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Sight: Red and Black

Novel By: Angel Sykes
Science fiction

A teenage girl called Ruby has been given to a doctor who needs people to experiment with to create the perfect war machine. His tactics are not the best. She is counted as a fail and thrown out with no memory of anything and a demon called Angel to help her along the way. Who will she meet and who will help her? View table of contents...


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I was standing in the middle of a completely black room. For some reason I couldn't see anything even with my demon eye, and robotic eye. Reaching up to touch my face I realized that I was just a plain human. No Angel, no cyborg side to me. I was just me a plain human.

A light suddenly turned on. Shading my eyes from the intense glare, I squinted at the light. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the light I looked around. I was standing in the middle of a giant mechanic something. I couldn't tell what it was but I guessed I was in the head. There was a large glass window in front of me. Looking out I saw a burnt and destroyed world.

Explosions were happening right in front of me. Giant creatures were attacking each other. A screech from behind me surprised me when I was thrown to the ground. To be more precise the robot I was in was thrown to the ground and since I wasn't strapped down so I crashed into the glass pane. The thing I was in was then lifted up and thrown to the ground again this time the glass shattered. I hit the ground landing on glass, bones, and rumble. The giant thing was lifted into the air again. It was me but in mechanic form. The creature that had picked it up looked like a giant black cat. I screamed, throwing my hands over my face when I realized I wasn't going to survive the next drop of the robotic giant.

Sitting straight up in the bed my knees curling up to my chest. The scream fresh off my lips sending a shiver went through my body. I realized how helpless I really was, as a pathetic human. We could only create we never were actually strong ourselves. I dropped my head into my hands. I had tried to be strong for so long. I hadn't cried in seven years. I had never given the people at that facility the pleasure of seeing me break down. My body started shaking. I couldn't hold it back anymore. Curling around myself I let it all out.

Angel seemed to find this sudden show of emotion odd. But she understood I needed time by myself. Her cat form appeared to my side. She placed a paw on my knee than left. Slipping out of my room leaving me to be by myself.

The sobs were now tearing through my entire body. I had never cried this hard in my entire life. But the oddest thing was there were no tears. I was a cyborg after all. Cyborgs weren't supposed to have emotion. With my knees pulled up to my chest, I wrapped my arms around my legs in an attempt to protect myself from the cruel world. My head rested on my knees. I stayed in the position for the rest of the day. Not moving besides the occasional sob.

As night fell on the outside of the building I still sat. Letting myself crumble trying to hold, whatever was left, together. Lifting my head I glanced around the room. It hadn't changed much from the first time I had walked in. Pushing myself to stand. I walked over to the table that held the files of the men that Alexander's sister was trying to kill. Glaring at the face of Doc. Grey I decided I would pick up where she had left off.

Walking, with a new determination in my eyes, I stepped into her closet. There was not a piece of clothing that was not black. I grabbed a pair of leather shorts and a leather belly shirt. This girl didn't really have a variety to her style black and leather. After changing I glanced to the back of the closet and spotted a leather jacket. Grabbing it a helmet and keys fall off the rack above. A bike was more use to me than her. I scooped them up. Walking out I tied my hair back in a high pony tail. Liking the look I was pulling off I grinned.

"I see Angel choose the perfect host." Napoleon said. He was still in lion form sitting right in the door way. A mischievous look on his lion features.

"What do you want?" I asked glaring at him.

"Oh, just to have you give your body completely to Angel so I can get on with business." He said with a wink. I had no clue lions could wink.

"You really are a bastard!" I huffed. Slipping past him I slide into the leather jacket. Flipping the keys in the air, I grabbed a pair of black combat boots. This girl really had no style besides black, leather, and fighting.

Napoleon stepped directly in front of me. "You're not going anywhere my pretty." He hissed.

I rolled my eyes. "You really want to do this?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest and tilting my head slightly at him.

"Do what?" He asked completely clueless.

"God, you're thick." I said under my breath.

"I heard that, bastard!" He whimpered at me.

"Not very threating." I laughed.

"I could just tear your heart out." He responded

"Good luck with that." I giggled.

Baring his teeth at me he stood blocking the door. I laughed at him.

"Move" I hissed. He took a step towards me growling. "Fine then" I said. Pivoting on the heels of my feet I swung around gaining extra momentum. Landing a perfect roundhouse against the left side of his head, he slide a few meters to the side. The startled expression on his face was just priceless.

"What is your face made of?" I asked. "It feels like rocks!" Hopping on one foot to the door I leaned against it shaking my foot slightly.

"Your just….just….just a bastard!" He hissed at me shaking his head from side to side.

"Yeah I know." I said with a smile and wink I stepped out of the room.

Angel was walking down the stairs towards me. She seemed startled to see me walk out and not Napoleon. I completely ignored her brushing right past her. I walked into the back kitchen of the hotel. Alexander was nowhere in sight.

"Hey, do you know where I can find the bike these keys match?" I asked. The kitchen staff hand I had asked glanced at me then took a second look.

"Miss. Bloodheart I thought you….. Your bikes right out back under its cover." He seemed to fumble over his words.

"Thanks, but I don't have a last name. Just call me Ruby." I responded walking out the door. A little puzzled at what had just happened. A black speed bike was under a black cover of course. Slipping the helmet on I realized it had been tinted to perfection. Seeing out of it would have been impossible unless you could see through the dark, or were a cyborg.

Lillian (Angels cat) suddenly dashed out from inside the building. She screeched at me to stop. Jumping up in front of me on the handle bars of the bike. She tilted her head to the side.

"What do you want?" I asked absent mindedly petting her. She started to purr closing her eyes and just enjoying the feeling.

She wants a taste of adventure. Angel said in my head.

"Oh, and I guess she doesn't get pet much?" I asked.

Nope not really Angel said shaking her head at sympathetically at the poor cat.

"How exactly are you going to ride?" I asked Lillian. She looked at me mewed than jumped into a cat basket on the back. I hadn't even noticed it.

"Well than let's go!" I laughed. Kicking the speed cycle roaring into life.

I wonder how fast this baby can go. Angel said daring me to find out.

'Well, let's find out.' I responded. "Hold on Lillian, were going to see how fast this model can go." I got an answering mew. Smiling I revved the bike once. It sounded good to me. Leaning forward slightly I lifted my feet and shot off into the night.


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