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Reptiles, Robots, and People

Book By: Mmanns
Science fiction

Boy with non momory wakes up in the future with a man and girl in the next room watching him and takeing care of him, he is in a laboratory and the science team's name is GENEM

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Chapter 1: Reptiles "Is he awake?" asked the girl. "No," replied the man. "what will we do with him" "I don't know, we just found him in the sewers" said the man, the two were behind glass. They were looking at him with interest and the girl stared at the buttons on the table in front of the man. The man pushed a blue button and the lights went out. A bunch of grumbles could be heard. Suddenly he woke up, no memory at all. The room looked alot like a broom closet, except there was a one way mirror on one side other room. He got up out of the bed, he looked around. He saw a vent open as if it was ment for him. He knocked on the one way mirror. After no reply he decided to climb the vents. It was dark in the vents. After crawling quite a way he fell through, he landed in a room with trees and an artificial waterfall. He sat on a nearby stump, a lizard was crawling on his pant leg. He panicked at first until he realized what it was. He just smiled and picked it up and set it down. Then he felt a pain in the back of his legs. An even LARGER lizard had bitten him. He realized this had to be some sort of reptile room. At the end of the room there was a door. Of course it was locked. So he just waited in his brook closet after climbing through the vents again. He fell asleep. "hello?" the man said. The boy awoke suddenly. He looked at the man with fear. But his fear faded when he got a look at the man. Suddenly the boy started choking. A blue lizard was spat out of his mouth and blue fluid began leaking from his mouth. The man panicked when he saw the color of the lizard. The boy fainted. And the last thing he saw before fainting was the man shouting for C.C. The boy wondered what he was before his eyes completely closed. Chapter 2: Robots The boy woke up, trying to speak, but couldn't. He was wearing some sort of mask and he could not tell what it looked like. He couldn't move his head either. He was surrounded by medical robots. Until he felt numb in his throat. He knew one truth, that they had cut his throat open. 'it must have something to do withthat lizard in my throat.' until he realized, soon his throat would start feeling unbelievable pain. How he was even concious was incredible. Just as he started to feel the first bit of pain, a robot gave him a sedative. In his mind he thanked the robot right before falling unconscious again. Finally the robots had finished, they awakened the boy. He was thankful to wake up to hekind looking man he had woken up to in the broom closet. "hiya!" said the man. The boy couldn't speak. He didn't know why, he grabbed his throat with one hand, rubbing it. The man said "wave your hand if you can understand me." he said this with a smile. Wich made the boy feel comfortable. The boy waved his hand side to side. "Good!" said the man. "I know you cannot speak, I am afraid you might not be able to speak again." explained the man. The boy stood up. 'crap' he thought, 'where am I?' he thought. "your in our GENEM lab," he said as if reading the boys mind. "we found you in the sewers. Do you know why you were there, can you remember anything at all?" the boy shook his head no slowly. "hmph" grunted the man. "Im professor Tyler" he held out his hand to shake. The boy looked at it with an empty feeling. He saw a peice of paper and pens on a table on the other side of the room. He walked over and began writing something that he remembered. The only thing he could remember, in fact. He handed it to the man. The man was confused becuse one word was written on the paper. 'peter' "Is this your name?" the boy nodded. Well Peter. Do you have anything in your pocket that could explain why you were in the sewers?" the boy felt his pockets, and realized he was still wearing his same clothes. In the process he realized he was still wearing the mask. 'how in the world did I not realize I was wearing this! I need to pay attention more' and he smiled to himself. But the smile hurt his throat so he quickly stopped. His pockets were empty. Except for a wallet in his back pocket. He had a drivers license. It read; Peter Hanks Age 14 Born June 20th 2056 The boy remembered that in this year they accepted younger ages for driving. Due to the banning of alcohol. 'hm, I'm only 14?' the boy thought to himself. He handed it to tyler. Tyler studied the license. "but... It's 2587! How could you be so young and be born almost 500 years ago!?" Peter just shrugged. Chapter 3: Little Girls Giggles Cole I hope your reading this story :) "hmmmm... We should go back to the-" "Professor Tyler!" there was a robot in the room with the door wide open. Peter thought he looked kinda cool. "Professor Jackson wishes to speak to you." Tyler smirked at Peter and said "stay here, I'll be back in a second." Peter was alone. He wondered what GENEM was, what that blue lizard was that made him choke, why he was so far in the future, why he was in the sewers. This all made his head hurt. There was a neon clock in the room. It said 12:42 am. He shut his eyes for what felt like two minutes. But it was actually 20 minutes. Tyler didn't walk into the room, instead it was a little girl. "hi..." she said shyly. Peter waved his hand at the girl in a sort of, "whatsup" kind of motion. The girl giggled. Peter walked over to the window. The girl started speaking but it was all a blur because Peter saw his reflection and looked at his mask. It had a visor, was grey and had tubes coming from the mouth area. Seeing himself felt empty because he didn't remember what his face looked like. He felt tears in his eyes. He would probably never see himself again. Until he remembered his license! He took it out and saw what he looked like. He wasn't ugly, thankfully. He was freckly and kinda white. Brown eyes and kind of long and shaggy hair. He knew he would look terrible with short hair. He sort of laughed. Then he remembered that the girl was still at the window. She had a big grin on her face. She asked, "may I see?" Peter showed her the picture. She giggled this time with more laughter, unlike her previous shy giggle. 'The girl looks about 7' thought Peter. Tyler walked up behind her, she runs away playfully, giggling like a little girl should. "Peter..." Tyler says, "I'm afraid that I can't talk to you anymore face to face, almost no one can. Peter, underneath his mask, is wide eyed, and in shock. Tyler couldn't see that though. Your to special, unless your license is wrong or our test are wrong, your cells say you were indeed born when your license says you were. Our presidents of GENEM say that you can't have direct contact, something could be wrong with you. We are going back to the sewers where we found you. Tomorrow." then Tyler walked away without saying anything else. Chapter 4: escape and remember "Peter?... Peter wake up!" Tyler said in a whisper. Peter got immediately up, expecting some big-shot GENEM president to be here. Until he saw it was his friend Peter. "I know I said nobody can come in contact with you but I don't care. I care about your past as much as you. You deserve to know who you are. Come on." Peter look at him with such happiness that he just wanted to hug Tyler, but decided not to. Peter panicked when he heard the metal door open. But soon released his tension when he saw the little girl standing in the doorway with a little smirk that sorta creeped Peter out. "I'm coming too Peter!" Tyler smiled at her, then Peter. "Ok, ready?" Tyler asked. Peter got up and walked out of his room that was one of the room. The only place he knew. After they all got out of the lab, you could imagine that there would be people chasing them. There wasn't and Peter was worried about this. "Amy?" Tyler was checking on her. 'so her names Amy?' Peter thought, he looked at her and she gave him a big grin. "I'm fine Mr. Tyler!" suddenly, the whole facility blew up, it just all exploded. Tyler was looking at Peter and the reflection of the explosion in his visor. Peter looked at him. Tyler had a very serious face. "peter, they were not a company to be trusted, if only you knew what they were doing to those lizards. It's their fault you can't speak. They mutated the lizard you choked on." Peter nodded and kept walking, eventually Tyler stopped. "Peter! This sewer grate is the one we pulled you out of, come on." when down there, Amy said "ew this place smells disgusting! Now I know why you smelt so bad!" Peter shot a threatening look at her. "here, this is where you were." Peter stares at what he saw, nothing, nothing was weird about the water, nothing on the walkways, nothing. Peter almost cried. He put his hand in his jacket pocket. In it he found a very thin camera. Peter stared until Tyler said "Peter what's that?" Peter didn't move, he turned it on. Thankfully, it still worked. He looked through his pictures, he only had a few, one was a picture of a vial of purple liquid. words were at the bottom of the screen. They said; my family went to a museum today. It was so fun. This purple stuff caught my eye though! It says it is a prototype and it makes you live forever. The next picture was of a piece of paper, it read; I tried stealing the purple stuff. It is seriously against the law, they say they are going to test it on me as punishment. I'm scared. The same piece of paper was folded up and taped to the back of the camera. The final picture was of a very happy man and woman, the woman was holding a baby. Chapter 5: Reincarnated. "Peter..." was all Amy could say to him. Tyler gave him a worried look, "Peter? I thank you need to speak, I am going to take you to hospital and-..." Peter handed him the camera, interrupting Tyler, Peter just nodded at him. Agreeing to surgery on his voice box. Chapter 6: A new family Peter and Amy waited at the hospital. The nurse walked up to them and said, "the surgery is going fine, he will be here in the morning waiting for you. You should go home and come back at 2:00pm tomorrow." "Alright..." Amy and Tyler said in unison. 'I hope he will be fine' was all that was in tyler's mind. After getting home, immediately going to sleep, and letting Amy live with him now, since the GENEM base was destroyed, he watched the news report on the GENEM lab destruction in the morning. After all day of waiting and worrying, he heard a knock on the door. The door opened on it's own and Peter walked in. "hi tyler," was the first thing he said in a long time. And he said it with a smile.


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