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You are as the world has made you

Book By: sheldon mann
Science fiction

This is just the beginning of a shorty little story im writing so if you would be so kind as to read through it and give me a little feedback it would go a loooonnngggggg way.

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It all began on an island. On a small planet on the opposite side of side of our universe in a quaint little galaxy that was so peaceful and so perfect that it was long overdue for a tragedy and this, is the story of that tragedy.

Young Neko was always a kind and brave young man. He often helped his parents in their local surf store many times by waxing the boards that they sold in the shop or by helping his mom in the front serving up her famous fish tacos wrapped in banana shells, that would feel the beach with a delightful aroma that would travel along the fresh ocean breeze drawing in many people around the during the afternoon when it would become a center of their small community. He was quick to defended his friends from bullies that were often much bigger and stronger than him but he was never the one to turn his back on a friend in need even if that meant taking a beating for a friend. But then one day the skies blackened and an ominous wind sweep from the sea. And before anyone on the island could even fathom how to react drones of soldiers upon soldiers dropped from the sky like rain a black rain with piercing red eyes with could be seen through the helmets that bore a logo of a fox with a planet between its teeth biting down crushing what appeared to be a large planet. The soldiers marched to land as Neko his friends and family looked on in horror and confusion. Little did they know it was the beginning of the end of there way of life forever. As the soldiers marched forward the stomping of their boots shook the frail sand under the villager's feet. The soldiers pulled weapons from their holsters some having large sized plasma pistols that shot bolts of plasma that spread and vaporized anything it touched, while other pulled sabers from their hips that when a button was pressed it glowed bright orange with plasma energy flowing through it that could slice through anything its wielder wanted. The soldiers stopped and stood in formation as the villagers looked on and when the soldiers took another step a scream was let out by a women that was holding her child while she turned and ran for the forest and just as that was done all the villagers went into a panic and started to run and hide and then the soldiers began attacking the village burning the building and gathering all the people and lining them up against a far wall. People were ripped from their homes and the old were thrown to the ground while the soldiers ripped children from the families and lined up all the adults. Neko was taken along with all the other children and forced the watch as their parents were placed up against a wall backs turned and one by one shot dead. Children screamed and cried as their parents and loved ones bodies feel to the ground lifeless in the sand. After the last adult was killed a man dressed sharply and who clearly had authority over all the other man because of the way he was saulted as he approached the scared and helpless children. He looked down on them with glaring eyes as he was looking into their very souls as he gazed over the group he viciously grabbed a child's head and stood him up and turned him to look back on his fellow children, without missing a step he pulled a pistol from his hip Neko glared at it intently as the serpent that lay on his grip was covered by his large hand that was branded with that same fox with the planet in its mouth. And without saying a word he shot the boy in the head and re-holisted his gun, the other children laid sitting in shook as their entire world was coming down around them all of them held each other Neko holding onto as many of his friends as he could trying to protect them. The sharply dressed man stepped over the lifeless body of the young child and turned to the children and said "Now you are like me".


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