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The Mercy Virus: Prologue

Book By: thepowerofwords
Science fiction

Having special powers has always been a dream of mine, and a source for inspiration.

Submitted:Jun 5, 2013    Reads: 14    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

When you hear the word Virus, What do you think. "A small infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of an organism." When you hear the word virus, you think Smallpox, Malaria, Aids even the common Cold. Viruses that have only one purpose, infect the host, attack the body and die. In 2030, a small boy was discovered on the outskirts of Saudi Arabia. Having wandered the desert for days, he was emediatly transported to the nearest hospital. There, to doctors surprise, they discovered the boy had suffered no dehydration or starvation. It seamed as though the boys metabolism had slowed to an inhuman level. During a blood test doctors discover a strange strain of DNA in his blood stream. It appeared he had contracted an unknown virus. A day later all evidence of this virus ever existing disappeared. In 2031, another case of this virus was discovered. This time it was discovered in the blood stream of an elderly man who had fallen from a ladder. Doctors were sure he would suffer severe memory loss, but five days later he walked out of the hospital having had a full recovery with improved memory. Cases like this were appearing all over the world in the years that followed. This virus, called the Mercy Virus for its characteristics, was appearing only when the the body had suffered severe damage. Broken bones were healing in record time, and the patients functions had improved. No one could explain the mysterious way this Mercy Virus was appearing and disappearing in the human body. In 2033 however, scientists discovered that the virus left behind a change in the patients DNA. This mutation was different with each patient. In one case the patient had suffered third degree burns all over their body. In record time the dead tissue had healed and his skin became resistant to fire. This left scientists baffled. All over the world people were jumping higher, running faster and performing feats not possible before they suffered their injuries. Even though these mutations were harmless, new mutations were proving to be deadly. In a small town a boy develops the ability to control insects, upon discovering his ability he uses it to send a swarm of bees to attack his school's bully. Sending him to the hospital. Society began to cry out for its government to do something. Immediately the government started funding to develop an organization to combat the Mercy Virus. This organization is called GEO. Which stands for Genetically Engineered Operatives. This task force is trained and prepared to handle any type of threat the Mercy Victims, as they are called, can throw at them. GEO even employed the services of several Mercy Victims to aid in the capture of rogue Victims. In the mean time the government is also funding research to find a cure for the Mercy Virus. None have been found. Society is beginning to question the true purpose of GEO and even more so with the development of Bunker 3.


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