left in silence.

Meanwhile back on jays home world a shadow rushed along the snow he said "I am the new king of this land I am supreme and now I shall take the one thing jay Redgun had concealed from everyone the key to his vault, where he keeps the only thing able to destroy the shadow killer and free the universe".

Jay warped to the cave where he picked up the signal of the shadow killer, it appeared to be a man sitting there his body torn and almost utterly destroyed and on his neck sat a small collar locked on to him emitting the signal of the shadow killer jay tried to remove the collar but it sent a huge shock into his hand. The man later said his name was jay also and he was the king of the wastelands before jay. Jay took him in to help kill the shadow killer.

On the other side of the planet vantrix found the shadow killer jay warped in next to him with the other jay and all three of them charged but during the fight jay got stabbed as the shadow killer vanished because other jay finally managed to find his weakness and kill him, jay sat there and older jay attached a life support the slow rhythmic beating showed his heart rate dying then all was quiet again jay was dead and as this happened the other jay faded until nothing was left of him. Vantrix cried and cried for many days and many nights until one day the dark god shadow appeared in a vision to vantrix he said "the only reason that vantrix died was because of the secret that only the king of the wasteland possess the ability to time travel and that other jay was an older version of your brother but when jay died the older him never lived! Go kill the new king and gain the key to time travel and save your brother" then the spirit faded away and vantrix sat in silence.

He travelled back to the wastelands and killed the new king he went to the past when jay was about to die he grabbed him and warped back to the future again not realising the mistake he had made. "Where am and what just happened, brother what are you doing here" jay said as vantrix explained he did not realise that now he was no longer king jay could time jump and he knew he could. Jay did as vantrix knew he would and saved kallatax and because he lived the pair never united and never won the eyes and the whole of reality ceased to exist all because of one simple act of kindness.


"This war is not over yet still the prophecy stands still the universe shall be saved and still shall the one most loyal to the cause shall fall this one simple mistake can be fixed" the shadow killer begged with the council of the soul collectors "no you are a disgrace as was the assassin before you but this mistake saved one thing our most loyal operative someone close to jay and vantrix someone who is no longer with us!". He fired at the shadow killer and he became dust in seconds and the head of the council smiled and called for a new representative agent.

One day in the shadows of a far off city on darkzone one a young boy sat crying he had just been told of the death of his parents. He remembered the story his father once told him he said that somewhere out there, there was another universe another darkzone one he hoped his father was right.

As he sat there a strange robot appeared and said "I have been sent by his majesty to collect you he says you have vanished from the system your parents are deceased and therefore you have no guide no one to tell you how to live." Then they were in the master's throne room he said "ah I have been awaiting your arrival…" "What" the boy said "SILENCE! Now where was I ah yes you now have no one to control you no leader so I shall take you in as my own to teach you my ways" the master said "what do you mean your ways" "I mean so not to cause a paradox or another version of the Redgun effect I tell all my citizens how to live for their own safety" "what is the Redgun effect" "it was in another universe parallel to this one when two brothers made a huge mistake and changed history causing such a paradox that their entire universe ceased to exist killing millions"

That night the boy who was called Dan wrote the shocking events of the day in his small diary the book said diary of Dan Elliot the second inside were many drawings of his father whose name was also Dan and his mother called Alice? Then the master appeared in his room and said "Dan we must leave the castle is under attack we must flee to the shrine of kallatax and open the artefact" they teleported away.

At the shrine the pair found the artefact it was an old stone shield with some glowing eyes inside the master said "this is the core of the Redgun effect it caused the other universe to be obliterated to prevent a paradox destroying the whole of reality this is what we need to undo the Redgun effect and destroy this universe in its place" "why?" Dan said "because now more than ever we need the Redgun factor" the master explained before hitting the shield and it shattered then all went white.

Jay and vantrix stood there the shield in their hands kallatax was lying on the floor and then a huge flash of light happened and Dan and the master were sanding before them they all said in unison "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU PEOPLE" the master said "I am the master and this is my adopted son Dan you must be kallatax jay and vantrix Redgun and it is an honour to meet you" jay looked up and saw a huge space craft shaped like a temple suddenly a huge booming voice said "we are the legion of the shadow architects and we are all powerful" "well we better get a move on then guys, oh and one more thing HAIL THE DIMENSION CONTROLLERS AND TO WAR!"


And with that the dimension controllers went to war on the shadow architects and then the prophecy was fulfilled

Five warriors go to face their fears

And in the end they lose someone dear

But in then end their greatest friend

Will be one from the flames themselves

As the group entered the ship they were instantly surrounded by guards who all had large spears sparking with energy they were trapped. The master suddenly pulled out a large gun, Dan grabbed his laser, and vantrix levelled his gun/hand, jay grabbed the sub machine gun from his back and kallatax took the shield, they fought their way deeper in the ship then they saw them.

Standing dead in front of them was the oppressor, the shadow killer and a pair of shadow architects they said "we will take you to the lord head architect so he can judge you and create the ideal reality" the next thing they knew they were in a room full of chairs the lord head architect sat there flanked by the oppressor and the shadow killer now wearing long robes and holding a staff. The lord architect spoke "HOW DARE YOU ALTER MY PERFECT REALITY" "hold on if you had your way all of us would be dead" said vantrix "YOU ARE AN IDIOT YOU WERE ONCE ONE OF US A MERCENARY FOR ME! NOW GO I DEMAND THAT YOU SHALL GO TO DARKZONE ONE IN THE PAST AND THEN OPEN THE BLACK HOLE NOW LEAVE!" then they teleported.

When they arrived at darkzone they saw a man in a lab coat he said "what are you doing here" "we are here on a mission but please just give us the history of the darkzone" kallatax said "ok then many years ago there was nothing here so we came here built this place a test facility known as darkzone we take things that would be a threat to the Redgun effect and lock it up here on this artificial test facility we named the darkzone" "what's the black hole" "oh that is a very sad tale one day a boy from earth sacrificed his own life and became the black hole if he leaves reality will die" then suddenly ten winged men flew into the black hole and then blew it up "shadow pilots!" then all of them ran but for some reason reality stayed the same then Dan uttered something that sounded like "father" then they were all back in the room with the chairs.

The lord architect boomed "YOU HAVE DONE WELL NOW I SHALL DESTROY YOU, SEND THEM TO THE REALITY PITS!" when they all awoke it was very dark they were in a room and suddenly things appeared then as they got into focus the group saw they were characters from books the bad guys. They saw captain hook and a dalek there was darth Vader and many more horrors they looked down and saw they had no weapons and the bad guys were closing in they were doomed.


Today is the day we reveal who we are we are the soul collectors we preserve the true sanctuary in the darkzone the place where we all begin and the place where we all will end and still a hero will fall.

Just as the group were about to be murdered there was a huge boom and there standing before them were 3 figures dressed in white robes they said "WE ARE THE SOUL COLLECTORS PRESERVERS OF THE DARKZONE" they turned and blew the bad things to pieces.

Then the team headed to the sanctuary of the architects they faced the architects and said "we will destroy you and your ship unless you release the worlds" "no" the team pressed a button on their chests and then all the people below saw was fire and death ashes rained down and the overwhelming smell of burnt flesh filled the air the team were dead.

Then on darkzone they were reborn as soul collectors white robed shadows living on the darkzone.


In a bar on the darkzone soul vantrix sat there he had just told the story of his family and how he was a soul collector


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