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In the future, everything is better. Or is it? See what Nikki Eliot has to say about her life in 2243...

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Prol ogue

In the future, everything is better.

But what if I told you that was a lie? That's what people used to believe back in the old days. That by the 2200s, everything will be revolutionized. They were wrong. About everything. Things didn't get better. They only got worse.

In 2067, a war started between the old United States and Russia. Historians call it now the Second Cold War. But people did fight. The only reason the war started is because Russia and the U.S. were working together to find other planets. They did find some, but each country wanted the credit for themselves.

The other countries took sides and started WWIII. Atomic bombs were created and dropped everywhere. The old rules of warfare was gone. Everything went.

But Germany created a new bomb. They called it the Sterben bomb, which stood for death. When it exploded, high levels of radiation spewed within a 100 mile radius. People didn't die, but they were horrible transformed.

The U.S. troops went into Germany to stop the production of these bombs. But it was too late. The Earth was no longer inhabitable.

In 2130, every surviving human left Earth to the new planets that were discovered many years before. Some resembled Earth in a way. There were 10 planets in all; Kilo, Langu, Meridian, Podes, Heath, Nyri, Sadon, Fonjay, Opam, and Terra.

Now, in the year 2243, these planets are still habitable. But no one lives on Earth. It's a barren waste land that's too toxic to even breathe there. I live on Sadon. It's the second one that most resembles Earth. The first is Terra. But people still want to just see Mother Earth again. I'm one of those people. In the ten colonies, though, you have to be careful what you say.

The government is always watching.


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