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Life's Evil Twin

By: JamesBryne

Page 1, Larry is a simple man who just wants his normal boring day-to-day life back, but that’s not his destiny. Minding his own business, working his normal 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM job and paying his bills, he is confronted with a family curse and a gift on the day of the dead. After near death experiences, he discovers his one true talent and gift of foretelling someone’s oncoming death. He is now in a rush to save himself and others before time runs out.

I want to share with you the lates book that I read.

I said I should take a break from Science-Fiction books but I couldn't help my self so I read 2 book. The first book was "Life's Evil Twin" by Christopher J. Stone. 

Let me just say what I loved about this book

  • The main character - Larry, a man looking for a normal life in a world where he can't have one
  • Near death experiences
  • The ability to predict those near death experiences, foretelling someone's death
  • Being seen like a freak, even by his own wife.

​I love this book with all it's almost 500 pages because I kinda relate to Larry and his life. A great read for every sci-fi fan.

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