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Kismet---the fate of one man's destiny

Book review By: Screenwriter23
Science fiction

This story was written for Keanu Reeves. It is about a man Named Kevin. He is a cop. He is transported to an island. Things will never be the same! He has to be reborn as part of an experiment. He then wants nothing more than to just get back to the states!

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6:12 PM 5/23/09

Kismet -
The fate of one man's destiny*

By Suzanne La Rosa-Herlihy

Chapter 1

part 1--- "Fountain of youth"

"The phone is ringing.", Anna declared ,as she lifted Kevin's head up,
which was laying on her chest.The time was 11:10 a.m.
"Let it ring.", he whispered, "No...., wait...,I Have to get it".
He grunted as he got up to answer the phone on the end table.
"Ok.", was all he said ,as he hung up.
"They just called me back into work. I really hate working nights
and not sleeping during the day." He kissed her ,got dressed and
Jumped over the side of the docked houseboat.
Once in his jeep, he smiled at the contentment
and love that he had deep in his heart for her. His world seemed right.
She then got up and tripped over his clothes on the floor, saying, to
herself,"What a slob!! I Have to pick up after you now?
I'm not your mother!"
He pulls into a convenience store and orders a black coffee to go.
His chubby male partner says to the man behind the counter,"I know the
restroom is for " Employees only". What ever happened to police courtesy
In this town?" The man argues, then waves him in ,and tells him
to," Make it quick".
Kevin approaches the car , he hears a distorted , half- end of a police
"Just robbed the 5th street bank,(Static),...armed And dangerous"
Kevin drops the coffee and doesn't even wait for his partner,
while driving off at top speed!
His heart is pounding while going through red lights!
Once at the bank,...he Follows the car.
The jeep comes to a screeching halt at the docks!`
Kevin sees the suspect ,
dressed in black and wearing a ski mask!
They both get out of their cars and run behind crates,
And then onto the pier!
A motorized rubber raft is tied to the pier below.,
in the water. He
points his gun at Kevin and he pulls his gun out at the same time!
It's a stand-off!
The suspect gently climbs into the raft , drops the bag of money
And with a steady hand, holds the gun on Kevin!
Saying,"Kevin, how long have you known me?"
Kevin was shocked!! It was someone that he knew!!
Just then Kevin was shaking his head, replying, "What ,
Who are you?"
He pulled off the ski mask and showed his face!
It was Dennis!
Just then Anna came out of the houseboat and made her way down to
the pier, where they were standing!
Kevin yelled,"What the hell is going
on here Dennis?"!
Dennis now pointed the gun at Anna and told her to,
" Get into the raft!!"
Anna shook as she did as she was commanded!
Dennis grabbed the handle of the motor and was about
to leave with Anna
when he shouted , over the noise of the
motor, "Are you just going to stand there Kevin,
or are you coming with us?"
He put his gun in the back of his belt and climbed in. Just then,
Dennis said,
"No,..Throw your gun into the water!"
Kevin pulled it back out and threw it into the water.
He then untied the raft.
Kevin put his arms around Anna as the raft picked up momentum
and went over the waves!
Six hours went by, and they just pulled into another pier,
that was on a small island.
The sun was getting ready to set.

Chapter 2

Anna was the first to step onto the pier and Kevin
followed. Dennis grabbed the money and joined them. When they got
to the beach , Anna asked Kevin,"What's going on here? I heard you on the
dock back there. I just wanted to see if you were OK?"
He pointed to Dennis , saying,"This is Dennis. A friend of
my father's. And now, a known bank robber! He's just gone crazy!"
Dennis laughed, "I know it looks crazy, but I need this money! Tom is a
friend of mine and he is a great chemist. We are working on a project and
I need to fund it".
"Don't they have grants for things like that?" ,Kevin asked.
Just then, as big shark bit into the rubber raft!!
It was pulled under in a flash!!

They all jumped back!!
There was nothing left of the raft!!
Dennis laughed again,"If the sharks don't get ya , the piranha will !!
Now,...Where is TOM?"
Kevin grabbed him by the shoulders ,and said,"Listen very carefully!
Is there another raft or a phone here??"
"No.", he said plainly.
"What do you mean, ..NO!?? Are we stranded here?"
"Yes, sort of! I mean. , A supply boat will be here,...in Ten years!"
Dennis walked away,..Still laughing. He looked at one side of the beach to
the other, looking for Tom.
Anna let out a scream as she pointed!
It was the remains of Tom! Just under the pier! Kevin pulled her away.
Kevin said,"You still haven't told us why we're here?"
Dennis looked at the torn head and shoulder of Tom ! He then kicked the
rest of his remains in the water and the piranha went into a feeding frenzy!
Dennis watched the piranha and said calmly,
"It's very simple Kevin. You followed me
here! "
Kevin grabbed a stick and started to write "Help" in the sand.
He grunted and pushed the stick down hard as he was in complete
Anna asked Dennis, "What about that building? It looks sort of out of
place here? Are there any people on this island? Maybe someone who can
help us."

Dennis tried to grab the stick away from Kevin and said,"It's no use!
No one lives here and no plane is going to "Miraculously" fly over our heads.
Tom and I picked this deserted island just for that reason! We did not want
to be bothered. The project that he was working on is , or was "Top
Secret".!! I know what it is...,
I think he was waiting on the dock and had a heart attack??
He had a bad heart. Well,...the Secret formula went with him. He never
kept notes or anything.If it's any consolation,
The building was designed for complete comfort. It has
six generators on the sides of the house., they have awnings covering them.
The food service is completely automated.
His chem. lab is there.,books and a
home library... , and we have supplies to last for ten years!"
Kevin went up to him saying,"And you robbed a bank for
nothing then! And we're stuck here for nothing !"You could hear the
sarcasm in his voice!
He went back to writing in the sand.
Anna rubbed her shoulders. The sea breeze was just coming in. Kevin
asked, "Are you getting a chill? Let's get inside."
They ran up to the building and left Dennis on the pier.
Kevin pulled open the door and stepped inside. Just then a white
powdered mist sprayed him in the eyes!! Anna screamed!! Dennis ran up!
She yelled,"What? What is happening to him?"
He pushed her aside and saw that Kevin was shrinking and he was
holding his eyes and groaning on the floor!
He was still kicking his feet as Dennis picked him up and he became a fetus!
Dennis and Anna just looked at each other in amazement! She said,"
Is this the project he was working on? He'll be a liquid soon!!"
Dennis nodded, "The fountain of youth!! We have only one way to
save him!!" Anna asked openly ,"And that is?"
"Artificial insemination!!",he said, As they both ran to the chem. lab!!

Chapter 3
Anna's room was dark , except for a tiny night light next to her bed. It was a
motion detection lamp that came on when someone moved in the room.
She was tall and thin. Her hair was blonde and straight, except that it curled
a bit when it rained outside ,from the humidity.
She was young. She was about the same age as Kevin used to be...mid
thirties.They Met in a bar and lived together in the houseboat. They were
talking about getting married!
Dennis walked in, with a tool box ,saying,"Are you OK? I have to check
the generators ."
She looked down at her stomach , saying,"Do you think he is OK?"
Dennis touched her stomach and said,"Only time will tell! I think Tom set up
that door to spray me! Since he really didn't want to test it on himself.It
would be like him to do something like that! Well,....the Formula died with
him! I wish he could have lived to see this!!"
She opened a journal and started writing,"
May 3, 2009---Dear journal,
My love, you have been reduced to a tiny little fetus! It's funny that Mother's
day is coming up! Guess I just made it. My love for you Kevin hasn't changed!
Just the way we will act towards each other has changed. Dennis is
a good man and a smart man to save your life! We will be a happy family."
She closed her journal and went back to sleep.
Kevin was alive and growing!
He would wake up for a groggy minute and then go back to sleep.
Anna spent most of her time in the kitchen. Everything was
automated! She walked up to the counter and spoke into a microphone
saying,"Milk and cereal". A sliding door opened on the counter top and a
quart of milk , a bowl and cereal were there!"Dennis had a pantry room
the size of a living room that he would stock the kitchen with.
There was also two refrigerators and a giant freezer.
Round tables in the kitchen made it look more like a cafeteria , but
it was fully automated! The robotic floor sweeper even cleaned for her!
Next to the kitchen was a laundry room . Beyond that was a home
library with over two thousand books, including school books!
The building had 12 rooms . The size and structure of it looked
like an office building, and the sturdiness to withstand any storm or
The chem. lab was on the other side of the building. That is
were Tom spent most of his time , perfecting the formula. Dennis was
also a chemist.
There were four bedrooms, but they were plain looking.
Another room had fabrics and a
sewing machine,cleaning supplies ,
along with supplies for the generators , including a
spare generator. You would think that twelve rooms would take a lot of
time to clean, but Dennis found a way to do it in a few hours!
Anna spent the next few months out on the
beach , just laying under an umbrella.It didn't have many palm trees for
shade. The house-building sat in the middle of the tiny island.
The local fruit on the island was papayas, which Dennis never
could eat!
There were no animals either.Once in a while you'd hear
frogs. Perhaps there were turtles , too? Anna had no intention of
walking around this place outside! Especially since the next six
months were hurricane season!
When Kevin fully woke up , he knew he was surrounded by
water, And it was dark! You can not imagine the fear that overtook him!
There wasn't a lot of room to move around in and he could hear Anna's
heart beating!!
It didn't take him long to realize what had happened and where he was!!
He remembers thinking,"I got sprayed in the face! I remember my eyes
burning! But, how did I get inside Anna??!How could this be possible?
I have to be reborn?! I have to do everything all over again?
Wait a second? Wait just a minute!! Is she eating pizza and pickles?
That is so gross! I'm going to make her throw up!!
If I have to stay in here a minute longer, I'm going to lose my mind!!
Will I be born too early? Will I make it?? " Kevin spent the next three days
talking to himself!
He'd go back and forth
over and over in his mind , as what to do?
He then felt around for the mucus plug and pushed it!
Water came rushing down his sides ,.like water in a bath tub that is
draining!! Ready or not, he wanted out!
It took a long time but Anna pushed out his head and he
could feel the openness and the air!! He soon was out and all he could
do was cough!! He didn't cry! His eyes began to focus in the light and
he could make out shapes and figures!It was Dennis and Anna smiling
down at him! Dennis kissed HER and Kevin started to cry!

Chapter 4


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