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The Wrath of Those who are Blind

Book By: ItCanBreathe
Science fiction

There are four sides to this story,
The womb of the void,
The funny demons,
The bewitched angels,
and the amusing humans.
There is no balance to save.

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The Wrath of Those who are Blind


Did you know that throughout time, history, fate, (really any force that seems too powerful) there is always a benefactor? Someone always seems tobe right there behind the scenes, waiting to reap the benefits. Think really hard. When has this not happened.

Your answer should be never.

Goodwill is an illusion. Evil is a trick. Why don't I tell you a story? It's a good one I promise. This is the story of me, my product, and my product's child. This is the story of the noisy war, the amusing humans, the funny demons, and the bewitched angels.

I should probobly introduce myself.

I am nothing.

I watch and observe from the void of my body. I molded a product from myself, I gave it things, like dominion over a third of time and power. It always was an artist. It dabbled first, creating floating hunks of rock in a black domain. Then it vomited glowing orbs from its mouth everywhere. (Remember I was just watching, the idiot still doesn't know who made him) Then the most curious thing happened. The rocks grew green and life spread. Of course he took credit for this, the little limey, then came the humans. Short-lived creatures with random ways of thinking. I, of course, had a part in this. When the limey wasn't looking I made them from the water as a joke. Heres the best part, he was envious of them! I laughed so hard. He even took their form.

I should've guessed it but the fucking limey took credit for this too. By now the creatures he made, tall things with wings, started to get jealous. But they had no free will, one rebeled. Now this, was peculiar. But the bastard, sitting there all high and mighty, cast them into me. Now this was bad.

I quickly made a desheviled dimension of shifting rocks and tougnes of flame. (I thought it matched their spirit.) The main one, Lucy- something, created kingdoms, similar to the dickwads place. But then he started doing bad shit, like REALLY bad shit. They're cut from the same cloth they are.

They started battleing. It was fun at first but then the arrogant one sought to use humanity as slaves, "inspiration" and "enlightendment" bullshit like that. So i granted them a stronger version of free-will. Almost imediately they were smarter. They thought grand ideas that niether of the two power-hungry off-sets could get their hands on. Thier minds were completly off-limits to their kind and I was LOVING it. It was fun seeing an arrogant bieng become so frustrated. Then it started saying, "They are lost lambs" and "I am their shepard".

BULL. He created "hope", stupid little thing. But hope backfired almost all the time. It was awesome. Soooo he buckled. He tried to make a human look-a-like. This is how he got a one-up in this war. This ticked me off. I decided to watch for a couple millenia, only interfereing when I saw fit.

So guess I'll start this story with when I first decided to join in this war.

This noisy, pathetic, entertaining war.


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