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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Amy and
The Doctor got married and had a child instead of Amy and
Rory? Well here it is this book is the first installment in the
Amy and Raggedy series! Enjoy!!!
Amy and Raggedy
Thomas Wade
Thomas WadeAmy and RaggedyHave you ever wondered what it would be like if Amy and
The Doctor got married and had a child instead of Amy and
Rory? Well here it is this book is the first installment in the
Amy and Raggedy series! Enjoy!!!

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Amy Pond opened her eyes and sat straight up. There was something or someone she needed to remember. Remember him her mind told her. "WHO? WHO do I need to remember?" she said aloud in her Scottish accent. Just then a woman walked in her room and said "Hello Love! Today's the big day! Are you excited?" Amy just stared at the woman and said "I'm sorry do I know you?" The woman looked at Amy and said "Sweetheart are you alright? Of course you know me! I'm your Mum!"

Amy's eyes went wide "Oh Mum! I'm sorry I was just having an odd dream about a man. A man I needed to remember. I'm just confused right now". Amy shook her head and she couldn't get the image of the man out of her mind. He had floppy hair, an insane bow tie and wait what! The man was saying something to her "Amy stop making fun of my bow tie! It's cool!" Amy heard herself saying "Sure Doctor, whatever you say!"

This man, apparently his name was Doctor? (What a weird name Amy thought.) He was telling Amy how jealous he was of her. Jealous of me? No one has ever been jealous of me! He was jealous of her Ginger hair. Something about him living 11 times and not once was he ever Ginger!

"AMY! AMY!" Her Mum was shouting at her. "Are you sure you're ok?"

"What sorry mum! I'm just nervous I guess."

"Well sweetheart eat your breakfast and you will feel better. On second thought don't eat it!"

"Why not Mum?"

Amy's Mum giggled and said "Your Father made it! I wouldn't trust it to be good!"

"My, M-M-MY Father?" Amy stuttered.

"Yes Amy, you do remember him don't you? Goodness you are definitely not yourself today! Well that will change when you get married and become "Mrs. Williams!"

"Married?" Amy asked.

"Oh good lord Amy it's your wedding day! Did you forget that too? What did you think I meant when I said "Big Day?"

"Oh right My Wedding! Like I said, Nerves!"

Amy's mum walked out leaving her to herself and her thoughts.

Amy looked at the meal her father had prepared It was oatmeal and eggs (I think they are still raw she thought with a disgusted look on her face).

She in fact did not eat the food but sat on her bed thinking about HIM. THE DOCTOR. "No wait he was my imaginary friend" she said to herself. "Wasn't he?"

Just then Amy heard a sound, a very loud and familiar WHOOSING sound.

"IT'S HIM!" She yelled running down the stairs.

Her Father stopped her and said "Amelia where are you going and in your nightie no less!"

Amy looked down and she was definitely in her nightie! "Oh Dad I don't have time to change I have to go see him again!"

"WHO?" Her father asked.

"THE DOCTOR." Amy responded.

Amy's parents rolled their eyes at each other.

"Amy" her Mum said taking hold of her. "Sit down here please."


"AMY PLEASE!" Her Mum begged.

Amy rolled her eyes. "FINE!"

She sat at a chair in her dining room. "WHAT MUM?"

"Amy Please don't speak to your Mother that way!"

"Sorry Dad." (That word (Dad) still sounded odd to Amy's lips and she hadn't yet remembered why.)

"Ok guys what is it you have to say to me?"

"Amy we thought all this "DOCTOR" nonsense was over! We spent all that money taking you to doctors. We thought you were passed this! You are 22 yrs old and still believe in Imaginary Friends?"

"Dad THE DOCTOR isn't imaginary! He's very real! He's as real as you and me." (Or as real as me she thought.)

"I'll prove it to you!" She took their hands and was about to run outside.

"Amy shouldn't you go get dressed?"

"Why Mum? The Doctor has seen me in my nightie before!"

Her parents gave each other a look.

"Oh no! Not that way! I mean, Well it was the night before my wedding and he took me away. To magical places! I saw so many wonderful things!"

At this point Amy's parents' were looking at her as if she needed to go to Bedlam!

"Amy how could he have taken you away the night before your wedding? That makes no sense sweetheart." Her Mum was now very worried about her only child.

"Well The Doctor has a time machine! We traveled through all of space and time! It was amazing! Come let me show you!"

The Doctor was in the TARDIS and was wondering where he was. He hadn't exactly planned this trip. The TARDIS (as she often does) decided to take him to this place.

So where am I? He thought to himself. He turned around to call out to Amy. A look came over his face that was a mix of hurt and loneliness. He was alone once again and he hated it. He always did. "I might as well see where I am" he told himself. Obviously it didn't occur to him to check the coordinates. Otherwise he would have realized he was right in front of Amelia Jessica Pond's house. The place he had crash landed years ago. He remembered eating fish custard as the small girl looked at him in wonderment. "Oh Amy." He said to the silence. He walked out and looked at his surroundings. "Wait I know this place." He said aloud. Then he laughed as he remembered. "I'm at Amy's house!"

"Oh you are good girl!" He said staring at his machine.

The TARDIS made a noise that sounded like a laugh.

Just then he heard a familiar Scottish voice shout "DOCTOR!"

He turned and saw the gorgeous Scottish, Ginger haired woman running up to him. Amy ran straight into his arms. The two hugged for a long while. She whispered to him "You left me! You promised you would never leave me again!" Tears stung at her eyes, but she didn't let them fall.

The Doctor held her and stroked her hair (Why can't I be Ginger? He thought, before reassuring Amy.) "Shhh! Shhh Pond I'm here!" He kissed the top of her head as he said the words. "I had to leave in order to save the Universe. You know that Pond." He said into her hair. The Doctor felt eyes on him, eyes other than Amy's. He turned and saw two people staring at him. (Humans by the looks of it his mind told him.)

"Ummm Amy?" He whispered.

"Yes Doctor?"

"Who are they?" He motioned with his head at the pair.

"OH!" Amy exclaimed. "Doctor these are my parents."

"OH your parents!" The Doctor exclaimed. "Well hello Mr. and Mrs. Pond! It's very nice to meet you! I'm The Doctor. Amy's imaginary friend!"

Amy's parents remained silent for a long while. They just stared at him like he was an alien. Oh wait he is isn't he?

Finally the Doctor whispered again "Amy are they ok? Should we poke them with a stick?"

Amy stifled a giggle and told the Doctor "I don't think my parents would like you very much if you poked them with a stick."

"I don't think they like me much now! They haven't said anything."

"Mum, Dad? Are you two alright?"

Amy's Dad spoke first, He pointed at the Doctor. "You're the Doctor?"

"Yes sir! That's me!!"

"Do you know what this means Amy?"

"What Dad?"
"It means I spent lots of money that I didn't need to because he is real!"

Amy looked at her father and told him "I'm sorry Dad. But I did tell you he was real! You just refused to listen!"

Her mum stepped in "Gus, we should have listened to her. Doctor it is nice to meet you. I'm Pamela Pond."

The Doctor shook her hand and said "Nice to meet you Mrs. Pond! I now see where Amy got her looks!"

Amy blushed "Oh Doctor!"

Mrs. Pond blushed as well and said "Why thank you Doctor! Please call me Pam!"

"Well Pam it is". said the Doctor beaming. Then he asked out of thin air. "Pam you aren't going to slap me are you?" (He had been remembering when his 9th self meet Jackie Tyler, which was the first time he had ever been slapped by someone's mother! Then he was slapped as his 10th self by Francine Jones.)

"What?" Pam said. "Why would I slap you?"

"Sorry I was just remembering when I got slapped by some of my companion's mothers."

"Oh?" Pam raised a brow. "How many companions have you had?"

"Well I don't really remember." (Of course he does but Rule one applies here- The Doctor lies).

"You don't remember?"

"Well, I have had a few" He said. (He felt a slap coming on.)

"Are these companions you have had sexual partners?"

Amy felt so sorry for her "Raggedy" Doctor getting the third degree from her Mother. She noticed his eyes almost fall out of his head when her Mum said the words "Sexual Partners."


Amy suddenly felt jealous; "YOU SLEPT WITH THE VIRGIN QUEEN!"

"Yes Amy I did and well you can't really call her that anymore!"

This whole time Amy's dad sat silent, still taking in the fact that his daughter's imaginary friend "THE RAGGEDY DOCTOR" was REAL!

Amy eyed the Doctor with her arms folded and asked "When was this Doctor?"

"When was what?" He asked already forgetting about Queen Elizabeth.


"Now Pond no reason to get upset! I didn't even know you when it happened! It wasn't even me! It was my 10th self! I got drunk and ended up marrying her and well yeah that marriage got annulled fairly quickly."

Amy said almost in a whisper "You married her and had sex with her? And you were drunk? I thought you didn't drink."

"Well, I don't. But my 10th self did enjoy a drink now and then". He chuckled remembering his 10th self drinking banana daiquiris and snogging Madame de Pompadour.

"Maybe we should go inside and calm down. Discuss this over tea?" Pam tried to calm the two. She looked at her watch. "Amy we should be getting ready for your wedding!"

"What wedding?" The Doctor asked. He forgot Pond was marrying that Rory bloke. His hearts broke and his face fell when he heard the word "Wedding."

"Amy's wedding to Rory. Do you know him Doctor?"

"Yes. Pam. I do! He is a very good man. I hope he and Amy are happy together." He put on a fake smile.

Gus finally spoke, "I don't like him."

"Who don't you like Dad?"

"I don't like that bloke Rory. He isn't good enough for you Amy. You need someone who can take you to exotic places and who will treat you right."

Amy looked at her father. She couldn't believe he was saying this.

The Doctor had an idea. "Why don't we go have tea in the TARDIS?"

"THE WHAT-DIS?" Pam asked.

The Doctor chuckled and said "TARDIS. That's the name of my ship. Her acronym stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space."

"Would you like to see inside?" He asked the other Ponds'.

"Well it looks sort of small how would we fit in there?" Gus turned to his daughter as he asked.

"You'll see Dad!"

The Doctor and Amy gave each other knowing looks. They both noticed the sparkle in the other one's eyes.

"Go on in." The Doctor told the pair.

Amy's parents cautiously approached the ship. Pam pushed the door and nothing happened.

"Oh sorry! Forgot I locked her!"

He fished out his key and unlocked the TARDIS door. "Ok try it now."

Pam pushed the door again and the door gave way and opened to the wonderment that is the TARDIS.

Both Ponds looked amazed as they walked in.

"But How! It… What?" Gus blurted.

The Doctor hoped one or both of them said "It's bigger on the inside!" He loved that bit!

Amy's Mum stared around in amazement!

"Well Mum, what do you think?"

Say it say it! The Doctor thought.

"It's Bigger on the Inside!" Pamela Pond exclaimed.

The Doctor grinned and cheered in his head! I love when people say that! He said to himself. He realized What about Amy's wedding? He would never get over it if he didn't tell her how he felt!


"Yes." all 3 Ponds' answered.

"Actually I meant Amy", the Doctor laughed.

"Yes Doctor? "

"Amy, what about your wedding?"

"Oh God Doctor! I can't get married! I just can't!"

Thank you Rassilon! The Doctor thought. Aloud he said, "Why not Pond?"

"Well, Doctor many reasons 1 I'm in my nightie, 2 I don't want to be with someone I don't love, and 3. I could never do that to Rory. He deserves someone who loves him back. "

"So you don't love Rory then?"

"No, I realized it when I knew you were gone. I just had to get you back; I didn't even care about Rory."

"Ahh I see. Is there someone else Pond?"

"What do you mean someone else?"

"Yes, another man? Jeff?"

Amy laughed. "JEFF? Doctor! Really! Well there is someone."

"Anyone I know Amelia?"

Amy cringed and hit him on the arm "It's Amy!"

"Sorry Amy. Yet you didn't answer my question."

She rolled her eyes at him. "Yes Doctor there is someone else. It's just well he isn't exactly human." She said blushing.

"Oh? He's not a Dalek is he? Or a Silurian?"

Amy laughed again "Oh Doctor!"

"Wait so let me get this straight you aren't getting married to Rory then?" Her dad asked.

The pair jumped they had forgotten Amy's parents were even there.

"No Dad I'm not!"

Just then Amy's phone rang. "Oh damn its Rory! Hello?"

"Hey Amy! How's my girl?"

Amy cringed at the "my girl" comment. "Oh hi Rory! I'm fine! How are you?"

"You're fine Amy? We are getting married in 3 hours! I'm a nervous wreck!"

"Oh yeah. Rory, I have to talk to you, in person."

"Oh sure Amy. You want to come over then? Although I know its bad luck to see each other before the wedding." He joked.

Amy laughed at his comment and told him "Yeah I'll be right over! See you soon?"

"I'll be waiting!"

Amy told the Doctor "I need a favor! I need you to take me to Rory's so I can break it off!"

"Of course Pond, anything for you!" He said with a grin.

Amy's parents were staring at their daughter and her imaginary friend.

"Amy we want you to be happy and if the Doctor makes you happy then we will welcome him with open arms!" Her Mum said.

"Oh Mum that's great! I do really care for him!" She said looking at the bow tied Time Lord.

"So Amy are you ready? I really think you should change first."

"Oh! Right! Thanks Doctor!" Amy ran off to go change.

Her clothes, toiletries and other personal items were still on the TARDIS.

"Would you like a ride in the TARDIS?" The Doctor asked the elder Ponds.

"No we really should start making calls about the wedding being off." Gus said with a grin.

"Well let's wait till Amy comes back so we can say good-bye." Pam said sadly.

Amy came back wearing a mini-skirt and a turquoise blouse that made her eyes POP!

The Doctor whistled "Wow Amy You look fantastic!"

"Thank you Doctor!"

"Mum, Dad I'll miss you! But don't worry! I'll be back!"

"I'll make sure she checks in every once and a while."

"Thank you Doctor." The Ponds said.

Amy kissed her lovely Mum and her little Dad good-bye. "I'll come back soon I promise!"

"Can she do that Doctor?" Amy's Mum turned to the Time Lord.

"Do What?"

"Can she come back?"

"Oh of course she can come back! Whenever she likes! All she has to do is say the word and off we go!"

They thanked the Doctor again and left The TARDIS.

"So Pond, off to the breakup?"

"Yes Doctor!" She beamed.

Rory was waiting for Amy outside of his house. He suddenly heard a familiar WHOOSING noise. "No it can't be!"

He saw the TARDIS materialize and land a few feet from him. Out stepped Amy and the Doctor.

"RORY! How are you?" He gave the man a firm handshake.

"Doctor it's great to see you!"

"Rory, can I talk to you?"
"Oh hey Amy. Yeah let's go inside. Doctor you coming?"

"I'll give you two some privacy. "

"I'll see ya soon Doctor." Amy said nervously.

"Yes Pond. I'll be waiting!"

"So Amy what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be getting ready?"

"Well Rory. I have to tell you something."

"What is it Amy?" Why did she sound so nervous?

"Rory I… I. I'm sorry but I can't marry you!" She started crying and he tried to calm her down. She pushed him away.

Rory was stunned! He thought Amy loved him! "But Amy I love you!"

"I know Rory, but I don't love you! I'm sorry! The truth is I've always been in love with"

"THE DOCTOR!" Rory yelled before she could finish the sentence.

"Yes" Amy sobbed. "I'm sorry!"

"What about the guests? What about the ballroom? I can't get that money back Ames!"

"What are you saying Rory? That I should marry you so you won't waste money?"

"No Amy! We should get married because we love each other!"

Amy looked at her shoes and told Rory in a whisper. "I really never meant to hurt you. Its just I've loved him my whole life and I can't just forget him! I've loved him since I was seven years old! I know it sounds insane but I can't help it!"

Rory looked at her with tears of his own in his eyes. "Amy I knew it would end someday. I just thought it would be before our wedding day!"

"You, you knew? How?"

"How? He was all you talked about as a kid! You made me dress up as him! It was THE DOCTOR THIS, THE DOCTOR THAT!"

"He made a big impression on you for someone that you met once!"

"I thought if I was there for you. For you to talk to that maybe, just maybe I could make you forget him. I thought it was working. But then the Doctor came back. I knew the minute he came back I was screwed!"

He hugged Amy and told her "Amy Pond I love you and I always will. I just want you to be happy. If he makes you happy, go and be with him! If you ever need me call!"

"You mean you aren't mad?"

"I am but I'll be ok."

"When did you know I didn't love you?"

"Oh when he saved the day from Prisoner Zero. I saw the way you looked at him. You had a sparkle in your eye. You never had that sparkle when you looked at me."


"Well I guess I better go Rory. The Doctor's waiting for me."

"Ok Amy. Remember if you ever need anything. Call me."

"Thanks Rory! Take care of yourself!"

"You too Pond!"

"Oi Don't "Pond" me! Only The Doctor can do that!"

"Bye Amy!"

"Bye Rory!"

Amy ran outside where her Time Lord was waiting. She jumped in the TARDIS and ran into his arms once more. He chuckled. "So I take it everything went well?"

"Yeah Doctor. He was upset naturally but he said he will still be my friend if I need him. We are ok."

"That's good Pond! I'm glad!"

"Doctor, what do we do now?"

"Well Amy, We could go anywhere anywhen. Maybe do lunch? No fish custard I promise!"

Amy had just noticed all the pictures that the Doctor had around the console. The Pictures were of different men with companions. One was a picture of an old man with a cane and a young girl with him. Another was a slightly younger man playing a recorder with a man with a kilt on. The third was a man with an old fashioned car and a young woman. A fourth picture was of a man with a floppy hat and a blonde woman. The fifth picture contained a blonde man with celery on his lapel. Celery? Amy wondered about it. In the picture with the man was a woman with short hair and a mini skirt. Yet another picture was of a man with a crazy colored coat and a young woman. A seventh picture was of a man with an umbrella and a young woman with a jacket on that read 'Ace'. Amy looked at the next picture that had a man with a Victorian looking coat on and a blonde woman smiling happily. The 3rd to last picture held a man in a leather jacket with another blonde woman. She looked as though she were completely and madly in love with the man. The 2nd to last picture was of a tall man in a pin stripe suit with spiky hair, he wore red Converse trainers. The woman with him was also Ginger and she looked happy. The last picture was of Amy and HER DOCTOR. She looked at herself and The Doctor. That was when we went to Space Florida, Amy told herself.

The Doctor was still rambling not even aware that Amy was lost in thought. He was going on about where she wanted to eat. "We could go to China for REAL Chinese! Oh and the Chinese do not really eat Dogs! That's a myth!" He looked up at her finally. "Amy? Amy are you even listening to me?" (It must be the face he thought.)

"Oh what! Sorry Doctor. I was just looking at all your pictures."

"Oh" the Doctor said. "I see. I was going to put those away before you came back but I forgot."

"Doctor who are all these people?"

"Well Amy, why don't we go get lunch and eat it in the TARDIS? That way I can explain."

"SURE! What are we going to eat?"

"Anything you want Pond!"

Amy was thinking about what to eat.

"Jelly babies?" The Doctor asked. (He had caught sight of his 4th selves picture with Romana, or as he liked to call her Fred.)

"What Doctor?"

"Oh Nothing Pond. So where do you want to go?"

"Well Chinese sounds good."

"Right! Off to China!"

"No wait, can we go to America?"

"You want Chinese Food from America? That's not really authentic Pond!"

"How about Pizza from Italy?"

"No Doctor I want to go to America."

"Ok Pond. Where do you want to go?"

"New York?"

"The original New York or the one with 15 News?"


"Right the original." (He remembered going there with Martha.)

"Ok what year?"

"Well now Doctor 2010."

"Really but that's this year! Well that's no fun! How about the 1800's or something?"

"Doctor you said I could pick!"

"Oh fine!" The Doctor set the coordinates. June 26th, 2010 New York, New York.

The TARDIS took off rather violently sending Amy sprawling over the Doctor's body.

Oh you planned that didn't you?! The Doctor thought to his ship.

The TARDIS just laughed in response.

"Are you alright Amy?"

"Yes, I'm fine." She blushed.

The Doctor helped her up and together they ventured outside.

It was an ordinary New York day 2 pm according to a clock the Doctor saw.

"Doctor can we go exploring?" Amy asked.

He looked at her. He couldn't say no to the sexy woman beside him. "Sure Pond! Where would you like to go first?"

"Can we go to the Statue of Liberty?"

"Of course!"

The pair walked to the Statue of Liberty and looked up at her.

"It's gorgeous!" Amy gasped.

"Yeah she looks even more beautiful then she did the last time I saw her!"

"You've been here before then Doctor?"

"I've only been here once in the 1930's with Martha. You see over there Amy?" The Doctor pointed at a tall building.

"That's the Empire State Building, isn't it Doctor?"

"Yes Amy! Very Good! Well when I was here in the 1930's Daleks were trying to take over New York using that very building!"

"Daleks really Doctor?"

"Oh Yes!" (He suddenly remembered his 10th self yet again.)

The pair took pictures in front of the Statue of Liberty with the Doctor's camera.

To passersby they looked like any normal couple. No one would guess the man had two hearts and came from another world.

Amy felt her stomach growl and heard the Doctor's.

The Doctor blushed and said. "It looks like we are hungry Pond!"

"Yes Doctor I never did eat breakfast considering my Dad made it! Doctor would you like an apple?" Amy teased.

"I can carve a face on it like my Mum used to do." She remembered the apple she had given the Doctor when she first met him.

"You mean like this one Pond?" He pulled the apple out of his pocket.

"Doctor! You still have it? Why is it in your pocket?"

"Of course I still have it Pond! As to why I kept it in my pocket, I guess I wanted it close by. It reminds me of you."

Amy was ecstatic. She loved the fact that he had kept her apple.

The Doctor made a face and said "Apples are Rubbish!"

Some people walking by stared at him curiously. They probably thought he was mad. Well of course he's mad he's the Doctor!

The people were still staring at him. Amy went over to them and said "I'm sorry he just really does not like Apples! I was wondering if you could help us. See we are tourists and we were wondering are there any good places for Chinese takeout?"

The two people (a man and woman noticed this red haired woman was out of place with her Scottish accent. The man had walked over to them. Was he Scottish too?)

"Hello, I'm the Doctor!" The strange man said holding out his hand.

The people introduced themselves as Mark and Mary Chambers. (They noticed his British accent and guessed the couple was here on vacation).

Amy realizing she hadn't properly introduced herself said "Hi I'm Amy Pond. It's very nice to meet you." Mark and Mary directed the pair to the nearest Chinese place. "Thanks so much!" the pair called out.

Mary commented, "The Doctor? That's a strange name!"

Mark: agreed, "Yeah did you see what he was wearing?"

The Doctor made sure he had his "Earth currency" as he called it to pay for the meal. The two took the meal which consisted of noodles, beef and broccoli, spicy chicken, and shrimp egg rolls back to the TARDIS.

Amy went to get herself a soda and one for the Doctor.

"Thanks Pond!"

"No problem Doc! Now tell me about all these pictures!"

"Please refrain from calling me Doc!" (Whoa there's my first 1st coming out again.)

"Sorry" Amy apologized.

The Doctor smiled. "It's alright Amy. So where do we start with these pictures?"

"How about this one?" Amy said taking the picture of his 5th self and Tegan.

"I want to know what is up with the celery."

"Ahh The celery!" he laughed. "Well Amy first off that is my 5th self. Handsome wasn't I?"

Amy rolled her eyes.

"Anyway I wore the celery because it was medicinal. I could use it to cure me from certain toxins."

"Oh I see Doctor. Who is that girl with you?"

"That is Tegan (Suddenly the Doctor remembered fighting the Myrka and telling Tegan to "Make a wish." Oh how he missed the spunk of that companion.) Jovanka. She was a companion of my 5th self for a while."

"Do you ever see her anymore Doctor?"

"What who Tegan? Oh no. She's moved on. Tegan has probably forgotten about her old pal The Doctor."

Amy froze (is this what happens to all his companions? He leaves them and they have to resume a normal life? That couldn't happen to her! It just couldn't!)

"Amy are you alright?"

"Yes, Doctor. I'm fine."

"Are you sure love? You look sad. What's wrong? You can tell me."

"Well, Doctor. I was just wondering when you said Tegan moved on. Is that what all your companions do? Move on?"

"Amy, look at me. Pond."

Amy looked up at him into those green eyes of his. "Yes?"

"What are you thinking love? That one day I will leave you? Is that it?"

"What does he read minds now? Amy thought to herself.

Of course he reads minds. He's a Time Lord.

"Well, I was sort of thinking that Doctor. I just can't let that happen to me!"

He smiled a sad smile at her and said "Pond, we all have to move on eventually. One day you might get tired of being by my side and you will choose to leave. If you do choose that I can't stop you."

"I would never do that Doctor! I love traveling with you! Why would I ever want to leave you?" Amy said tears in her eyes.

The Doctor went and wrapped Pond in his arms. His Pond. "Shhh! Shh! Amy I would never leave you intentionally." He said looking straight into her crying eyes. "But Pond we don't know our future. I'm a Time Lord, which means I don't age. Not like you humans anyway. You will keep getting older while I stay the same. It's not fair for either of us to keep you here forever."

"But Doctor I love you! I, I won't leave you ever!"

"I know love. I know. I know you probably don't want to hear about this now, but it seems like an appropriate time. Come sit." The Doctor pulled Amy onto his lap and sat them down on the couch in the TARDIS study.

"Doctor Are you trying to seduce me?" Amy asked seductively.

"WHAT? POND! Get your mind out of the gutter!" He laughed.

Amy blushed. "Sorry."

The Doctor wiped away her remaining tears and said in his "serious voice", "Pond I need you to understand something. Remember all the pictures we were looking at?"

"Yes Doctor. I just don't understand how they are all you."

"Well Amy. Let me explain. You see when a Time Lord is about to die, he has a trick to stay alive. Basically it's cheating death. I can literally change every cell in my body! I become a new man with a new personality, new looks, new everything!"

"Wait, so all those men were you? I must say the bow tie and fez seem normal compared to some of your outfits! Especially the celery and rainbow coat!"

The Doctor laughed, "I blame the decade for those outfit choices!"

"What decade was that Doctor?"

"It was the 1980's. So do you now understand about regeneration?"

"I think so Doctor. Wait are you telling me that you won't be you anymore one day? I mean the you that is you now?"

The Doctor looked at her confused. He understood her but the way she worded it was very odd.

"Yes Amy. One day something will happen to this body and I will regenerate again. No more bow ties or fezzes, or floppy hair. Maybe I will be Ginger finally!" He Grinned.

She looked sad. "Doctor I love you! I mean this you! The bow tie/fez wearing, GERONIMO saying, fish custard, Raggedy you!!"

The Doctor looked at Pond. He contemplated what to say to her. "I know Pond. But in all fairness I'm not Raggedy anymore!"

Amy laughed at that. "Doctor you will always be "MY RAGGEDY DOCTOR!"

"Wait does this mean you will forget me when you change your face?"

"What No! Of course not! The Time Lord consciousness stays in tact. It's everything else that changes."

"So you won't like Fish Custard anymore?"

"I might not Pond. My food tastes also change with each new regeneration. I have had many personality changes over the years. For instance my last self loved to say "ALLONS-Y" and "MOLTO BENE"! Now I say "GERONIMO!"

"He always wanted to meet someone named Alonso, so he could say "ALLONS-Y ALONSO!" "You should have seen my face when I met ALONSO! I remember shouting "ALLONS-Y ALONSO!" and Alonso looked at me like I was a nutter!"

Amy laughed at The Doctor then. "She couldn't believe this crazy, wonderful, smart, funny, sexy Time Lord was hers! All hers!

"Oh Doctor! You do know how to make a girl laugh!"

The Doctor was glad Pond wasn't crying anymore. He hated to see the young woman cry.

"So Pond, you mentioned a fez? I need a new one. Want to go shopping?"

Amy swung her arms around the Doctor's neck and kissed his cheek.

"Doctor that's music to my ears!"

"Let me just clean up a bit!"

"Of Course Pond! Go on. I'll be waiting here for you."

Amy emerged wearing a new red blouse and blue jeans.

The Doctor noticed how her blouse made her hair even more vibrant.

"Nice look Pond!" The Doctor told her lustily.

"Ohh Doctor! Are you sure you want to go shopping?" She asked her voice seductive once again.

"Yes Pond. Let's explore New York. I'm sure it has changed since the 1930's. Plus last time I didn't really get to sight see. Damn Daleks!"

"Sure Doctor" she said taking his hand. The couple once again headed out into the busy New York streets. They ran into Mark and Mary again (coincidence?) and asked where they could buy a fez. The couple led them into a hat store and said their goodbyes.

"A Fez?" Mary asked Mark.

"That man does have strange clothing choices doesn't he?" Mark replied.

The Doctor went up to an employee and said "Hello I'm The Doctor. Maybe you could help me?"

The young man noticed the Doctor's British accent.

"Ah Yes Sir! What may I help you with?"

"Well my girlfriend and I (he called out to a young red haired woman that was looking at some hats on the other side of the store.) Amy!"

Amy ran over to the Doctor.

"Amy this young man here works at this fine establishment and he is here to assist us."

The salesman looked at the Doctor and Amy.

She just rolled her eyes at the bow tied man.

"Sorry he just talks like that sometimes. Look he is looking for a Fez. Do you carry any?"

"Oh yes Ms. Let me show you. We have quite a collection. Fezzes aren't really popular here, but our manager insisted we have some. Mainly they sell for Halloween."

The Doctor was astonished. He looked over at the hundreds of Fezzes. There were multi-colored, ones, animal print, single colors, sparkly ones, all kinds.

While The Doctor was busy looking at Fezzes, Amy was talking to the salesman.

"He kind of has a Fez obsession". She explained.

"Ahh I see. Well maybe he can buy a few. So are you two here on vacation?" (He had noticed the woman's Scottish accent.)

"Vacation, Oh yes! That is why we are here. The Doctor promised me a trip to anywhere I wanted. So I chose New York."

"Oh well. It's a great place to be! We get lots of tourists. He told me you were his girlfriend. Have you been together long?"

"What? He said I was his girlfriend?"

"Yes. Are you not?"

"Oh. Yeah. Course I am. He just usually never refers to me with that title."

"Oh. So I take it you haven't been here before then?"

"No, The Doctor has in the 19. 1990's. He told me it was lovely!"

"Ahh I see. Wow he is really enjoying the fezzes isn't he?"

Amy looked over and the Doctor was looking in a mirror trying to decide between a blue or burgundy fez. The Burgundy one resembled the one that River Song had shot.

Amy hoped the Time Lord didn't have a heart attack. She imagined his twin hearts exploding in Fez happiness. Could Time Lords even have heart attacks?

The Doctor walked over to Pond. "Well what do you think Pond?" He asked his Ginger girlfriend.

"Well Doctor. The first one looks like the one you had before."

"Yes I was thinking the same way. It does resemble that one."

"But the Blue one is much lovelier. Isn't blue your favorite color?"

"It is Pond! Yeah I like the Blue. It will match the TARDIS."

"The what?" The salesman asked.

"Oh nothing" Amy said. "Yes Doctor take the blue."

The Doctor decided on the blue and he and Amy walked over to purchase it. He thanked the young salesman, whose name was Craig according to his nametag. The Doctor said he once knew a Craig. He went on about football, him being the "Oncoming Storm" and something about the TARDIS.

Craig stared at them and wondered what a beautiful woman like Amy saw in this nut-job.

"Yes Doctor it was a pleasure to help you. Amy nice to meet you I hope to see you again sometime." He gave the red-head a suggestive smile.

Amy just smiled and said "Thanks Craig." She was happy with her Time Lord. No one else could compete. She then thought does the Doctor even have money?

She leaned over and whispered in his ear "Doctor Do you have American money?"

He whispered back "Of course Pond. I bought the Chinese didn't I?"

The pair got to the front of the line and the cashier rung up the fez. "That will be $500 sir."

The Doctor's jaw dropped.

No, Amy thought. No. He was going to try to bargain the cost down. Just pay it so we can get out of here.

The Doctor looked at the young woman behind the counter and said

"How much love?"

"$500 and please do not refer to me as "love" sir."

Amy realized he was going to try to use his charms on her. He probably thinks if he can flirt with her she will lower his price.

"Sorry." The Doctor stated. "I'm British. I call every young woman I know love."

"Is there some kind of discount maybe?"

"Do you have a credit card here sir?"

"No, I'm a visitor. How about a discount for saving the world?"

"I'm Sorry?"

"Never mind".

"We have a Senior Citizen Discount."

"Ah!" The Doctor said. "And what age is considered a Senior Citizen?"

"That would be age 66 and over Sir."

"Well may I please have that discount?"

"Sir you do not look like a Senior Citizen."

"Oh But I am! I'm 907!"

"907?" The woman asked in surprise. "Ok then if you are 907 do you have an I.D.?"

The Doctor thought for a moment and pulled out his Psychic Paper. It read "THE DOCTOR", "AGE 907" with his picture on it.

"Will this do?" He asked.

The young lady was fed up with this nut and reduced his price to $300 just to get him out of there.

"Thank you, Anne." The Doctor noticed her name tag. Then he realized she looked like someone he once knew. ("Don't Blink." He heard his former self say.)

"Is your last name Sparrow by any chance?"

Anne blinked in surprise. "Yes it is. How did you know that?"

"You look like someone I know. Sally. Sally Sparrow."

Anne looked at him and said "Sally! That's my cousin!"

"Ahh I thought you two were related!"

"Are you any relation to Captain Jack Sparrow?"

"Yes he was a relative of ours."

"Ahh he was a good man! Even if he was a Pirate! I remember drinking Rum with him!

I accidentally finished it and he complained to me Doctor why did you finish all the rum?!"

"Well Anne it was nice to meet you. Thank you for your patience." He then grabbed Amy and said "Come along Pond."

Amy told the Doctor; "Couldn't you just pay the $500? Why did you have to embarrass me like that?"

The Doctor looked hurt. "I'm Sorry Pond. I didn't know I was embarrassing you. I promise not to embarrass you anymore. I just wanted a fairer price is all."

"Doctor everyone in New York thinks you're mad!"

The Doctor stopped walking which caused Amy to bump into his shoulder.

"Oi Why did you stop?"

He looked at her "Pond remember what I told you when you were 7?"

"What Doctor?"

"I am a mad man!"

"With a box Doctor, don't forget the box!"

"Yes Pond! So where do you want to go next?"

Well Amy said hesitantly. "Well Doctor there is some things I need."

"What Pond?"

She whispered in his ear "I need some new knickers."

This made the Doctor blush furiously. All he could think of was throwing Ponds new knickers aside.

"Oh right. Lets go buy you some then love!"

They found a lingerie store. Amy tried on bras and knickers.

She ended up buying 4 bras and 6 pairs of knickers for $80.

The Doctor told her "You know in America they are called "panties."

Amy laughed and said "I know."

The pair suddenly heard their stomachs growl. "Ohhh Doctor I'm starved!"

"Yes as am I Pond". The Doctor looked at his watch. Hours had passed since they ate their Chinese food.

Amy spotted a Hot Dog Cart. "Oh Doctor I love Hot Dogs! Can we get some?"

The Doctor also enjoyed Hot Dogs.

The Doctor ordered 4 hot dogs, 2 pretzels, 2 sodas, and 2 bags of popcorn. Apparently Amy didn't like to share.

The couple took their meal back to The TARDIS and filled their hot dogs with ketchup from the TARDIS console. They sat and ate and talked.

The Doctor was asking how on Earth Amy could spend $80 on undergarments no one was going to see.

Amy countered "It's better than spending $300 on a Fez!"

She then whispered in the Doctor's ear "Besides who says no one is going to see them?"

This sent a chill thru the Doctor's body. His hearts started pounding in his ears. That double drumbeat. The sound he knew his enemy, The Master had heard all of his life. Suddenly he felt sorry for the Master.

"Well Amy. We should clean up. Maybe watch a movie?"

Amy asked "Doctor why didn't we just go to the 13th Century and get a Fez there. It would be more authentic and cost less."

The Doctor laughed "True Pond True. But who knows what we would get into there."

"Oh Doctor! You do always find Trouble don't you?"

"Oi, I don't find it! It finds me! So anyway how about that movie?"

Just then the two heard a scream "HELP HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!"

The Doctor and Amy ran outside to see a woman trying to fight off something.

It was dark but The Doctor could tell it was some sort of creature. That's when he heard it. The robotic voice of one of his many enemies. "DELETE! DELETE!"

Oh Bloody Hell! He thought. Not them again!

"Oi Tin man!" He called. This caught the creature's attention. The woman managed to escape while it was distracted.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" she exclaimed to the Doctor as she ran far far away.

"Who are you? Who are you?" The mechanical voice asked.

"Oh come on! It hasn't been that long! Surely you know me. It's me your old enemy. Come on think!"

"I do not understand. Which enemy are you? We have many."

Amy was staring at the creature. A Cyberman she thought. "Doctor it's a Cyberman" she whispered to the Time Lord.

"Yes, Amy. I know that. Thanks."

"How are you going to stop him?"

"Not sure yet. Just run when I tell you too. Ok?"


Just then the Doctor felt something in his pants. (No not that you perverts.) He reached into his pocket and pulled out an info stamp. He held it in his hands and it said "THE DOCTOR." on it.

The Cyberman had been staring at him and he finally said "Do I know you?"

"It's me! The Doctor! Don't you remember me?"

"You do not compute to my images of the Doctor."

"Oh yeah? Look at this." He said throwing the Info Stamp to the Cyberman. (He remembered doing this in his past incarnation.)

The Cyberman plugged the info stamp into himself.

He downloaded the info stamp and saw each and every Doctor. The last images he saw were of the 11th Doctor.

"You are THE DOCTOR! You will be deleted!"

"Yes I am! Wait, What? Hold on. Hold on. First let me ask you, what is it you want?"

"We want domination!"

"Ahh domination! I see. I don't really recommend it. So what you want is what you always want. You want to take over the Earth and change everyone into a Cyberman Yeah?"

"Yes! Then it will be a Cyber world."

"A Cyber world? How boring! Why do you want everyone the same? Our individuality is unique! If everyone looked the same then we wouldn't have gorgeous Amy over there with her Ginger hair! Or me with my Bow Tie! Bow Ties are cool, by the way!

What's the point of a Cyber world?"

"We want to rule. We need to be the same. I am done talking with you Doctor. I will now have the pleasure of deleting you."

The Cyberman clanked forward "DELETE, DELETE!"

"NOOO!" Amy screamed and jumped in front of the Doctor.

"Amy!" The Doctor pushed her out of the way.

She fell on to the pavement and was knocked unconscious.

The Doctor had to think and fast. He reached into his Pocket and found another Info Stamp. He was about to take it out and blast the Cyberman.

"Hey Can Opener!" The Doctor heard a familiar voice yell.

The Cyberman turned and was blasted into oblivion.

"HAHAHA GOT IT!" The voice yelled.

With the Cyberman dead at his feet The Doctor looked up and saw a man in a WWII coat with a huge smile on his face. He had an American accent and was very handsome.

"Jack Harkness!"

"Doc? Is that you?"

The Doctor walked around the Cyberman to engulf the other man in a hug.

"Doctor you look different! Oh, Regeneration again. I like it."

"Why thank you Jack. Yes I'm a new man."

Jack ran his fingers thru the Doctor's hair. "Still not Ginger I see."

The Doctor took Jack's hand out of his hair and said "Jack Don't start! Please!"

Jack laughed and looked around. "Doctor where are your companions? You usually have one or two. You're not alone this time are you?"

"What? No. I'm with. AMY!" The Doctor looked around and found his girlfriend on the ground where he had thrown her.

The two men went over and tried to rouse her.

"Amy Amy! Wake up!" The Doctor yelled. He felt the tears start to well up in his eyes.

Amy woke up and said "Oi Doctor! Why did you push me to the ground like that?"

The Doctor laughed and told the ex-time agent "She's going to be all right."

"I'm Sorry Pond but I didn't want the Cyberman to delete you! The last thing I need is for you to die! That would break my hearts! Besides what would I tell your parents?"

Amy rubbed her head and said "Well I didn't want that Cyberman to delete you either!"

She hugged him close.

Jack noticed the contact between the two.

"So Doctor are you going to introduce me?"

"Ah Jack Harkness this is Amelia Pond. Amelia Pond, Jack Harkness."

"Hi there!" Jack said suggestively.

Amy shook Jack's hand and said "Hi. I'm Amy. I hate Amelia."

"Why? It's beautiful. It's a fairy tale name." Jack stated.

"That's what I said!" The Doctor exclaimed.

"So Amy. Are you seeing anyone?"

The Doctor told Jack "Stop it!"

He laughed. "Doctor you sound like your old self. Literally!"

Amy said "Well Jack as a matter of fact I am seeing someone." She held the Doctor closer.

"You two?"

"Doctor I thought you didn't date companions. Well except Rose but."

The Doctor winced at the mention of Rose.


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