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tHe crEAtionisT

Book By: Rose Dracon
Science fiction

While the rest of the world has plunged into a long and treacherous war Canada has chosen to take no action in it. But inside the country there are more interesting things taking place. 13 humans who can see something that others can't, called war against the darkness of Weaver City long ago. The darkness is none other than creatures called Experiments. The 13 hunt down these monsters and try to save those who are attacked. It has been this way forever...until now. On the anniversary of her brothers death Mitsumi, one of the 13, meets a mysterious young man who seems to have the ability to see the Experiments too. He knows a secret about the Experiments but won't let anyone in on it. All Mitsumi knows though is she has to discover it for herself, before the world finds out first.

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A storm was coming. I could see the clouds racing through the darkening sky. I sat there on top of warehouse 5. For me it was a day of memory; but that's a whole other story. My companion, Wile, was resting his scaly dragon head on my shoulder staring off at the smoggy skyline of Weaver City. I shifted myself and looked up at the overcast sky seeing a space in the grey stream of rushing clouds. Through the gap I could see the stars; shimmering like ice. Suddenly a shrill scream pierced the air. I jumped to my feet staring out at the streets below, searching for the source of the noise. Suddenly my eyes locked onto the figure of a woman. She was running blindly in the direction of the warehouse. Had she been robbed? Mugged? I narrowed my eyes. No, I thought, this is something bigger than that. I drew my red sword from its sheath. I had almost forgotten about it because I had strapped it onto my back to hide it behind my large mass of dark brown hair and trademark rabbit ear hat. Wile picked me up by the strap of my sheath and slung me across his back. He slithered down the side of the storage building and I hopped off. With a grim smile I said, "This one's for you brother."

There are many strange things in this world that we might not understand. Like, why are we even here at all, or, why were the Dodo birds so damn stupid? But let me tell you something right now. Those questions can never compare with this one: Why are there only 13 people in the world with the ability to see these monsters? That's right. I am one of the 13. My name is Mitsumi Kiraho. I am 16 years old and trained to kill. The monster in front of me is also known as an Experiment. A long time ago there was a man. He fancied himself a doctor of…special ailments you could say. Anything super natural that affected land, people or animals he could help. One day in his studies he discovered the reason behind all of these problems. There was a certain type of dark matter in our world that affected everything we did. Despite the fact he was a doctor, he was still fairly stupid. He managed to get the idiotic idea of mixing the dark matter with some other peculiar substances. Things didn't end well though. Whatever it was that got mixed in with the dark matter caused an explosion. The explosion held a powerful force within it. Every single living being within the area got turned into a monster. That is why I am standing in front of a creature visible to only 13 people in the entire world that has been warped beyond recognition as an actual animal.


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