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Alternative history.

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1945. Britain surrenders to the 3rd Reich and Celtika (Scotland, Ireland). A communist movement backed by the USSR sweeps through Canada and America, this stops the Nazis taking over anything more than New York, Washington D.C and Nova Scotia, the Japanese Empire can also not invade the east coast.
1947. The Italian Empire is renamed the 2nd Roman Empire. The communist movements in North America are coming together under the name of United Socialist States of the Americas (USSA).
1950. The African Coalition is formed to fight the 2nd Roman Empire. USSA is official announced as a nation and its capital becomes Seattle.
1955. The Nazis send the first man into space. Unrest in the south of America, due to communism.
1957. USSR and USSA with a united space program sends the first man into space.
1960. The White Power rising in the south of USSA which is backed by the 3rd Reich.
1961. Start of the Stale war. White Power and sympathisers start a small war which in the political world forms unease with many powers possessing nuclear technology.
1965. The Treaty of White Annexation hands the control of the states of Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas to the 3rd Reich.
1968. The newly annexed Nazi states are granted independence as the Confederate States of America (CSA). The USSA sends a man to the moon.
1969. CSA with major help from the 3rd Reich launches 10 pure Aryan men and woman to the moon and found Village of Aryania.
1970. USSR and USSA become annoyed at the fascists claiming the Moon.
1972. The communist powers and fascists divide the Moon between themselves quickly colonising it.
1975. Genetics start to be sold in the 3rd Reich. The Aryan population by this time in the Reich is 85%.
1976. Start of the Japanese civil war between the Parliament and the Emperor.
1978. Rise of the second Roman Senate.
1980. All over the world computers and other electronic inventions have been invented.
1981. Start of the World Space program where the USSA and the 3rd Reich colonize Mars together. The population of the Moon is 10,000. Japanese civil war ends when a great Parliament general declares himself Shogun of the empire.
1985. Roman Senate invade the middle-east.
1986. First humans who can breathe in space are invented by World Space program.
1990. Slave trade is legalized in the 3rd Reich, Japanese Empire and the African Coalition.
1992. Paganism and capitalism are rising in the 3rd Reich with many important generals expressing their pagan views.
1994. Roman Senate march on Baghdad. Great Rome bomb, a huge explosion detonates in Rome destroying a quarter of the city; it is believed to be terrorists.
1995. The Baghdad Boom, Roman Senate nukes Baghdad in vengeance of Rome. The war escalates into a large war and is named the War of Faith.
1996. Roman Senate makes Catholicism illegal and makes the state religion that of the old Roman ones.
1998. The first female Furher Luisa Gartrof is elected at the age of 30.
1999. Furher Luisa creates 2 other Nazi partys.
2000. The century ends with the divide between Communism and Fascism are fading and democracy and Capitalism are on the rise. The War of Faith is taking a heavy toll on both sides with death toll at a million.


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