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After her thirteenth birthday, Billie Madigan discovers she has the ability to "hear" and "talk" to technology. She discovers the world around her is deeper than she imagined and becomes a central figure in the battle between independent thought and oppression.

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…The Conspiracy is real…

March 31st

I've noticed a change. My world is changing and I'm not sure why. I'm in a quiet room, and I hear the sound of technology. The sounds of electronic pulses are becoming the backbeat to my daily life. I think I'm starting to hear voices… That's not normal.

Looking at my UPost private blog update, I try to remember when I started noticing changes. I turned thirteen a month ago, and I started to notice a faint buzzing. This buzzing started low, usually when I was walking through the city, however it has gotten louder as days go by. I just want to be normal…

My name is Billie Madigan and like I said, I'm thirteen years old. I'm kind of tall for my age and to be honest, I'm a little self-conscious about it. I would never let anyone see that though! I have been told that I have beautiful brown eyes, but I don't see what's so special about them. I go to the Monterey School for the Gifted, although most wouldn't be able to guess how gifted I really am.

Knock knock...

Knock knock…

My mom's knock, what time is it? I notice its 0700. "Billie, Get out of bed! You're going to be late!" Sigh, its Monday, the start of another week at school. It's not all bad; my best friend Kate told me last night that she has some exciting news. As I get dressed, I hear the T.V. playing our national anthem declaring the victories of our fore fathers. Mom and Dad are in the kitchen, already dressed for their government appointed jobs at the factory.

"I see the government invested more money into Unisoft," said Dad over his morning newspaper.

"So much money, it really worries me," Mom said over her coffee.

My parents are more aware of the government's activities than most. It seems as if the government is becoming more invasive, especially with all the funding going to Unisoft. No one else really seems bothered by current events.

We know that you know, and we are watching…

The Monterey School for the Gifted, my home away from home. I head towards the Quad to meet Kate when the buzzing starts again. The electronic bulletin board above me is broadcasting the morning's schedule. The buzzing is faint, so I continue to the Quad.

"Hey, Billie! Over here!"

That could only be my best friend, Kate Peterson. She's very different from me, but they say that opposites attract. She's shorter than me; I'd say more of an average height of girls our age. She has short brown hair compared to my long black hair. I have to admit that I'm a little bit jealous of her blue eyes. They're clear like the ocean and you can see right into her soul. I guess that's why she has a very open and friendly personality. I don't think she could hide anything even if she wanted to. She's bright and bubbly, sometimes to a fault.

"Who's that with Kate?" I thought to myself as I headed over.

"Hey Billie, I want you to meet Mark, he's new here."

"Obviously,' I said sarcastically.

"Wow, rude!" Kate said in his defense.

"Sorry. Mark. I have a bad headache this morning."

"A headache, huh?" Mark said as he gave me this insightful look.

"Why is he looking at me like that?" I thought to myself.

"Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about the dance next week! Are you going with anyone?" Kate asked in her usual grating way.

I hate dances, I always have. Everything about a dance screams superficial to me. Dances are just big dresses and sharp suits with awkward kids underneath trying to be adults.

"It's ok, Mark isn't either. You should go together!"

She then pushed us together and laughed.

"Well, I mean, if you wanted to…" Mark stammered.

I shot Kate a death stare as I sighed, "Sure Mark, sounds great!'

"Great! My date and I will see you there!" Kate screeched with irritating enthusiasm.

Little did I know that that simple little dance would change my life forever.


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