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Tags: Zombie

A novel placed in Tucson, Arizona. It is about a zombie invasion.

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Monday June 1
I've been hearing about this Virus going around. It supposedly turns you into a "Zombie." Whatever.
Tuesday June 2
I was listening to the radio today. It said: "The virus has completely devastated 150 of the world's major regions and is spreading rapidly. At this point in time we know of only method of killing the creatures. Destroy the brain. Be on the guard of any loved ones who may have recently been in any sort of contact with the infected. And if you find yourself in a threatened position, please, do not hesitate to act. Again, this is not a Test. This is not a Joke. We, as a species, are overwhelmed. We are outnumbered."
Starting to get worried.
Wednesday June 3
I heard a terrible sound today. It was a very loud scream and then a rifle shot. Followed by what seemed like a scream of agony. My neighbor is infected. My friend and I are making a trip to the armory in Marana today. We'll buy the best things we can afford, and the most ammo we can get.
Were back from the armory. I bought an M14 and M16 assault rifles and recon sights. Josh bought a .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle and a Spas-12 police shotgun. We both bought too much ammo to count. Were buying 75 2 x 4's for windows/doors. I hope this works.
Thursday June 4
We survived the night. I saw my first zombie this morning. They seem to have burned skin. I don't know how this happens. But they smell like rotting flesh. Figures. Josh's saving his .50 caliber rounds for the hordes. He can apparently shoot through 5 with one bullet. I'm using my Semi-auto M14 until it won't fire anymore. His shotgun can shoot up to 20 yards. I think that's 60 feet. He used it to kill the zombie this morning. I can hear them when I go to sleep. Grunts and screams and moans. It's hard to sleep. I'm sure I'll get used to it.
Friday June 5
Woke up to an infected trying to break through the boards. I shot my first bullet of the rampage. I killed him in one shot. I've got to say I'm proud of myself. I think a lot more of them are coming. We might be able to use that .50cal sooner than expected.
They're right outside. I can smell them. Ugh! I'm never going to get used to that. The screaming is creepy though. The creatures all seem young. And inexperienced. They have no clue what to do.
Were on the roof watching. If I become infected and survivors find this journal, save it. Please.
I've counted 8 trying to come into the house. First shot, 3 down. Second shot, 4 down. Third shot. Last one. We seem to be clear.
It's about 8:00PM. We better sleep or they'll get in and infect us while were asleep.
Saturday June 6
They're no screams this morning. My neighborhood is in ruins. Were we the only ones prepared? Were the only two left in this whole city block. The air has a weird feeling in it… There's a bloody body in the street. They're…alive. Barely. There heaving…is this the transformation? This is terrible. We have to help her. The infection is attracted to her arm. She's willing to sacrifice it.
Josh used his combat knife to cut her arm off. She's going to survive. Her name is Dana. She says that she is 13. She's strawberry blonde and has freckles all around her face. We have no clothes for her. She has to wear the bloody ones. She almost became infected. She says it's the worst thing she's felt in her life. She's stopped bleeding. She's going to be alright.
We have to stop them…the…..monsters.
Sunday June 7
We're not afraid of the infected. Were willing to fight to the death to destroy them. Its about 9:30 AM. I can never be sure of the time anymore. Were going to explore, and see what we can find for cover. The house is getting overtaken by the infected right now. We took all of the boards and ran. I'm letting Dana use the M14, shes a great shot. She doesnt seem to be afraid of the creatures, and is almost happy to kill them. Revenge is sweet, right? Shes very friendly and is thankful for us saving her life. Last night, I heard her convulsing.... I dont think we took all of the virus away. It's not affecting her in any way at all,at least that I can see.
Theres a creature down the street feeding off ofa human. I guess we spooked it, because it ran off.. with her arm in its mouth.
Shes shaking violently, and foaming at the mouth. Shes transforming, Were sure of it. Josh shot her. She practically exploded. Waste of a .50cal bullet.


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