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Cast and Crew for: "A Knights Tale"

Miscellaneous By: stranger in the corner
Science fiction

A full character list including descriptions of the cast of:

A Knights Tale.... (of another sort)

Submitted:Oct 20, 2013    Reads: 19    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

This is the cast and crew for A Knights Tale... (of another sort)

below the cast you will find some random notes about the story and its content.

for fullest effect, please read the story before you read this.


Nicholette Korhen aka Rosebud


Skywolf aka Stranger - Author


Skywolf aka Stranger - Knight of the realm (real time:human controller of the AI computer that runs and maintains the ship.) - apparent age, mid to late 20's

Skywoulf is the Authors Native American name, and Stranger is the Authors nickname.

Physical Description:

5'10.5" slim wiry build, Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, ruggedly handsome and distinguished looking.

Personality list:

Slight depression, lonely, longing, intelligent, kind, caring, selfless, polite, well mannered, passionate, sincere, loyal, confidant, humble.

*Note*: Stranger is the complete mental, and emotional imprint of a real Knight Errant from the middle ages on Old Terra, birthplace of the human race. This imprint was implanted into the brain of a condemned criminal that had been wiped clean. The brain was then removed and installed into the "Tank" a portable unit that allows it to be connected to any of a large number of computers, and or installed as an controller to AI controlled system or systems.

Nicholette Korhen aka Rosebud - Princess of the realm, royal family. (real time: pilot in partner training.) - age: 23

Named after my unborn daughter "Michelle Nicholette". Rosebud I got from the title of a published children's book written and published by a friend of my mother. "Skat What's-His-Name Or, Darling Rosebud" by Christyna Jensen copyrighted in 1994.

Physical Description:

5'9" willowy build, medium sized perky bust, full pouting lips, strawberry blond hair, emerald green eyes. Pert ass. Alabaster skin with a heart shaped face with an ageless beauty resembling an Angel.

Personality list:

Loving, outgoing, every ones friend, intelligent, passionate, slight arrogance, longing for true love.

Shanna O'Conner - Barmaid, part time prostitute. (real time: Nicholette's best friend.) - age: 21

A name that seemed to go with her "character profile."

Physical Description:

5'6" normal slim build, ample breasts, breeders hips, tight ass, chestnut hair, smoky brown eyes, olive skin and a slight harelip giving her a permanent half smile.

Personality list:

Friendly, loving, passionate, seductive, fair, demure, honest, loyal.

Gothwain - nondescript Knight of the Realm.

King Charles Korhen - standard authority figure. Age: late 40's

Named for my son "Charles George"

Physical Description:

Description to be left to the readers imagination.

Personality list:

Stern, hard, just, fair, loving father/husband, wise, intelligent.

Tutor - Training mentor/teacher who's job is to integrate pilots, and technicians into partner pairings for maximum efficiency. For pilots the integration must be a complete one on one immersion in a bonding so close that one cannot live with out the other. For technicians, the pairing required is to be at a level of close friend, and confidant to as many partners as possible.

Physical Description:

As Tutor is only referred to, and not directly encountered in this story there is no need to describe his looks, or personality other than to note that he is an authority figure.

Personality list:

no list, see above.

Commander Rex Hunter - one of several officers involved in the planning and mission briefs to the squadron pilots. Age: 40

A random name that sounded fit for a U.S. Naval Commander

Physical Description:

Neat, trim, average height 5'7" coal black hair, diagonal scar on left cheek, brown eyes, neat trimmed mustache.

Personality list:

Stern, fair, fatherly, rule bound but not to the point of inflexibility, Doesn't second guess the "operative on the ground", gruff.


This story came about from a single thought:

"Rosebud caresses the tank that holds Skywolf aka Stranger, a disembodied brain. "Alright Sir Knight, lets go slay that Dragon!" she says cutting in the afterburners. Upon leaving the carrier they head to the hyper-gate that will take her to the Omikron sector where the Xylanthian Cruiser awaits, her mission: destroy the cruiser and its escort."

the entire story was composed at the keyboard (I am a three finger hunt and peck typist.) with no outline. as I began to write, I would complete a charactor profile on the fly as it were.

For those of you who missed it, my pen name was in the tavern in chapter one: "When Rosebud finished with her current dance, Shanna brought her a tall glass of fruited wine, and told her it was from the *Stranger in the corner*. As they both looked at him, he lifted his tankard in a silent toast the the pair. Rosebud was pleasantly surprised by the drink, and decided to go thank the stranger herself."

"Skat What's-His-Name Or, Darling Rosebud" by Christyna Jensen copyrighted in 1994. is a real published book that I have an autographed copy of the manuscript for.

I looked up some general guidlines for story length, and found that a short story has between 1,500 and 30,000 words. Knights tale has a word count of 11,055 words which makes it qualify as a short story. I had to publish it here under "Novel" so I could break up the story into chapters. it is too long for a single page read.

some folks I would like to thank....

Glinda Gail Bustamante - for thinking my writing was worth reading.

Criss Sole - for being a true Warrior Angel - one of those who encuraged me to keep writing.

My Wife: Anita Ravensfire Ray - for the occasional word hunt

My Mothers best friend: Christyna Jensen - for Rosebuds name

And Finally:

last but not least all the fans and readers on Booksie.com who's kind words encouraged me to continue writing.


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