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© 2015 by Alex Sharpe
“There’s a New Reason to Be Afraid of the Dark”

Everything was fine... Just another fine day at the park - a day with the family, and our dog... But then it began. All of the sudden they were here, without a name, without warning. They roamed the Earth devastating anything and everything in their path, hunting down light sources for a unknown reason. They were invisible, and impossible to catch, only when they take you do you see them. Out of nowhere people started disappearing all over the world, every night millions vanished. Odd stories seemingly fake turned into rumors, and then those rumors turned into truth. Somehow they teleport, their bodies or whatever they are made of appears electric, like a force that somehow has life, possibly alien of origin. We too have been hunted. They were nocturnal. They only came out at night. Everything seemed normal and fine during the day, but when nightfall came... All lights and sounds must be turned off before night, or else you are instantly vaporized from thin air, the only thing you see is a bright sudden flash of blue electricity, and then you are gone, with not a trace of you left. "Fresh Light" is what we call a light on at night, and that phrase means death. If you did so happen to get caught outside at nightfall, the only option you really had if you wanted to survive was to lie down on and facing the ground wherever you are, and not move until the sun rose up. Anywhere you are... Anywhere. You are not safe. This is our story. Everyone's story.

It could all end in a battle of light and darkness, heaven and hell. Fallen angels.

“Rise from the Ashes”
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"There's a New Reason to Be Afraid of the Dark"

By Alex Sharpe

"Rise from the Ashes"


Text © Alex Sharpe 2015

The right of Alex Sharpe to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him is in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1998

This book is a work of fiction, and the names, dates, characters and events, places and incidents, described within are entirely fictional and any resemblance to actual events, actual persons, living or dead, even living dead or locales, is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved. Neither this book, nor parts thereof, may be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any for or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher or publishers agent, assigns, or authorized representative.


This one goes out to my cousins, Eli and Abby

CHARACTERS: (Not in Any Order)

· Tom - Male. 6 ft 1. 170 Pounds. Caucasian. Brown hair. American. Slightly tanned. 25 years old.
· Mia - ("My-uh") - Female. Auburn hair. (Reddish Brown) that is head-length. Caucasian. 5 ft 5. 115 Pounds. Main Character. American but with Russian descent. 21 years old.
· Sam - Tom's dog. A white, black and grey haired Alaskan Malamute. 2 years old.
· Blake - Male. 13 Years old. Dirty blond hair. Blue eyes. Caucasian. Only son of his parents. He and his parents both are vaporized later on in the story by the electric beings when he forgets the rules and turns on his television at night.
· Blake's Parents - Male and Female. American. Caucasian. Female is long, brunette haired. Their names are not known, but they are both vaporized along with their 13 year old son Blake later on in the story.
· Gracie - Pennetrack Hiree. (Details n/a)
· Bethany - 24 years old. Single mother living with a new-born child. Gets vaporized mid-way in the novel along with her new-born son.
· Harris - Scientist in the novel. Operates with machinery and technology for an effort to stop the beings.
· "Sparky" - The Electric Being. Invisible, Can teleport, Is quiet, Undefeatable, Alien, Made of electricity. Prays on beings that are near light sources. Only comes out to feed at night.
· Hedge - Pennetrack Leader. (Details n/a)
· SainSun - Designed Viral Contaminant designed to enhance body and mind. Essentially creates zombies to help control the electrical being problem. Unsure or not if it actually works.
· Zombies - The infected subjects from SainSun created by Pennetrack to help stop the electrical beings.
Todd Gassagard -- Wedding planner for Mia and Todd.
Michael Shelters -- Mia's brother.
Mia Shelters -- Michael's sister.
Bethany Hopkins -- Single mother. Gets vaporized.
Harris -- Scientist.
Doctor Borker -- (no information available)


Chapter One -- "The Beginning"

Chapter Two -- "The Phase"

Chapter Three -- "Darkness Falls"

Chapter Four -- "We All Fall Down"

Chapter Five -- "Ashes to Ashes"

Chapter Six -- "Storm is Coming"

Chapter Seven -- "Left Behind"

Chapter Eight -- "Alone in the Dark"

Chapter Nine -- "Black-Out"

Chapter Ten -- "The Second Phase"

Chapter Eleven -- "See the Light"

Chapter Twelve -- "Pennetrack's Desires"

Chapter Thirteen -- "Non-Apologetic"

Chapter Fourteen -- "The Secret Code"

Chapter Fifteen -- "Hide the Code"

Chapter Sixteen -- "Script for a New Age"

Chapter Seventeen -- "Forgetting"

Chapter Eighteen -- "Infiltration"

Chapter Nineteen -- "Secret Society"

Chapter Twenty -- "Light vs. Darkness"

Chapter Twenty-one -- "Pay Back"

Chapter Twenty-two -- "Rise from the Ashes"

Chapter Twenty-three -- "Darkness vs. Light"

Chapter Twenty-four -- "Dawning"

Chapter Twenty-five -- "Back to Phase One?"

Chapter Twenty-six -- "Completion"


"They say when the ashes fall from the clouds, our day of victory would begin. Star-struck and glorified, we have paid for the evil we have become. Now, we are here. Stricken with a burden that is impossible to overcome and triumph above. To survive. As light ash slowly falls, gracefully floating down and tumbling in the wind, it covers the once beautiful back-drop that was Earth, a now unforgiving wasteland of trash, rubble, remains and fires. They came without even a notice or a warning, completely and ironically - literally out of the dark. They were unknowingly here, at least to us. They were everywhere. Invisible and quiet - no one knew what to even believe - if these so-called "beings" were even real or not - If they were just made up stories, or conspiracies - No one knew. As time went on, things got worse. Some called them "aliens" while other people even went so far as to give them seemingly friendly and absurd nicknames such as "sparky" and "bob". No one knew what was going on. People began disappearing everywhere. Whole families - gone. They were un-defeatable and they were careless. They would destroy anything and everything that got in their way."

"We were being hunted - that was for sure. They were some form of electrical being, somehow having seemingly teleporting abilities. Attracted to light sources - they roamed the Earth hunting down those sources, for a reason we are not too sure of - or what we call "Fresh Light" - a light source on at night. This phrase pretty much meant that you were going to die. They were killers - anyone who came into contact with one of them almost never lived to tell their story. Any activation of any form of light on after the sun had gone down, and you would be instantly vaporized by the beings within seconds. They were nocturnal, they only came out at night. You were alright during the day, when the sun was out. But when night came... Everything falls apart. Your mind, your humanity, your sanity. The cities were vacant - whole buildings and skyscrapers were left lifeless. The darkness was spreading. They say all you get to see is a few short sparks of electricity in the air, and then it takes you. If you did so happen to get caught outside as the sun started to fall below the horizon, the best and only chance you had of surviving was to just lie down on, and facing, the ground - and not move until the sun rose up. Even inside, they can get to you."

Anywhere you are... Anywhere - You are not safe. Nothing can stop them from getting to you. No one can protect you. Somehow, I got mixed up in this secret company named Pennetract. I am carrying a note they don't want me to have - I have to keep it away from them, whatever it takes. I don't know what is even in the note, but it cannot be good. The beings are just part of the problem. We have all been hunted, and you too may be as well. Millions have died. We all have a new reason to be afraid of the dark, of monsters, and the wrath of a God we had almost completely left behind. We are still paying for the evil we have become. This is our story - Everyone's story."

Page 1
CHAPTER ONE: "The Beginning"

"Tom you are going to forget your dog again!"

"Mia, it's alright. Throw him a bone, he'll forget I'm even leaving. Besides, he's not even my dog, he's yours. Well he thinks he's your dog anyway."

"Very funny, you know why? Because you are always leaving him with me whenever you go take a business trip. You have a room-mate, how come he is never open to watching your dog for you?"

(Dog whimpers)

"See, he knows you are leaving him, and he's upset."

"Mia, he's two. He cries when I go to the bathroom for five minutes. And my room-mate has a newborn in the place now" Tom says.

"Sam will be fine. Don't worry about him. Well, I mean take care of him, but..."

Mia smiles. "Why does it feel like I am always the one to do everything for everybody all the time?"

Tom laughs. "Relax, it's just for a couple of days" He says.

"I know what you mean, Tom. Don't worry, I will take excellent care of your dog." Mia says as she pats the dog's head gently.

"You know maybe he wants to go with you sometimes?" She says.

"Maybe one day, but I can't take him with me like that. I am taking an official job trip here. I have to go early in the morning. I'll maybe talk to you tomorrow, or I'll try to call you or something."

Mia watches Tom as he walks away, heading toward his car in the parking lot. Tom's dog, a black, white and grey haired Alaskan Malamute - sits by her side in the field of grass that is Clay Hendricks Park. The blazing summer heat beating down on them.

Sam looks at Mia as he pants his breath to the heat as the sun glazes down through the clear blue skies. Mia gives Sam a bone, one of which she had been holding in her hand ever since she got out of her car to meet Tom at the park, as she almost certainly knew that she would be getting to watch him today. Sam's shiny red bone shaped dog tag glistens in the sun-light, the name Sammy cut into the tag, attached to a black collar that he wore around his neck. Sam lies down and chews on the bone. A car's stereo, near where Tom is walking, plays loudly in the parking lot, muffled by the closed windows of the car.

"Burn a leak isn't the same as burning the leaf that money is made with Jerry, there are opposing sides on this one. Not everybody just wants to walk away from money, but sometimes, you just got to walk away, and burn a leak. Walk away..." States the radio.

"Maybe one day I'll marry him. Maybe one day." Mia states, talking out loud to the dog.

"Well, come on Sam, we'd better get going." She says to the dog, as she stands up and calls Sam to her attention. Sam picks up the bone, and jumps up and follows Mia as she starts walking towards her car - when her cell phone rings. She digs in her short's pocket and pulls her phone out. She stops to answer it.

"Hey, guess who" says a man at the other end of the phone.

"Oh hey Michael" Mia says to the man.

"Hey how are you doing?" He asks.

Mia starts slowly walking towards her car with Sam again.

"I'm good." She says. "I was just about to get in my car and head home. This intense heat is making me so tired." She says.

"Oh man, yeah, I know isn't it like the hottest day of the year, or something? He mentions.

"I think it is, what the news said anyway. So how are you, if I should even ask?" She says.

"Great" he says as he coughs. "Are you with Tom again?"

"Well I was, but he is leaving now" Mia states.

"Oh, well hey, uh next time you see him, can you tell him for me that we need to hang out soon, maybe?" He states.

"Okay, haha, but uh, I don't think that's a great idea. You two together are quite the trouble makers. Ah - oh well, I guess I can tell him for you, but I'd better get going, Sam is getting anxious." She says.

"Tom's dog?" He asks.

"Yep. The same old dog. Well he's more of a puppy, but whatever." She says.

"Okay. See you soon, Love you." The man says to Mia.

"Love you too." She says back.

She hangs up her phone as she unlocks her car and opens up the door and lets Sam jump in. Her little red Volkswagen's doors creak loudly as she opens and closes them.

Right before getting into her car, she looks up toward the horizon as the sun starts to set. She takes a breath, and gets in.

Page 2

As she sits in her car, she stops and remembers a high school dance she had went to with Tom when she was younger. Meanwhile, the wide open driver's side door vents the unbearable heat that was trapped in the car.

She thinks about her first kiss with Tom on the dance floor in their school's cafeteria, the calm and soothing piano and violin music playing in the background. She sighs as she does, and turns the key and starts her car.

All of the sudden, the radio kicks on as loud as it can be, and scares her so badly she yelps loudly. Sam barks. She exhales in relief as she turns the volume down, realizing Sam must have turned the knob upon jumping into the car. Sam sits in the passenger's seat, panting and staring as Mia with his mouth wide open, and his tongue hanging out, his amazingly white and clean, sharp teeth seemingly trying to creep out her soul.

She laughs at her self in embarrassment, and begins to back up her car.


It could all end in a battle of light and darkness, heaven and hell. Fallen angels.

"Rise from the Ashes"



STORY CHEAT (A cheat to the plot, for a limited time get a little bit of clues into the full plot):

So basically, it starts off normal. I am not ruining or giving away the opening, as it contains twists and unexpected turns. But as for the rest of the story, the beings appear. The news around the world are doing a story about missing people lately, and the. It hits close to home for Mia. As she tries to settle her love life that is falling apart, the world around her also begins to fall apart, and nothing is at it seems.

Once people realize the world is under attack by an unknown force and that people are dying, chaos ensues and panic spreads. The characters go into hiding and are forced to find out what they are hiding from.

A group known as Pennetract has unknown intentions, and may be more than just a secret operation.

During the day, people are safe. The only thing they can do is prepare for an unknown fate, as time is quickly running down to save the human race from the nightmare.

Could the beings be fallen angels, demons, aliens? Could it be the rapture of just a attack to annihilate the entire human race, or is it more in depth than any human could even ponder? Find out more by checking in daily on this book, the truth will be unveiled.


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