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Mary had a disturbing period of childhood and has tapped into a secret power but what will happen to her now she's a 'freak' of nature?

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It was raining. The lour roar of thunder could be heard echoing off of the local mountains. With every bolt of electric blue lightning, the kitchen was brilliantly lit for a slip second. With every flash Mary's face appeared more scared, she sought shelter under the table.
Observing the room, she noticed that it was remarkably clean. It was usually littered with used plates, dirty cutlery and bin liners. The cleaners were in every day other than Sunday...today was Sunday. Mary also noticed a small red pool on the floor next to her sleeping parents.
Mary is a smart four year old and knows they won't wake up but it's a nice idea. She was usually smiling and happy; her bright blue eyes were legendary in her house for getting people to submit to her demands. Her brightly coloured clothes were illuminated with the most brilliant blue tint every few seconds. Her face was too young to show anything but happiness and sadness, but right now she seemed angry? She had never felt angry before, it felt weird she thought.
Her uncle Max was still in the house with a knife, she is smart enough to know that's bad. He had disappeared upstairs to get rid of the knife and make sure Mary wasn't there. Mary had been hidden under there since she heard him come in; she never liked Max...now she hated him...
The top stair creaked, someone was coming down...was it Max? Or just her mind playing tricks on her. She heard someone coming down, without looking she concluded it was her uncle. The front door swung open and his silhouette slowly shrunk into the distance.
The cold breeze mad Mary sleepy...her eyelids became heavy, slowly but surely she got up from under the table and went to close the door. Once the door was closed she looked for her mum's phone book, she'd called her grandma before so she knew how to do it...
She lifted the receiver and started jabbing at buttons on the cordless phone. Tears ran down her cheeks and gently rolled off of her face. The ringing started and shortly after the familiar voice of her kind and caring grandma answered;
"Hello?" she said enthusiastically to Mary
"Grandma...its mummy..." Mary said more tears rolling down her face "she won't wake up..."
"Right" her grandma said concerned "stay where you are, I'm coming right over, don't answer the door to anyone!"
"OK" Mary hung up, she suddenly realised how sleepy she was and lost her balance. The floor was cold and hard, She'd hit her head but felt ok...the world went black.
"Mary?" came a man's voice "Mary sweetheart can you hear me?"
Mary opened her eyes to see a man in a bright florescent jacket on. There was a weird mask over her face and she appeared to be breathing in what was coming out of it. She panicked, where was her mum? Who was this man? She struggled trying to get the man away from her.
"Mary" came her Grandma's voice "stop struggling, please, we need to go on a trip and this man will look after you"
Mary could now see her grandma approaching her. She was lifted by the strange man and taken to a big car with flashing lights and a bed in the back...but what of her parents?
"So to conclude, a secure attachment is important in future life because it seems to determine on whether or not your relationships will be successful "Mary stopped her presentation there, the rest of the class applauded and she sat back down. Her body had filled out in the past 14 years.
She was now quite tall, blonde haired, green eyed (they seem to have changed over the past few summers), and considered a 'geek' because of her brilliant memory and cleverness.
The bell went and she packed and left for her dinner. The social area for 6th form was rubbish, the paint was falling off of the walls, posters were scattered around the floor and the bins were never stood up. She called this a social area because this was the only place 'geeks' like her could go without being threatened by some idiots who's greatest achievement was lasting three minutes and ten seconds before the police caught them.
She usually sat with Liz, her best friend who she'd know since she was eleven. Liz was a red head with a massive brain, but both of them knew an awful lot about fashion as well. They were one of the select few smart people who could fit in if they chose to.
Half way through dinner Mary gave up on waiting for Liz, She had text her and gotten no reply. She sat and listened to Slipknot on her I-pod. A cold breeze arrived with the most hated 6th former ever.
Kevin Michaels had previously done time in a juvenile detention centre for attempted armed robbery. He was mean but smart, which is how he passed his GCSE's and got accepted back into 6th form.
"Hey!" He shouted at Mary "big ass! Move over so I can have a fucking seat!"
"Excuse me?" Mary said, turning off her I-pod and replacing it in her bag "I believe I don't have to do anything you say, especially as we are under the freedom of expression act of 1998, so you can say that and I can refuse!"
"Yes but I can force you to move!" he lunged at her. Mary panicked and held out her hands to defend herself. A thud was heard on the opposite wall...she opened her eyes and Kevin was on the floor unconscious on the other side of the room...but how did he get there?
"Oh my god!" A girl shouted loudly "You freak!"
Everyone was looking at Mary shocked. Her hands were outstretched facing the unconscious bindle of impoliteness. Everyone ran out or over to the head of 6th form's office. Mary was shocked, had she done that? She saw the teachers arriving looking for the source of the commotion. At this point Mary ran out of the nearest fire exit and headed for the school gates, crying as she ran no-one seemed to come to get her. She kept running until she felt it was safe to stop, behind a group of houses she considered her options... she could run away before it becomes a government matter, or she could face it and be tested and probed for the rest of her life, or simply stay and test her 'powers'...
Either way she was in serious trouble! Where can she go...?


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