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Ghosts: Resistance

Book By: Ethan Knight
Science fiction

Humanity will always need heroes. Our nature doesn’t permit anything else but failure; but in a universe full of the slaughter of war, only a Marine and his co-horde of warriors can save the United Confederation of Earth from G.O.R.E, or itself. Marines are not permitted to fail, die, or quit. Humanity has struggled through the ashes of destruction to the year 4156, but can this unlikely band of outlaws and Marines keep the fate of the human race from utter destruction?
Ghosts: Resistance.

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Prologue: In the beginning…

Time-2 A.M.

Date-October 8th 3154 A.D.

Location-Galaxy I-Planet Cyclone

Grunts, yawls, and distorted screams emanated from the dark hallways of the Wissenschaftler lab on Planet Cyclone in the second galaxy. Victor Vlaze stood in front of one of the many large black cages. His stature was tall, his long white hair running down his back with one red braid in the middle, the aliens eyes a doll molten lava looking as if they were always slowly moving. His black skin with its glowing red runic tattoos appeared to make his entire form glow faintly. His left hand gripped a digital device, his other hand typing on it. His sharpened nails making a tapping noise as he worked. The cage in front of him was huge, almost six feet tall and about that wide. Inside was a creature; a large scorpion with skin looking like black rock and as hard as rock, but not. Two tails coiled over its body, its six legs running down into three toed feet. Its head had two large pincers on the sides of its mouth. Barbs surrounded its entire face and scales on its eyes clicked softly when it blinked moving back onto each other, and then fanning out again. Victor turned away walking into another room with computers, machines, and vials in triangular shapes set on frames with plasma burners underneath. Tubes ran from some of them, while some just steamed over the top, digital devices lay all over the black wood table along with empty meal packets and several strange looking weapons. Victor slowly moved up to the huge machine in the middle of the room pushing the device into a slot on the control panel. The front of the machine had a door that slid down. The see-through area on the door was hazy with red lights all over it. It rounded at both bottom and top looking like a pill, cables attached at every end. The machine began to wine as Victor touched controls on the 3D digital interface that sprang around his hands upon his touch; then the machine began to smoke and shake slightly. Victor moved around to the door and waited. It took an hour to complete the process. Then the door split in the middle and slid to the side. Smoke pooled out around Victor showing what was inside. Victor smiled and spoke in a low wispy, smoke like tone. "My creation, come forth…" The floor shook softly as the giant beast slowly walked out of the machine. Its eyes were a glittery black. It's face as large as a watermelon. Long black hair billowed down its back and two large fangs grew from its mouth with smaller razor sharp teeth set into rows. Its tongue was forged like Victors. Massive hands clenched into fists and large muscled, stocky legs pushed its height along with its muscled chest to seven feet tall. Its finger nails were shaped into black claws and its skin looked exactly like that of the scorpion type creature Victor had been studying earlier. Like a hard rock, but not rock. The consistency was more like leather. It blinked and grunted its eyelids, scaled also like the scorpion, moving down and sliding out to cover the eye and then pulling back up again to cover each other as the eye opened. The creature was completely naked, skin slimy with mist still rolling off of it. Victor handed the Orc a loin cloth.

"Put it on" hissed the scientist pointing at the Orcs genitals. The Orc looked at himself and slowly put the peace on. "Now stand back there" Victor ordered pointing a few feet away from the tube. The Orc grunted and slowly walked to the indicated position, watching Victor. Victor turned to the chamber and pressed a few controls, then pressed the activate button and stood back. It took around the same amount of time to complete the second cycle in which time Victor gave the Orc a small dead cooked rat. The Orc grabbed and began to munch vigorously, grunting to Victor in thanks, wiping his mouth with his bare hand. When the machine opened once again the doors parted and slid to the side letting mist fall out, showing this new creature. It looked like the male, except for its chest and genitals. This one was a woman. Victor repeated his previous words and the creature stepped out. The scientist handed the Orc a loin cloth and a leather rag for her chest.

"Put them on" Victor repeated. The Orc did as she was told, Victor then moving them to a room with a fire, and sleeping mats.

Over the next two months he trained them to hunt in the outside world, cook their food, speak, make cloths, and fight. Within six months they had reproduced twelve times. In the process of making them he had made their reproducing process shorter. It now took only two weeks for the female to give birth. These children quickly learned and reproduced themselves, their maturing rate lasting only six months at which time they were fully grown.

In 3156 it began. Jayhoon, Victor's first creation took in his small group of warriors, letting his eyes roll over them, proudly. They were his family. His Dantog. His mate and he had created the means for their people. They had been made as a weapon and a weapon is what they now were! He had trained these warriors since they had become two days old. And now they stood before him, dressed in black armor with spikes on the shoulders, boots, and bracers. The gloves had small studs for punching and their helmets were fully digital, decals of skulls on the black faceplate. Death claws were slung over their backs. Long blades cut into different designs. The black and red material that made up the blades was called Alnitiem. The blades crackled as if a static charge had been introduced, almost looking like lightning was shooting up and down the blades. Their rifles used projectile rounds with incendiary armor piercing tips, not as powerful as their creator's weapons, but they didn't need to be. The rifles were perfectly made to be proportionate to their height and muscle. The short stubby barrels with enclosed stock and revolving cylinder along with the digital optics were known as DG-4's. Some of the soldiers also carried DG-5's that fit around their arm with a flamethrower and multi-barrels, it was kept for the elite of the Orcish warriors, a force known as Search & Destroy Orcs. The battle armor, weapons, and vehicles were also made of Alnitiem which had been provided by their creators. Jayhoon had trained these twenty and one score in the same fashion Victor had trained his mate and he. Aggressively attacking, with quick violent movements to kill one's enemy. And above all, no mercy.

"Natag!" he yelled to his warriors in a deep throated roar. They began to howl along with him and then let out in a battle charge towards the Creators compound. A million other warriors behind them making the ground shake as they ran. The compound of the creators had had no chance. They were heavily armed but not ready for that kind of attack. Nor did they expect such an attack from their own creations.


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