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The Second Kind

Novel By: Aerolin
Science fiction

When two kinds of humans emerge, Hazel must find her way through a world that doesn't want her.And she's the only one that can save her kind, the second kind. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 7, 2010    Reads: 56    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I remember that it was cramped and hot in there. There was a revolting smell of blood and dust. But, if it saved my life, I would stay there. The floor boards, which were above my head, squeaked as a policeman tip-toed around. I held my heavy breath. "HHAAAZZZEEELLL!?" He called with menace. There was a moan from the closet door hinges. My mother screamed in the background. A shot of repulsion rushed down my spine; I shivered. A horrible screeching noise was close; perhaps it was her clawing at the floor to keep from being dragged away. I pictured her crying, and I shut my eyes trying to cease everything that pierced me. I remembered thinking, "What kind of person could do this?"

My heart beat wildly; sweat dripped off my face along with a silent tear. My mother's cries grew soft. She was far, far away from me. Shouts of men from outside echoed in my ears. The floorboard, not an inch from my sweating face, became blurry. It was like I was tumbling one way and the world was swirling the other. And I couldn't breathe, was someone choking me?

His footsteps grew soft but I dared not to move. Then a catastrophic BOOM pushed through me. A gunshot. It was so loud, I thought it was going to make my ears break and my head explode. Light faded from my eyes. There was a choking noise, maybe my own, but I remember it.

My mama told me, "A human is a human no matter what kind you are." Most people didn't believe that though, especially the Originals. There were two kinds of humans on Earth. My teacher told us that, once, there was only one kind: the Originals. Then something terrible happened to the species, the electric lines went down, and they starved. Only a small group of about fifty endured.

While the humans were reduced, plants and animals thrived. A new kind of human evolved from a few humans somewhere across the world creating the second kind.

Eventually the Originals grew and expanded; they reclaimed most of the world again and created their electric grids that initially doomed them some hundreds of years before. The second kind, now called Evolved, developed their lands across the world too. They lived closer to the earth. Their feet were hard and rough, fur-like hair sprouted from their heads, arms and legs.

When the Originals migrated into their lands, the Evolved welcomed them and offered them food and shelter. Though they weren't as intelligent as the Originals, they had more natural kind hearts and less violent spirits.

The Originals soon realized that they could take over. And so they did, and it was so very coldhearted. The Evolved that was smart enough went into hiding, some tried to blend in, but their darken skin prevented it. Most were killed brutally in camps. I guess they never read a history book, this all seems too familiar to me. But what do I know? I'm too young to understand. That's what they've all told me all along.

The Evolved that escaped moved to the recreated United States of America and other countries that were too busy dealing with wars to care about them. That is, until the wars ended and wealthy Originals complained.

There was silence. Dead, horrible silence. It ripped at my ears and made my head pound. They were gone by now, but my fingers trembled on the splintered blanks. Slowly I slid out of the floorboards and into my mother's room. I pictured the Special Forces Extermination man slowly opening the closet doors hoping for an innocent child to be peering through the slits of them. But Hazel wasn't there, no, Hazel needed to leave.

I grasped the envelope that my mama told me to guard with everything I had, that this was the future of all kinds. I haven't read it, and I didn't want to read it either. To hold the future in my hands was scary enough.

Strolling, I exited the room into our hallway. I can remember running up and down the well worn carpet crying to my mom how the kids always thought I was weird, or how some bully had pushed me in the sand. I remember running to her room to find her the night before only for her to come out of the room I was never allowed in and push me under the floorboards. That was when she gave me the envelope with its mysterious powers and promised that she loved me.

I was scared, terrified, where should I go? How will I survive? I would have kept thinking and planning if a sudden explosion of fire hadn't blasted through the nearby wall. Angered screams of misunderstanding and selected hate stabbed the house as it turned quickly to ashes.


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