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Kalvari and Ghoram physiology

Miscellaneous By: Pelwrath
Science fiction

What the two alien races look like in my story, the Iskarian Gambit.

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Kalvarian physiology and description

Kalvari are an animal, humanoid life form, descended from a hunter/trapper stock. Basically carnivorous in diet, yet they are actually omnivorous. They average 2.4 meters in height and 200kg for weight.

Very strong and having a better than normal resistance to diseases. Kalvari have a small protruding snout/jaw. Their eyes are normal set and the ears are more to the back of the head and the stick out vs. up.

Their fur is a fine outer layer and a coarse under layer. Their teeth are what you'd expect from an animal, sharp and a lot of them.

They have retractable claws on all four of their appendages as well as a series of retractable spikes/quills on their arms.

Fur colors are: Black, brown, red, white and dark blue. Eye color is almost always black and brown.

Ghoram physiology and description

Descended from saurian/insectoid stock. Their eyes are compound eyes, and are located on the top rear of their head. They are capable of seeing 300 degrees without the head/face turning. These eyes are similar to that of a praying mantis, in that their eyes have a 'flat' zone that when viewing the direction they are viewing, gives them very acute vision. As with all compound eyes, they do lack on details yet they are able to 'shift' their sight that is go from apposition to superposition given some preparation time. They have three sensor organs on each side of their neck that function as ears.

Their face has a 'beak' like jaw that opens/closes sideways and is more mandible like than teeth, like as in many fish and insects. They have a tail used for balance and it can be used to lash out at those behind or to their side. Openings above the mouth serve as olfactory sensors.

Skin is a tough and leathery. They molt from one to three times a year, depending on their age. It's coloration can be: Gray, green, tan, rust, brown and white. Eye color is black. Their hands end in claws that need to be trimmed once a month as they constantly grow and aren't retractable. Average length with tail is 2.2 meters, they stand 1.8 meters tall and weight on the average 110kg.


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