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The Monsters are Due on Maple Street ( an essay)

By: Angel Of Life

Page 1, an essay for the screenplay, \" the monsters are due on maple street\" by Rod Serling. for english class!!!

In the screenplay, " the Monsters Are Due on Maple Street", by Rod Serling, there are characters that act reasonabley, and some that act unreasonabley. When there are unexplained power outs and electronics stop working, people are always ina  hurry to find someone to blame. Most of the madness started with a child's comic book story about aliens. Characters like Steve, act very reasonable. Some characters like Charlie and Women, act very unreasonable and unrationable.

Characters like steve, act very reasonable. Like on page 513, he said " wait a minute, lets not be a mob!" When the crowd went over to Mr. Goodman's house, when he was being accoused of being an alien. Also, he said " i'll run downtown and get this straightened out." when the lights first went out. He was a very reasonable character and did not  freak out and assume anything unrational.

Some characters like Charlie and Women, act very unreasonable and unrationable. On page 517, Charlie said " I thinkl we better keep an eye on you too!" to steve when he started defending Mr. Goddman. He also said " He always was an oddball." on page 513, when Mr.Goodman first started being accused. on page 515, Women said " ...looking, at the sky" also when Mr.Goodman was being accused. She said " how come your car up and started like that?" on page 512, when Mr.Goodman's car started, even when everybody elses didnt work. These characters showed very iunreasonable behavior.

Some characters acted reasonable, and some did not. Steve was always calm and wasn't quike to blame anyone. Charlie and women were very quike to blame. They always took every word, and twisted it around to make it seem like the speaker, was an alien. It all began with a child's comic boom story, and even grown ups are accusing people of being Aliens! Some character act reasonably: others do not.

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