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Universe at War: Earth Assualt

Book By: topherdemo
Science fiction

Our world has become a battlefield. Three races shall determine their war upon ours, and mankind stands no chance but to ally with one. If the world was to come to an end, if everything was to be lost, would you give up without a fight?

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Chapter 1

The Dawn of War

Jason leaned in his chair bored out of his mind as his teacher rambled on about some poem that he probably read before. Jason looked at her for she seemed like she would call on him, but she didn't. He went back to daydreaming. He brushed his hand through his short black hair, leaning back again and closing his dark eyes. He thought of a war, D-Day to be exact. Fifty years ago he was there doing something far more interesting than being here in the stupid English room.

Jason was 927 years old starting next week. His mother was thousands of years old, oldest being in the universe. Jason, was a Masarian. An old race, some of the oldest. He's a god compared to the humans, but he is stuck here with them, forced to hide himself. His race exhiled him for being half human, his mother having fallen in love with a human a thousand years ago now shames him. A half god perhaps, but still a god. Jason looked at the girl next to him, Sarah. She was loud and annoying. Pathetic, he thought. He hated being stuck here hidden on Earth, it was a boring and slow paced planet. He was a god! Top of his race! Well...half-god at least...

He slouched and gave a large sigh, thinking of his homeworld. His old homeworld that is...that was when...

Jason flinched to a sharp pain in his head, something he had never experienced before. He held his head, but the pain only got worse. It felt like the whole world around him was shaking. What is going on... He thought. Images flashed in his mind, and he swore he had seen them before. Something evil was laughing, trying to reach out for him. He recognized it before, like a distant memory no one wants to remember. No, it can't be.

Jason's eyes shot open searching the room. He was on the ground and he didn't know how or why, but he realized everyone else was too hiding under their desks. It took him a moment to realize that the room was shaking violently, like an earthquake was happening. Hearing came back to him a few moments later where he could hear the screams of everyone and his teacher yelling to keep their heads under the desk.

The shaking stopped almost as suddenly as it came, and it was silent except for the many car alarms going off in the background. There was a large crack in the wall, large enough you could almost see inside the other classroom. Most the kids still huddled under their desks, a couple shakingly stood up along with the teacher. Jason got up right away having a sick feeling to himself.

Jason cursed under his breath. He hadn't realized a chunk of the wall actually hit him in the head, and blood began to drip down his head.

"Jason," the teacher called on him. Jason gave a glance, but not enough to lock eyes. His breathing was heavy and his fear was settling in, he knew what was going to happen...

Jason bolted out of the classroom ignoring the teacher yelling at him to stay. He sprinted down the hallway to the door looking outside to the fields about a mile from the school. He could see something had crashed there easily, a giant burnt path lead to large object in the middle of the field. A fool would think it to be a plane or a meteor, but Jason knew better. He knew the truth of what had come to the planet. And now Earth was doomed to the same fate his planet had faced, annihilation.


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