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By: Pierrot

Page 1, Birth-Day is a short prose, you could say, with a dystopian and an apocalyptic feeling to it. The idea just popped into my head one day while I was staring at a spot on my chest (above my heart) whose color was totally different from my skin. Since it was above my heart, the idea just came to me, \\\"What if someone used something similar to control people?\\\" and that was what led to me writing this.

In this age of evolved technology, it feels as if the sky has turned black. As if, darkness had taken over; leaving us in this never-ending nightmare. "Peace" just seems like a fabrication of reality that the ones controlling our country use. They use the word "peace" to get their way with the people. They say that they're working for the better future of our country. What a load of crap. Them? Working for our betterment? That's just a load of crap.

When children would be born in this country, the countdown would begin for the day when they would grow 10 years old. The age when children would get their Birth-Marks which was a symbol of their Second Birth; the day when a child had a Birth-Mark planted in his or her body. A Birth-Mark was a device that the government used to keep track of the child. From the age of 10 till they died, they knew everything about him or her. It's as if they even held control over the child's heartbeat. There isn't any way for a child to escape the Birth-Day. Leaving the country is out of question, as the government has the city to be isolated from all other countries. One could enter, but could not leave again which was this country's, Berath's, curse and along it... our curse too.

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