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Curse of the Ipad 65

By: bijanbijan1

Page 1, This piece reflects upon a futuristic ipad that ends up controlling the entire world. The people in power are mighty, but a twist in the end will shake things up a bit.

Bijan Vakilifathi
3355 Quail Walk Lane
Danville, CA 94506
Ipad 65
It was November 2084 and the new ipad 65 has come out for the population to use. At the start, a group of Apple officials decided to test this product with a group of computer engineers at Cal Poly SLO. The effects were determined to be detrimental to human emotion, it had worked perfectly. After days of checking facebook, playing games, managing there bills, and doing basically every single human function, people’s skin started to turn a pale ghost white. These, zombie like, test dummies had proven the ipad 65 had done its job in fully controlling the way human’s act. Then the ipad started to spread like an infection, starting with the “tech junkies”. That’s when the unthinkable happened. Apple had just sold its rights of the ipad to George W. Bush the V placing the most powerful item in human history in the hands of the fifth dumbest man in human history.
            A pale white skin tone began to spread from California, to the entire west coast, and eventually to all of North America (North America was now controlled fully by the US from the war of 2060). People were enthralled with the abilities this new ipad possessed. It was able to create food out of a raw materials, purge sickness with a prick of a needle, and even have conversations with its owner.
An interview with Clark Gernan, a first time ipad user, showed what the public believed, "The ipad is all I need in life. I honestly may even marry it! I mean you can literally do everything you could ever imagine with it, how could anything else beat that?"
The interviewer, Bijan Vakilifathi, followed with a question, "Do you believe the ipad is taking over your life? Do you think it will reach a point where you can't even control yourself?"
And Clark almost immediately responded with a harsh new tone in his voice, "How dare you talk about the ipad 65 like that?" His skin started to turn a dark red. "You buffoon! Without this ipad I am nothing, you are nothing, heck the entire population is nothing!
Then the law that would change the course of human history was set under the Bush administration. It stated if one does not have the ipad 65, or any future model of the ipad, one will be punished severely until it is learned to be accepted in everyday life. How could it ever get this far? How could we put the most powerful technology ownership rights to the government? Then the first official uses of these ipads were launched on January 1, 2085. The government implemented an algorithm, in a recent annual update, that would influence the human brain to basically do whatever the government wants. For a test of this new found power, the Bush administration signaled all people with ipad’s to go outside and scratch the top of their left ear. To be able to view all people at once guards were enforced within the borders of every state, city, county, and street. If someone did not end up outside, scratching their ears, then they were punished severely immediately. Was human civilization finally brought back to animalistic conditions?
To prevent the virus from spreading into the government, each official in the cabinet was given an exclusive ipad designed at Cal Poly. A couple weeks went by and the most well respected democracy had turned into a totalitarian dystopia. It was time to activate switch A. A group of original ipad creators, who knew about the ipad’s true power, decide to hide in a cave found near the campus of Cal Poly SLO. They survived these couple of weeks by pretending to have the same zombie like appearance in society. However, the government did not know that these technicians placed activation switch A that would reverse the effects of government ipads and citizen’s ipads. Once it happened it seemed like a wave of color had spurred throughout North America, giving life back to the people. As for the government officials they were told by the ipad to act as actual buffoons in the Greek theatre. People all over the world threw their ipad’s in the trash as they watched the Bush administration, along with his cabinet, act as monkeys for three hours straight until they walked themselves to Guantanamo Bay, locked the prison cells, and each ate the only keys that could possibly get them out.
Finally the ipad 65 was finally shut off for good in society. Once technology is able to take over human emotion, instead of using it for power people should use it to better society along with humans. With times changing and technology growing one can never calculate every possible outcome, however, one can always influence change for what has already gone wrong. The next year the ipad 66 came out and since then there is nothing else to really remember…

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