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In 2112, the human race became extinct. We were invaded. At first, we thought that they were just like us, but we should have known that there was nothing normal about these creatures. Nothing human.

We acted as soon as we noticed what was happening; killing them one by one until a terrifying link occurred and unexplainable deaths of humans happened all around the world. That’s when we realized: these creatures were part of our souls. Our essence. Each and every one of them held the life of a person. It was our rage personified.

So we sought our own rage. Our Rage that killed the human race and tainted our souls.

But their bodies, covered in silver markings, held the key to save humanity. The only problem is… only they are able to read them. View table of contents...


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I pulled off the wires connected to my forehead. My eyes closed on its own accord, and I took a deep breath. You can do this. I secured the stench filled with fear, poisoning my insides, in an attempt to steel my inner resolve. Despite events that had happened, everything still seemed to be a dream. It seemed like a million years ago since my family and I were all still living in one place. We never got along, and we were constantly getting down each other's throats, but I would have given anything to have that back.

I opened the door of the car and stood up from the driver's seat, carefully placing the wires that were previously connected my brain system into the car, which allowed me to drive it.

I slammed the car door shut and, as I looked up, my eyes were greeted by ethereal beauty. The structured assemble was dull in colour, due to the dark tawny dirt that surrounded the landscape. However, the building itself still had the potential to leave one awestruck. This piece of architecture was built with delicate hands that carefully shaped it into a tall cylinder with a dome balancing on the top and a thin triangular stick carved at the very tip. I estimated a number of 200 open windows. The first floor already had fifteen windows embedded into the clay walls of the building. Engulfing the building were huge oak trees, darkened by their years. Broken pieces furniture lay strewn across the ground, disregarded.

From a distance, a chunk of metal projected the tranquillity of the night, interrupting my thoughts. My gray eyes scanned the area for signs of movement. Seeing the bulks of tyres, I examined each and every one of the mountain-like piles, searching for signs of movement.

Disgust filled me when I caught a whiff of dried blood and piss. It was remarkably repulsive that I nearly turned away, reconnected my brain to the car, and drove as far away from this wretched building as possible. But a child was trapped somewhere on this ruin, I had no choice, other than to submit to this situation.

I entered the wreck that they called a building, and shooked my head to somehow convince myself that I was alone and brandished the deceitful awareness that somebody was watching me. I could almost feel the gaze grazing across my back.

Thud, thud, thud. My footsteps echoed, which made me flinch with every step. It was dark inside, but it wasn't dark enough to disguise the fact that this place had been thrown into the hands of lions. You could barely make out the color of the walls, now so tainted by the blood that clung on the cement. Spider webs hung loosely from the ceiling. The whole place was ghastly.

Shattered pieces of glass lay on the floor. A far away thunder roared and cool gusts of wind blew in the air. I shivered.

A child was trapped somewhere in this building, a building patrolled by them.

Rage. Ironic how the word fills me with anger. I had never felt such hatred before. Rage took the lives of my family, and so I would take theirs. I will die trying-those were the last words that my brother, Matt, said before he left to seek his own Rage. I have not seen him since then.

Everybody has their own rage - a person that reflects the appearance of oneself, but is so different in any other sense known to humanity. They are an abomination, an accidental existence that left even the smartest being filled with questions.

Back then, when my brother left, no one knew that killing their own Rage would result in their own death. Not until a man, named Reynold Armad, battled his own Rage, with dozens of prying human eyes watching, as he struggled. It got to a stage when nobody knew which was the real Reynold Armad and which was his Rage - but it didn't matter in the end, for either way, he would die. He faced his own Rage and battled him to death. Using his bare hands, he squeezed the Rage's neck and held on till his very last breath, as he was carried to his final destiny.

At first, nobody understood what had happened, but it didn't take long until the realisation sunk it. Those who witnessed the event, myself included, spread the word as far as they could. For a lot, it was too late, and for some, the truth didn't matter.

I for one, who swore vengeance, continued to search, no matter how long it took, and no matter the consequences. I decided to take fate into my own hands and blow my kiss of death, even till my very last breath-I would die knowing that my Rage will die with me, it will cease to exist. Which would mean one less monster for this ruin.

"Adonexa!" a stern voice cried out. My thoughts were tugged back to reality. I mentally punched myself at my idiocy.

I hid behind the wall and succumbed by darkness to hide my silhouette.

From my hiding place, a slight tilt of head allowed me to see a figure covered in a tight black outfit from the neck to toe, wearing a four inch high stiletto. Her face, blessed with high cheekbones and sharp features, was scowling in fury at the person that she had called upon. Abstract swirls and circular marks of silver covered her face, making it look paler than her already light-toned complexion. Her long straight hair was tied back into a high ponytail and dark with the colour of wood.

Another figure appeared from the darkness, her strides steady and silent like a wild cat stalking its prey. I couldn't see what she looked like because her back faced me, but I could sense the cloud of rage burning in her body. Like the other one, she was fully clothed in tight leather, but instead of stilettos she was wearing ebony leather boots.

She bowed in mockery. "Yes, your highness?"

"Have you found her yet?" Adonexa shifted her head for a whisper, lifting it closer to the other speaker. Shades of darkness covered her features. The only part of her that was visible to me was her lips, covered in firebrick lipstick. I watched her mouth move. My lip reading skills allowed me to fully comprehend her words.

"She's watching us," she hissed in reply.

I gasped in surprise. Though not because it was evident that she had been watching my every move all this time, but because her full profile faced mine and what I saw left me rigid and cold.

The proud creature raised her chin and turned to face me. Her lips curled into a cruel smile and her eyes glowed into a dark shade of red. Every inch of my body was telling me to run, to hide. Despite that, I couldn't move. I was captured under a powerful spell. My hands hesitantly touched her cheek and bolts of electricity escaped from our skins. I don't how or why, but I felt at peace, as if somehow, everything would be alright.

Then the spell broke, before she could ensnare me. I ran as far as my legs could take me.The thoughts of killing her-it filled my mind. Finally, I found my rage.


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