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Dangerous Games: Descriptive Prologue

Essay By: theimmortalkiss
Science fiction

This is about three girls who begin using witchcraft to solve their problems, but are they actually doing themselves a favour?... This is the descriptive prologue giving you a little taste as to what the story is all about... It was inspired by the book "Revealers" and the possession of Bonnie in the Vampire Diaries... Enjoy...

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A trio of girls sits cross-legged in a relaxed circle on the floor, around five newly-lit candles. The flickering flame coming from them is just enough to illuminate their faces. The glowing light is even more radiant contrasting with the darkness that engulfs the remainder of the elaborate room.

Their child-like, doe-eyes widen and are now alight with curiosity, fiery bewilderment and a yearning for the unknown.
With a small exchange of determined glances, the girls sit erect and link hands with one another. Their hands are so tightly bound that the blood drains from the place where their clenched fingers touch. Together they form a unified chain.
The three girls' chests expand as they inhale deeply, breathing in the soothing scent of the lavender flavoured candles. In unison, their eyelids gently slide closed.
The small, tanned blonde girl clears her throat.
"By the power of three times three, spirits, make them see, make them see."
Her timid whisper is barely audible. The girl gulps before repeating the same chant over- her voice breaks as she starts but then the volume begins to escalate with every word she pronounces. Without hesitation, she recites the chant a third time. Once she's spoken the last word of the final chant, all the girls' eyes flutter open.
The once glowing candles are now ablaze, the opaque wax dribbles down the sides and drips onto the parquet flooring. Despite the heat from the flames, the air in the room feels wintry.
Power begins to surge through their veins like blood, giving rise to sensations none of them have ever experienced before.
A powerful gust of wind opens the Victorian-style window, pushing past the panes and whooshing around the girls. Startled by the sudden force of nature, the girls release their hands from the grip that once formed a chain.
Leaving nothing but a trickle of smoke, the candles are snuffed, and the girls are now drowned in darkness.


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