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Mr. Dragons project chapter 5

Book By: Demyx306
Science fiction

chap 5

Submitted:Sep 14, 2011    Reads: 4    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Doug laughed histerically as he contemplated the possible torture that could be inflicted on the human soldier.

"Sorry Alpha, but it seems that---"

A large blast interrupted him as the Fists hull shook dramatically.

"Black Leader?!!! What's happening?!!"

The young Stalker grimaced over a screen, displaying incoming projectiles. "Sir! It's an incoming human flagship!"

"Which one?!!"

"The Mother Theresa!"

"Damn! Turn this ship around! We are not going to allow them entry into Iverns atmosphere!"


Theta stared at Epsilons body, motionless (aside from the casual breathing here and there).

A burst of anger filled in her as she burst out of the door. Turning towards Upsilon, she gave him a major blow to the face.

"I should have been the one to die! Not Alpha! Not Epsilon! That was the oath i swore! To protect you all like family!"

Upsilon got back up, more patient than she had ever seen him. "Your life is so much more..."

Renman cut into the conversation. "Lucky for you, Alpha ain't dead. We've got a ping on his signal. He's been captured by the Fist."

Theta felt even more upset by this revelation. How could she let him get captured?

A smile crept on to Renmans face. "But guess who just showed up to give your freind a hand? The Mother Theresa! "

The soldiers errupted with a huge Oorah!

Jadnet came out of the medical bay, with a much less enthusiastic look on his face.

"It won't mean a thing. Look up. Our little trap didnt do a thing to the Scion"

They all looked up as the massive combat transport continued its descent.

"How..." Theta struggled for words.

Jadnet shook his head. "Diverted full power to sheilds. Weapons are offline, but it won't be long before it recharges and starts its bombing run. Damn things already dropping more troops."

Renman cocked a shotgun, with a crazy smile on his face. "Then, I suppose we ought to stop waitin' around?"


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