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The Hetaukilbalt - JJ Morris's Create an alien in 200 words challenge

Miscellaneous By: JEG
Science fiction

Tags: Alien, Challenge, Hi

This is my entry for the create an alien in 200 words by JJ Morris. I went over a bit-it's about 250.

Submitted:Jan 30, 2009    Reads: 107    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Large, dome-shaped head, big eyes on coiled up stalks, often reaching a few metres in length when fully stretched out. Several rows of teeth inside mouth, with forked green tongue. Covered in orange or brown fur, with spikes running down back and along tail, which ends in spiky ball, like a flail. 4 legs, but from 50 to 100 tentacles instead of arms. No nose. From the planet Chraylizehg, which is very hot, so so are they. Body temperatures reach 50 degrees centigrade. The planet is full of steam and made up of mostly boiling marshes. Very little water, they drink the liquids in the marshes. Air unbreathable to humans. Fairly technologically advanced. Have spaceships that could reach earth in less than a year. Their cities are made of of tall metal towers. Often walled. Have technology far more advanced than humans. Computers as intelligent as the whole human race put together. They have already created simulated reality, and many of the race are currently in a simulated reality. Their weapons are also advanced. One of their Machrame - guns - could blast a human apart in one hit. They have also developed a way of poisoning blades, and the tiniest cut could kill within the hour, causing unbelievable pain as it does so. They also use their tails of course, and are incredibly strong. If it got it's tentacles around a human it would easily crush them to death. They also have a venom which can be spat at other creatures to instantly kill them.


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