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Marked Prologue and Chapter 1. Continuous story.

Book By: VerticusTheFirstWerewolf
Science fiction

i was thinking about writing this into a book and want to turn it into a movie.

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It was the middle of July 13, 1996 when it happened. The day Zoey Daniels found out that her parents got assassinated and she got kidnapped. The afternoon was bright, sunny, and perfect. Zoey was in the backyard playing fetch with her Beagle named Louee. Zoey has light skin, she was 3'0" by the time, she has long chocolate brown hair with bangs, slim, and green, grey, and golden-brown hazel eyes. "Fetch, Louee." Zoey said as she was giggling.

She threw the green tennis ball to the fence line and Louee speed like a lightning bolt to the ball. She started giggling at Louee but she stoppedwhen she heard the gunshots from inside the house. She went to investigate what that sound was. She started climbing up the stairs when she heard a man's voice saying "Where the fuck is the vial?" "I don't know where it is?" Zoey heard her father's voice replying. She went to the door and it was cracked opened a little bit. She saw her father on the bed and a man was pointing a gun to her father's head. He pulled the trigger and her father fell. The tears started coming to her eyes. She whispered, "Mommy, Daddy."

It was the most horrifying thing she saw. She saw crimson everywhere, it draped the floorboards, the bed-spread, and the walls. She heard a second sound from inside the room and she ran to her bedroom to hide underneath the bed. She heard two male voices coming close to her. Then, all of a sudden her bedroom door opened and they went inside. Zoey lied there still and her arm accidentally bumped into her dollhouse. She said, "Ow." "What the hell was that?" the first man in the black leather coat asked. "It sound like it was coming from underneath the bed" the second man in a yellow leather coat answered. Zoey was terrified and she was still as a statue.

The man in the black leather coat looked under the bed and said "Got cha." He put his hand under the bed and grabbed Zoey by the ankle. She screamed and screamed as she was being dragged out from under neath the bed. She kicked and screamed. The man in the yellow leather coat knocked her out like a light bulb. "What should we do with her?" asked the man with the black leather coat. "We could use her as an experiment." answered the man in the yellow leather coat. The man in the black leather coat pulled out a small zip up bag and took a syringe with some kind of liquid inside and he put the liquid in Zoey. They dragged her down the stairs and put her in the back of the red van. They drove away.

Chapter 1.

The day is January, 9, 2010.

Hi, My name is Zoey Daniels (AKA) Ex.581. I wasfive years old when I got kidnapped. I had no recognition
of what was going on but, then it hit me that I was being taken in by these scientists from The Phoenix Corporation, a secret underground facility developing experimental viral weaponry. First, of all they put me on a table. Next, they did all sorts of tests on me. These tests were painful. They played with your mind with all these tests they were doing.Then, they started experimenting on me. Finally, my plan was to get the hellout of dodge. Yeah, that was it, to get the hell out of this shit-hole.

"Hey sir, we got a problem", Dr. Cooper Gillian said. Dr. Cooper Gillian was athletic, 6'1", dark long blond hair, blue eyes, and his skin resembled of a golden sun. He reminds people of a model in a magazine. "What the fuck is the problem?" Dr. Mikaela Liberty asked. Dr. Mikaela Liberty is the head of The Phoenix Cooperation. He has golden eyes, fair skin, blond short hair, athletic, 6'3", and he reminds people of an ad in business like magazine. " The schematics of the test results were negative, sir." said Gillian. Liberty was furious and he slammed his fists on the table. "Damn it. We are not going to find the results so we can create the next perfect weapon.Activate Experiment 581, please." Liberty said.

"Okay. Computer activate Experiment 581, please." Gillian said. "Activating Experiment 581." the computer said. A metal round box came out and it laid in the middle of the room. It opened and there Zoey laid inside of it. She was covered in some kind of pink goo and she was naked in there. She opened her eyes and as she was sitting up she started screaming. She grabbed a hold of the side of the container and she started crawling out. She was shaking and whining like a dog lost his bone. She backs up into a corner and starts crying. She is sitting in a crouch like position and her legs are close to her body. She has a scared look on her face. She still is crying. Dr. Liberty went up to her and said, "Don't be afraid. I am not going to hurt you. Come on get up. It's okay." She looks at him and then shelooks around. She then, gets up and Dr. Gillian wraps a lab coat around her. "We are going to do some tests." Oh boy, bad move. When Zoey heard the word tests she snapped.

She grabbed ahold of Liberty' neck and threw him against the wall. "Send reinforcements in here immeditially."Gillian said. She saw Liberty's clipboard, snatched it up,and threw it at Gillan's head. He fell unconsious. Security guards started coming in and she fought them. "Security breached, Security breached." the computer said. She started moving toward the back of the building and she got outside. More security guards started filing in. They saw her and started shooting at her. She ran and saw a fence. She jumped over it and she started running into the woods.

They chased after her with dogs and she ran until she saw a waterfall. She knew she was trapped and the guards with the dogs kept coming closer. She knew what she had to do. She jumped into the waterfall. The guards and the dogs came by the waterfall. "Damn it." one of the guards said. They went back into the laboratory and the scientists started getting up. "Where is she?" Liberty said. "Sir, we lost her. She jumped over the waterfall." the guard says. "WHAT?" Liberty shouted. He was mad. He grabbed the guard by the throat." IF SHE IS OUT! SHE CAN EXPOSE US ALL. AND HER ABILITIES ARE GROWING AT A GEOMETRIC RATE. I WANT HER FOUND AND IF SHE IS NOT FOUND, I WILL MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT FUCKING FOUND. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? DO YOU?" Liberty shouted. 'YYYYeeessss, ssir" the guard managed to chock out.

The current carried her and she woke up on the banks of the river. She moaned and she got up. She started walking towards the city.

(To be Continued...............)


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