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Rose is trying to survive the harsh life of a twisted future of the world. Bending the law is natural to her. But authority soon catches up on her...
Can you have a growing relationship with the very person who is sending you to death? View table of contents...



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The Bounty


She sat on the beach, watching the waves crash against the soft, sandy shore. It was raining heavily, but she didn't care. She put her head back and leaned against her arms as if it were sunny and she was trying to get a tan. Her skin was ghost white, her face pinched and she had no weight on her small bones. The look of the poor class in society.

Her auburn hair fell down her back in waves, but not the angry waves crashing against the beach now. It fell in gentle, dipping waves and curled at the very ends. Her bright blue eyes narrowed as she looked at the grey sky. Always grey, she had never seen a blue sky in her life, and now she was eleven. Oh how she hoped to one day see a blue sky.

In her head, a blue sky looked magical, a serene and perfect thing with fluffy white clouds drifting lazily across the sky. But everything looked perfect in her mind. This girl was lucky enough to be a dreamer, always hopeful of a bright tomorrow.

She breathed in the cold, moist air and sighed to herself. The days were always horrible. The girl looked up at the sky with wide eyes.

"Please let it be sunny, please let the sky be blue. It's my birthday, and that's all I want. Just one day. Pretty please?" she begged up to the sky.

"Please?!" she shouted over the noise of waves and wind. She listened for a minute and all she heard was the wind roaring in her ears. No one heard. No one ever hears...

"Who ya talking to?" someone shouted at her above the noise of the wind. She turned to see who it was. A boy with an arm thrown above his face protectively as he pushed through the wind.

"No one. Not you Anyways," she replied tersely, turning her back to the boy.

The boy sped up and reached her side after a minute and threw himself down in the sand.

"Don't be like that now! This is my beach Y'know," the boy informed her. She turned around, shocked.

"You live there?!" she demanded, indicating the huge palace behind her, barely in sight, the beach was that big.

"Yeah! Well in the servants quarters Anyways," he told her as he ran his fingers through the soft sand. He picked up a fistful then slowly released it from his hand, watching t get carried away by the wind.

"You're a servant?" she asked him, her eyes trying to locate the sand that the boy had let go of, but the wind had already picked up so much that she had to squint to stop it getting in her eyes.

"Na, not really. My dad has a special secret job he won't tell me about," the boy said. She found it quite funny the way the boy was talking about a secret but was shouting to be heard. Secrets were meant to be whispered softly in your ear.

"It's a bit sad, isn't it?" he asked her.

"What is?"

"Your wish. I think it was a wish Anyways. I've never seen a blue sky either. Always grey or black. I've always wanted to see a rainbow," he said dreamily.

"I've never seen a rainbow either. And even if there was one, you wouldn't be able to see it through the smog cloud," she said sadly.

"You live down in the city?" he asked.

"Yeah, at the orphanage."

"You're an orphan?"

"Have been ever since I can remember."

The boy fell silent and began to pick up sand and let it go once more. The girl sighed and drew her knees up on herself and rested her head on them. At least she wasn't lonely anymore...

"What's your name?" the boy had asked, turning to look at the girl.

"Rose," she told him. He nodded before running a hand up one of Roses thin arms.

"You ain't got a jacket. Aren't you cold?" he asked, huddling tighter into his own furlined coat. Cheap fur, but still warm.

"No way!" Rose said defiantly. She had been cold since she got to the beach but she didn't want to go back to the orphanage. The place had a crushing hopeless aura about it which made Rose sad and so she left whenever she could. She didn't want to be there today, and even her best friend, Natasha, couldn't make her feel better.

The boy shrugged off his coat and put it over Roses shoulders, helping her put her arms into it.

"Thanks," Rose murmured as the boy sat back again and wrapped his thin grey hooded jacket tighter around himself. Rose felt so warm, inside and out.

Rose looked at the boy and the boy studied Rose as if she were an interesting book. Then a loud shout penetrated the blissful silence as the wind had finally stopped. The boy jumped to his feet and looked down nervously at Rose.

"I have to go! Will you come back tomorrow? I'd like to-to see you again," the boy stuttered.

"Of course! What's your name?" Rose asked, but the boy had already begun to run off. The boy looked over his shoulder and his brown eyes locked on Rose, his dark hair was being blown into his flushed face.

"I'm-" he began, but then another shout, angry and demanding, was heard by the two of them and the boy quickened his pace.

"Come back tomorrow, please!" he begged her, his voice faint as he got to the end of the beach.

"I will," Rose said to herself.

And she did. She arrived at the beach before sunrise and left just after nightfall.

The boy never showed up.


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