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The journey of three astraunuts to the moon and back.

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by Tyler Maciel






"thank god the apollo missions wernt cancelled now we can look and feel the moon in difrent way" -Gerald ford.

1 / 2 / 1975


Cape Canaveral 1975 Apollo 20 will set up a outpost on the moon using new upgrades of the new Saturn 6 and a new LM The hour is noon the sun reflects in the water the temperature is scorching There thousands of people there The flight director counts down the rocket gos up with force a atomic bomb. The Apollo capsule and LM is now in orbit the tiny screw rises like it was levitating

John White and Devin Waiet And Tyler Marciel start to float as the gravity dispers into the oblivion of space the capsule floats and heads to moon.

Chapter 2:"to the moon"

The crew is working as Devin says "whats your words when you land"

Tyler responds "Yew hah" Devin responds "why ?"

"because im Texan" Tyler Responds

Tyler says "hey John rember Apollo 19 you were there"

"yeah" John says John says "time to hit the hay"

"i only say that" Tyler says

Chapter 3"Yeh haw"

The LM Descents To the Lunar surface Its hits the filthy dust the dusts lowers. Tyler Suited up Climbs out and Says "ye haw" on television . The camera turn off then Devin comes out of the LM He sets up the lunar rover they set up a satellite disk and antenna. They drive of to the largest crater they a excavate there the site they find a rock it is diamond Tyler Picks it up he says "whats diamond doing on the moon" he radios Houston He says

"weve found diamond" Houston says "good work"

They test the suits depth he goes in the crater he stabs nails in the rock and ties rope he scales the crater he finds Cortes 1 a probe he retrieve's the camera the depth is five hundred feet of a cold and dreyer depth He scales back up And waite and Tyler drives back to the LM They setup a green house tent on the lunar surface for food. The next day They setup a mining tent they stab a drill in the ground and drill for rocks They find a horde of rocks four hundred pounds of rocks they load into the storage crates on left of the LM. The nexy day they set up a parking tent for rover So it wont be dameged by the thermal raise. They spend eight teen hours working on lunar surface They setup a Permanent out post the forth day they erect a 50x30 building in sections for a labrotory.The next day was the final They woke up early And setup a canteen tent and the life support genrator the size of the rover then they said there good byes and went back in the LM Launch off and docked at the Serice module and headed back to earth and laned.

Apollo 20 paved the way for apollo 21 and more colonys to come.


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